At Home with Gordon Smith

At Home with Gordon Smith

I paint every day I paint for about six hours every day Sunday, Christmas Day, every day I love this, but if it was
away from my home I wouldn’t be able to do this So I can come over in my pajamas and I can come over early in the morning and I paint It’s just a way of life,
it’s not work I dream about my paintings,
I think about them and it’s not just the actual painting,
it’s about thinking about it and I borrow, and I steal ideas I borrow from other artists,
and I steal ideas And I often say,
just because you draw and paint that doesn’t make you an artist When I first came back from the war We all came back in about 1944-45 Arthur Erickson, Jack Shadbolt,
Bruno and Molly Bobak all these great people, Ron Thom we all came back together, we all met actually we met at the old art school
where Bert Binning and Fred Amess, and Charles Scott
and Jack Shadbolt taught I learned from all these people I stood on the shoulders
of giants, I really did And it’s good, it’s quiet Bert Binning said,
“You’ve got to get property where you can go outside
and have a pee outside That’s where you’ve got to have a house
so you can do that” Binning taught us the design of a teapot,
or the design of a chair and so we all built funny houses You know what I think? Design is part of what kind
of bicycle you ride what kind of chair you sit in,
what kind of car you ride You know, cars were
being copied at one time like airplanes, with fins and things those nonfunctional things I love functional things We went to St. Ives,
and we lived in St. Ives for six months, twice and we met Bernard Leach,
Hans Coper, Lucie Rie I’ve still got Hans Coper’s painting I’ve got a lot of Bernard Leach,
we put it in the dishwasher I’m giving all my Bernard Leach
to the University It has to go to Bernard Leach When they opened the kiln,
you could buy a pot for six pence, 12 cents
then, in those days

28 thoughts on “At Home with Gordon Smith

  1. Not bad, just quite boring

  2. His accent is cool.

  3. Bliss.

  4. Great Personn

  5. what is the music in this?

  6. Paints 6 hours a day & has a house where he can pee outside… Wow, what, more can you ask for. I have to check him out further. Thanks for posting..

  7. really enjoyable, a great artist. Lovely short film.

  8. Wonderful to watch, thankyou!

  9. What a great artist

  10. That was calm,delightful , he is a good Artist

  11. he is so inspiring

  12. Empteror's new clothes,
    empty bubbles
    meaningless art
    materialist consumerism – what kind of bycicle/chair defines you as a person? Eevrything design! buy your personality

  13. Charming!! "You could buy a Bernard Leach for sixpence"! I'm dead!!

  14. Inspiring man and wonderful artist.

  15. Fantastic portrait of a very safe artist.

  16. Why is this post lacking credit for the music?

  17. Ctdthdiyakjevdiksojggofysktdiyakkend

  18. Que amor al arte que belleza sos un verdadero artista bravo

  19. sorry I have to admit this but VEEERY boring video 🙁

  20. this is the dream. a life to work towards

  21. 5030 The Byway
    West Vancouver, BC V7W 1L7

  22. amazing….

  23. At 96 wow! I am looking to get there and with same optimism! Great painting!

  24. I stood on the shoulders of giants!

  25. Grandfather you are great 👍 god bless you and you long live

  26. the music


  28. my heart has left the earths gravitational pull upon watching this brilliance

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