Are You Missing Out on Digital Real Estate

Are You Missing Out on Digital Real Estate

welcome to the video guys today we’re
gonna talk about whether or not you’re missing out on digital real estate all
right so let’s answer the question first and foremost what is digital real estate
well it can come in multiple different forms essentially all it is is property
on the internet in different places now that can be literally vast across the
spectrum of certain things I’m gonna give you three types of examples and how
you can basically acquire this digital real estate now that is obviously a coin
phrase and it applies to multiple different things but I want you to don’t
kind of want to expand your mind and get you thinking along the lines of you know
different perspectives and different you know ways to essentially monetize now
this is brought to me because I’m obviously looking into a lot of physical
real estate in real life now but before I was even you know investing any any
time or effort into looking at potential real estate to buy in real life you know
property I was already forming digital real estate so what is it what’s the
stupid concept called digital real estate that we’re gonna talk about well
essentially all digital real estate is is like I said it’s property on the
Internet so first example we’re gonna go through is you know on search engines
what could be a form of digital real estate you might be ranked third or
fourth SEO wise for a search term and that could be digital real estate that’s
the first example that there are literally hundreds of thousands of
examples probably but we’re just gonna go through a couple of simple ones here
for you here in a second so maybe you know if you were you had a blog or an
affiliate blog or even a YouTube channel well you and you put out videos you know
under certain different types of search terms and you ended up ranking for those
so let’s just type in something random like you know entrepreneur
entrepreneurship tips random I don’t know where that came from but let’s look
at who owns this digital real estate essentially because if so anybody types
into Google entrepreneurship tips and that has about 103 million search
results you know all these top two ranked ones on the first page are forms
of digital real estate I’m sure if you ranked high SEO wise for the search term
or any search term like this obviously the broader the better you know that’s
gonna bring in more traffic which essentially you could monetize that
traffic in various different ways so for example here you see Forbes is ranked Frank tie business town calm let’s see if we can find an example
of like a blog or something like that small biz trends 10 tips for navigating
the bumps along the road of entrepreneurship small business trends
don’t assume blah blah blah it looks like this blog is monetized too with ads
as you see here CSU global go away this looks like an ad
right here too so that’s essentially a form of digital real estate they’ve
monetized this blog and they’re ranking for certain search terms
SEO wise that’s a form of digital real estate now let’s get into two more that
I think are really gonna kind of you know that you’ll identify with a little
bit more so another example of digital real estate might be an online course on
a website like udemy now that could be an online course on a website like
Skillshare or it could even be like a youtube video ranking for a search term
kind of like google they’re different there are different ways to have online
real estate butBut you know maybe if somebody went to you to me and udemy
boast about twenty million students here but they typed in like digital marketing
because they want to learn something about digital marketing online real
estate would be who ranks top for digital marketing so this guy right here
Phil Abner and his course is ranked third and he sells it for 9.99 so
anybody typing in digital marketing is gonna see these top courses right here
and potentially purchase them now it’s a way to monetize that digital property
essentially or digital real estate and that’s basically the idea now I’m one
more one last time and one last example of this before we actually and this
right here might be Amazon now we all are familiar with private labeling on
Amazon it’s you know blown up this past year blew up in 2017 it’s still pretty
pretty hot here in 2018 can’t believe I just said the term hot but basically
it’s the same idea so you know anything like that so if you’re searching you
know amazon has so many customers it probably hundreds of millions I don’t
even know what the actual you know the amount is but say somebody were coming
here to search for you know let’s think of something random like salt and pepper
shakers I need a salt and pepper shaker salt and pepper shakers well
something went wrong what salt and pepper shakers Amazon’s been crazy today
by the way as a seller and buyer today because it’s prime day it’s been wild so
their web sites been a little shaky today a lot of traffic on there but
anybody that ranks high obviously for salt and pepper shakers would be a form
of digital real estate now how do you rank high on udemy how do you rank high
you know on on Google or any search term like YouTube or any search engine like
YouTube or you know Yahoo Bing any of those how do you rank on a platform like
you to me these are all different what there are different ways essentially to
do that and it’s search engine optimization depending on the platform
it can vary and it’s a little bit different but I just want to kind of
expand your mind so that you kind of you know understand that these are valuable
pieces of online property digital real estate essentially and the reason for
that is because you can monetize them and they’re worth essentially the space
so think of it kind of like a digital Monopoly board if you can rank under
some of these search terms you’re gonna bring in more money to hire
you rank and that’s basically what I mean by digital real estate so today
obviously I’m not selling you anything I kind of try to stop selling a lot of
stuff on this channel if I do have something that’s related that I’m gonna
push you know it will obviously be related to that piece of content I’m
rarely gonna do it but today I just wanted to touch on a video that’s gonna
expand your mind and talk about why you should be investing your initial time in
ranking Amazon private label products or you know ranking courses on sites like
do to me or even ranking blog posts or you know articles or YouTube videos on
search engines because they’re gonna bring in more traffic around that
related topic or that related niche which then in turn you can monetize in a
multitude of different ways and that’s basically the kind of gist of the
message that I wanted to convey today it’s a little bit random and outside the
box but I wanted to get you thinking I wanted to kind of expand your mind a
little bit and get you thinking long along the lines of setting up these
forms of digital property essentially so that you can monetize them and make
money off them down the road and that’s basically the gist of it I hope you
liked the video hit that like button if you like this you know overall topic and
kind of mind expansion thing and with that being said I’ll see you in the next

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