Are AirPods Waterproof? From A Hawaii Real Estate Agent

Are AirPods Waterproof? From A Hawaii Real Estate Agent

– Hey, aloha guys, Eric West here with Just want to tell you a quick story, it’s just hilarious. I try to run every
morning, little fast cardio and this morning I got back, it’s been a little hot
lately here in Hawaii and so I got back and I jumped in the pool ’cause I was like, sweating, right? And I left my ear pods in my ears and they fell out and
it took me 10 minutes to find the mask to
dive down and find them and I was freakin’ out, I
don’t think they’re waterproof. Anyway, I got out of the
pool, set them on the table, and believe it or not they were actually still playing the song that I had in when I jumped in the pool. So, anyway, thank you Apple
for an amazing product. I thought for sure I was gonna be out 100 and whatever bucks but
they work great, so mahalo.

10 thoughts on “Are AirPods Waterproof? From A Hawaii Real Estate Agent

  1. So healthy

  2. Next time you should try pudding…

  3. Dang a 10 min song

  4. This video is #FakeNews !!! Once Airpods are taken out of your ears, they pause whatever media you’re playing.

  5. Similar thing happened to me but they weren’t in the water so long. Went online to check if they actually were water proof cuz it surprisingly worked as well lol. Definitely freaked out. Good video helped me out

  6. AirPods stop the song when you take them out so you already know this is fake and a ten minute song??

  7. AirPods

  8. Fake because when u take AirPods out of ur ear the music automatically stops playing

  9. Watching cause accidentally jumped into pool with them in my pocket 😅

  10. Yea I’m scared. I want to take them swimming (not fully submerged) but I’m scared of breaking them. However my mom left her right side AirPod in her pocket while in the washing machine and when she took it out they still worked. THE WASHING MACHINE lmao

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