Applewood in Mississauga Neighbourhood Tour | Mississauga Real Estate Agent | The Village Guru

Applewood in Mississauga Neighbourhood Tour | Mississauga Real Estate Agent | The Village Guru

Hey they’re savvy Home Buyers and Sellers this is Jeff O’Leary, “The Village Guru” Mississauga Real Estate Broker and in today’s video I’m going to do a visual tour and point out the highlights of the
neighbourhood Applewood in Mississauga. You’re not going to want to miss this video especially if you’re moving to Mississauga from outside of the city. It’s a great resource, I hope you like it, let’s get going! First off, Applewood is located in the
east part of Mississauga and it borders on Etobicoke. For people that don’t live in Mississauga or are not familiar with Applewood it can be comparable to areas in Etobicoke such as “Markland Wood” or “The West Mall” or even the areas along Burnhamthorpe at the the farthest most west part of Toronto. It’s a really high demand area and what we’re seeing are a lot of homebuyers that are coming from Toronto to take advantage of lower prices and also the opportunity to save on (land transfer) taxes and just get something with a bit bigger of a lot in a quieter area. Now one of the things I love most about Applewood is that it’s built in the 1970s I mean this is Mississauga this is the Mississauga that became famous it’s the Mississauga when I was a kid that I moved out here from East York in Toronto you know characterized by big houses on wide lots I mean this is what people wanted! So here we are on a typical street in Applewood and the first style of home I really want to touch on is the back split. The back split is Applewood I mean this neighbourhood has the most concentration of these style of homes typically described with double car garage you know you walk in there
and you either go up or down depending so you have your kitchen, your living
room, your dining room and then you go up to the bedrooms or you go down into a family room a really popular style (back splits) it’s good for all age groups because there’s not big flights of stairs. Another thing about the area is that these splits do tend to have good-sized frontages with good-sized backyards. So really popular with people looking to do renovations and whatnot. Another cool thing about these style homes in this area of Applewood is that people tend to live here a long time so there’s not as much turnover as the newer subdivisions and that’s good for you as a buyer because #1 – stability means prices, it’s in more demand but also that people take care of their houses they have pride in their houses. Now, if the same owners have lived there 40 years maybe the decor is out-of-date but I guarantee if you look at all these homes I mean the frontages, the curb appeal is really good, windows, roof taken care of so it’s a good opportunity to go in there and yeah you might want to make it your own make it a little more stylish you can see a bin in the front of that house obviously it was going through some renovation but a really good canvas to make your dream come true. Another popular style of home in Applewood is the traditional two-story suburban home. Here’s a good example, you can tell they’re just really well maintained they’ll give you the space especially if you got a few kids great house if you don’t like the split-levels and you want to keep that separation from bedrooms to living space. While I just said the majority of Applewood is detached homes especially split levels, and bungalows, and two storeys, there are a good number of semi-detached pockets dotted throughout the neighbourhood which is a really cool feature, it gives you an opportunity especially if you’re in the more entry-level of the market. Just to give you an idea of possible semi’s to look at really popular style here in Mississauga you’re looking at semi-detached with basement entrances a lot of investors like these homes or even just younger buyers who maybe want to have a parent live with them or possibly supplement the income and help with the cost of the mortgage. Here’s another example of semi-detached houses in Applewood you can see these ones are a little older, wider lots however a lot of them don’t have garages which is typical of that period in the 1960s to early 1970s. Maybe you’re not looking for a detached house and maybe you’re not looking for a semi-detached house there’s also “in-fill” going on in Applewood here’s an example of executive town houses this particular builder is Dunpar very popular in Etobicoke there’s a number of developments and the
same here in Applewood I love these townhouses I’ve sold a number of them in this complex but I really like them because it’s kind of bridges that gap (they’re) way more luxurious than say a semi (detached) you get the brand-new house feeling however it’s not as expensive as your traditional… detached house just for the simple reason that you’re not getting the back yard or the wide lot. Here’s another shot inside the complex that we were just talking about beautiful architecture of these nice townhouses. Here’s another example of freehold
townhouses located a little closer to Dundas St these are a little smaller than the other town houses but again newer built a great option again if you’re a newer buyer or you just don’t need all that space. So now I’m gonna go over my “5 Favourite Things About Applewood” So #1 is that it is close to Toronto. As you can see on this map Applewood is literally about 20 KM away from downtown Toronto which means you can drive there within 20 minutes as long as you’re not stuck in rush-hour traffic and I always like to point that out because a lot of people who live in the city think Mississauga is way out in the suburbs but I’m going to argue that from East Mississauga so areas like Applewood… you can get downtown faster than you can if
you live in North York by driving a car or in Scarborough or some of the other
areas. So in terms of accessibility to the city, Mississauga is great. My 2nd favourite thing about Applewood is how close it is to the subway. I mean you’re looking at a 5 to 10 minute drive to get to the subway station or a short bus
ride along Burnhamthorpe or Bloor. There are actually neighbourhoods in Etobicoke so if you live in South Etobicoke, in Alderwood or Long Branch it may actually take you longer to get up to the subway line than it is if you live in Applewood. My 3rd favourite thing about Applewood is the lot sizes and how wide they are. You’ve got lots of room in between your neighbours if you like lawns, this is going to be way better than what you’re going to see in your newer style suburban house where houses are jammed closer together and it just feels like you’re on top of each other, with your neighbours. #4 of my favourite things about Applewood are the amount of mature trees in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood has
plenty of “green-age” it really gives you a good feeling. A lot of buyers that come into the city from outside from places like Toronto one of their complaints is they don’t want to live in a newer subdivision that really
doesn’t have any trees and it really doesn’t have any character. So with Applewood again, you really have got a lot of trees So you’re going to have that nice feeling. And finally… #5 of my favourite things about Applewood is that it has good schools. Now I said I wasn’t going to talk about school rankings in particular but in general there are a few good schools in this area that also helps with the demand when people are wanting to move
into the area. Now first off I’d like to say that it is
a really good neighbourhood but if I’m to be objective like a lot of suburban neighbourhoods in Mississauga when you’re talking about Walk Score it isn’t that great. So if I just do a zoom to the 3d view of Applewood you can see it’s a huge sea of houses So you’re going to find a strip plaza on the corners of major streets but for the most part you’re going to be driving in this neighbourhood or taking transit in order to do things like grocery shopping and whatnot. So there you have it just a quick video of the area it’s what you would see if we were driving around together in a car looking at homes. Now coming from out of town, it’s very important that you get a sense of whether this neighbourhood meets your needs and preferences and I hope this video was able to give you a better understanding. Well I hope you enjoyed my video on Applewood in Mississauga! Be sure to check the links below with more information on the different communities in Mississauga that’ll help you in your search when
looking for a home. If you’re looking for some help in finding that home give us a call we know this area inside and out and I think we can help make your
experience the best it can possibly be! I’m Jeff O’Leary – “The Village Guru” thanks for watching, if you like this video give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel, and share with your friends. Have yourself a great day!

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