Apartment Hunting in Warsaw, Poland

Apartment Hunting in Warsaw, Poland

In Śródmieście. In the Center of Warsaw. Okrag. Now we are in Mokotów. Modra Street.

73 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting in Warsaw, Poland

  1. Do you get more space for the price when compared to other countries you’ve been in? Like the states or Korea?

  2. As always, thanks for watching! By the way, I'm trying to roll out videos more frequently. Ya girl has 3 jobs 😅, and I'm in the process of letting one go so I'll have more free time to do things such as vlogging, etc. More videos coming soon! 🤗

  3. Apartment #2 is lovely. Great choice and congrats!

  4. The third apartment would be a great choice !

  5. The filming looks really nice. Jasmine T…the T is for thick….girl got hips.

  6. I’ve been waiting for your videos so glad you upload 😊 the apartment you picked is really nice and I hope you have a successful move in day! Stay safe and I hope to see more of your adventures in Poland 👏🏽

  7. House hunters vibes

  8. That first apartment 😷😷 lol

  9. Great decision! I love this apartment. It's funny how small refrigerators are in Poland! They tend to keep soda, butter, cheese and a lot of other things outside the refrigerator. And during the cold weather it's very common to storage things outside, so you can use your balcony as a giant refrigerator during half the year!

  10. That cinderblock. They could have thrown that in the garbage. I hope that cinderblock table didn't make it furnished. I'm sorry I was choked on my rice when I saw it.

  11. I take it back cinderblocks are good doorstoppers and weapons. lmao I'm done.

  12. Yeah, the first one is a nono

  13. Whaaaaaat. Those are some cheap prices. 😮….. 🤔

  14. Great video as always. I think you made the best choice.

  15. I'm sorry…. hold the f on…. did I read those damn square foot measurements right? I am shooooooooookkkkk

    Edit: phew. Watched the rest of the video. hahaha! Had me floored for good min.

  16. That cinderblock bench had me in literal tears 😂

  17. yesssss number 3!!! that was my fave too! i loved this 😀

  18. I knew you were going to pick the third one. It was super cute and close to work. I would have picked that one also.

  19. You are a wo derful person jasmine!!

  20. I liked the 2nd apartment…
    But i would of picked the 3rd apartment if it had a bigger refrigerator and kitchen…

  21. I’m getting house hunters international vibes….. and I love it!!!!

  22. You are way too beautiful to be single!

  23. I would have picked the same one. Good choice! Now to convince my husband to get tefl certification so we can travel and teach! Lol

  24. I was thinking the same thing about the refrigerator! 😂😭🤦🏾‍♀️ Is like to see what the family sized ones look like! 😩 How far is the last apt from your job? I like 2 best and then 3. I’m surprised that you didn’t turn around as soon as you saw the 1st place! I would have! 😂😭😩🤦🏾‍♀️

  25. Apartment hunting is soooo tiring, let alone videoing and editing the whole process in another country! Awesome video, we appreciate it!

  26. That third apartment made my jaw drop. It’s stunning!

  27. I watched the video the first time while talking to Freda. She had seen it but shared the experience with me as I watched you, scenes of Poland, and the high five.

  28. Ok how do get a teaching job over seas?

  29. Did you lose weight…Wooooow

  30. love it! love to see another sister traveling. i backpack a lot but i would love to try teaching, my degree is in engineering though so i don't know if i qualify.

  31. TY for taking us along, the apartments were great, the country is beautiful. Best wishes in your time spent there!

  32. mówisz po polsku

  33. Apt 1 was culture shock! It was sooooo small and looked dirty. Two was really nice but I really like apt 2. It ticked all the boxes and was under budget. Congrats on your new digs!

  34. Hey Jasmine ,had a feeling u wld pick the 3rd apt , the 2nd & 3rd apt were both really nice,good choice chica lol

  35. 😊👊

  36. I hope you will find some good apartment and you'll enjoy living in Poland! Anyways what is the reason that you moved to Poland?
    Support&love from polish fan!!

  37. Welcome to Poland . Been around since the Korean vids. I was surprised to see you in Poland. I am student in Poland. So welcome and the language don't worry you will get it.

  38. 1:50 LOL That bench

  39. Great choice girl

  40. Man you know he keeps that rusty kitchen door and cinder block table in there to really ham up how poor you need to be to live there. Gotta get you in the expensive units for that cut.

  41. I knew you'd pick the third one. Congrats!

  42. Can you link the CELTA and Trinity certifications?I think I keep getting some gimmicky sites coming up

  43. I am mad he wasted your time with the first one

  44. I really enjoy your videos! You are a beautiful, assertive, interesting and intelligent young lady!

  45. Awesome apt video! Number 3 sold me just from the dark themed kitchen. I love that color!

  46. ♨️This was wonderful.. my favorite [#2] im boujee.. but the realistic part of me screamed [#3] . I loved that you talked about alternatives to a BA to teach .. love if you could talk a bit more about that if you ever have q girls night video with her lol .. good blessings with your new endeavors 🖤

  47. An apartment like that in America would be over $1,000…good choice!

  48. you remind me of a female version of morpheus from the matrix for some reason hahah that's so cool though!

  49. you dont need degree because on the end people need english to speak with people like you, the just need native speaker to listen a language, grammar they have from polish teacher with degree.

  50. 2 was awesome…just a quick request. Could you do one on how to get the real estate agents in the first place…. having a tough time there

  51. Ah finally someone making videos on Poland. I love korea, and enjoy watching videos about it, but I also really like to hear about other countries too, but that is very hard to find since korea is like the only popular one. I'm polish american and want to see more of Poland, so I am so thankful for these videos!

  52. I like your friend Rachelle she seems really cool down-to-earth not bougie. I really like the second apartment the best but it was too far from your job. The third is really cute, looks like you found a really nice place to stay, with in your budget and close to work!

  53. couldn't hear a thing

  54. Zagraniczniaki se przyjeżdzają, wybierają mieszkania, a ja wciąż musze mieszkać z moją matką


    noł, ajm not:/

  55. 🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌻
    that first was a NOOO ahahaha

  56. I haven't been back to my native Poland since 1993 when I was 9, but if I wanted to move back (and, I've thinking about it more and more over the past few years) I wonder how I would be able to get a good paying job with being covered with visible tattoos? That is my number one concern. Any input on this?

  57. The second one, beautiful! For one bedroom apartment in the US you’re paying at least $1,000.00.

  58. Lol, in Warsaw is a lot of new apartments and u choose this old ones ?:D


  60. High five was priceless 🙂

  61. Good quality rooms io gated closed community would be better 200 $a month

  62. Its Wwa in smaller Town near b city 1600 zł the same standard

  63. Agentman was very stressed maybe camera or maybe made him shy😎

  64. Good choice,I like this apartment

  65. DORBY! I Was thinking number 2, but work was a problem. So you picked number 3.

  66. Useful Stuff🤘

  67. I. Love. Elephants. I am a wierdo, immediately started cooing when I saw him. Made me happy. Nice apartment choice. 1 was a roach motel though, lol, yikes.

  68. Sister rent fee how much?

  69. I loved the 3rd apt right away. Happy you picked the third apt too.

  70. wow pretty cheap for 1 month

  71. no 2 is the best

  72. Hi, can you leave the agents number ? I’ll be in krakow in September for a period of 2 years, I need a cute apartment that wouldn’t cost so much. An apartment close to Jagiellonian University. Thank youuuu. And also do you have infos on getting jobs as a student ?

  73. I like 3rd one apartment i wish i live there with my family

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