Amazing Techniques Fastest Construction Concrete Finishing machine Working

Amazing Techniques Fastest Construction Concrete Finishing machine Working

29 thoughts on “Amazing Techniques Fastest Construction Concrete Finishing machine Working

  1. 这个机器真好!非常实用!

  2. That vibe screed LMAO. No screed boards…no wet screed…no nada…just eyeball and install.

  3. Mission contact number

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  5. u will need more than 1 bag of portland

  6. Apparently its not leveling so good on the 1dt part. And too much lagg on the shoveling. Maybe an automated track system that grades on the wheels of the section itself

  7. All that Machinery get some masks for this people you going to kill them with cement

  8. Good jabs 👍👍

  9. Two bags of cement is not enough all of that gravel .

  10. Fuck in fast off all video for diffent pick and no video for same profile pic video

  11. Fuddu now to much have new machines ok this is 1999 modle model your job ok

  12. @4:12 add some water to that shit. Wtf

  13. Now you know why it's there roof and walls falling.

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  15. Estos no han visto un bombo en su vida jijijijijijik

  16. Wow they really think they got it down pat you boys doing what we call here in America half ass work point blank. ..

  17. Não vi nenhuma canalização elétrica ou hidráulica, porque?

  18. Cai may lê xan hay qua

  19. Well wound what npa the deck is 15

  20. Jajaja stop crossing

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