AG William Barr SENT Bill Clinton Into A PANIC With ONE FACT About Jeffrey Epstein(REPORT)!!!

AG William Barr SENT Bill Clinton Into A PANIC With ONE FACT About Jeffrey Epstein(REPORT)!!!

AG William Barr SENT Bill Clinton Into A PANIC With ONE FACT About Jeffrey Epstein Bill Clinton’s ties to alleged pedophile
Jeffrey Epstein were a source of great controversy over the last several years
Clinton figured this scandal was in his rearview mirror after Epstein’s alleged
suicide but William Barr sent Bill Clinton into a panic with one fact about
Jeffrey Epstein Americans have many questions about Bill Clinton’s dealings
with Jeffrey Epstein those questions only multiplied when Clinton tried to
downplay his relationship with Epstein by releasing a statement after Epstein’s
arrest that contained multiple false statements Clinton lied about how long
he knew Epstein when they first met and how many times he flew on Epstein’s
private plane if Clinton thought those questions would disappear with Epstein’s
death he was sorely mistaken Attorney General William bass spoke had a law
enforcement conference in New Orleans and vowed that the investigation into
Epstein sex trafficking underage girls would continue and that any of Epstein’s
co-conspirators would be brought to justice Barr declared that we are now
learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning
and demand a thorough investigation we will get to the bottom of what happened
and there will be accountability let me assure you that this case will continue
on against anyone who is complicit with Epstein any co-conspirators should not
rest easy the victims deserve justice and they will get it the rich and
powerful individuals that took part RT in Epstein’s schemes have a lot to fear
New York Times reporter James Stewart wrote that last year Epstein invited him
to his Manhattan mansion for an off-the-record conversation but since
Epstein is now dead Stewart no longer is bound by that agreement and in a piece
published on Monday Stewart wrote that Epstein told him Epstein had the goods
on the sexual and drug habits of the high-profile Americans that traveled
with Epstein Stewart wrote the overriding impression I took away from
our flee 90-minute conversation was that mr. Epstein knew an astonishing number
of rich famous and powerful people and had photos to prove it he also claimed
to know a great deal about these people some of it potentially damaging or in
very including details about their supposed
sexual proclivities and recreational drug use Epstein was not telling tall
tales unsealed court documents revealed one of Epstein’s accusers alleged that
Epstein forced her to have sex with prominent Democrat politicians Bill
Richardson and George Mitchell other court records showed former Clinton and
Obama administration economist Larry Summers traveled to Epstein’s private
island where Epstein is alleged to have trafficked underage girls when news of
Epstein’s death broke many Americans were outraged believing that the extent
of Epstein’s crimes as well as the role his co-conspirators played in these
crimes would go to the grave with Epstein but Attorney General William bar
bars promised to hold the guilty accountable means justice will be served
thank you god bless you and God bless america

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  1. Maybe William Barr watched a video on here called exposing the Clinton crime family and he read all the names at the end.

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