Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Gaslamp Lantern Prop!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Gaslamp Lantern Prop!

Adam Savage from Tested here in my cave
with a special kind of one day build. It might feel like a normal one day build
to you but philosophically it’s just a little bit different. I like to think of
the videos that I shoot on Tested as something different than a how-to video. I kind of think of them as what happened
videos. I don’t want to proscribe exactly how something should get done, I
just want to make something and hopefully the process of me iterating
and getting to the end of the project is instructive in some way. Today’s one day
build is a how-to. This is a build I stumbled across last week while just
farting around in the shop and I thought oh my god this object that I’ve made is
so freakin cool and so like evocative and nifty I want to show people how to
make it exactly how I made it and it doesn’t cost very much and it doesn’t
take much time and it doesn’t take a lot of skill but the result is awesome. So
here we go. Now I’m working on a rickshaw for another build, something I’ve
actually always wanted to build, a long handle two-wheeled vehicle for
a person to pull another person around. Anyway I’m working on this rickshaw and
as part of this the first part is always to gather reference material and
gathered hundreds of images of rickshaws and I notice that the ones that were my
favorites had lanterns on either side so I bought a lantern on Amazon
this is the basis for our one-day build this is a I think this is about 40 bucks that is there we go it’s a nice piece
for 40 bucks go all right a few months ago I saw a bulb online that looked like
it was on fire and I thought I have to have one of those so I went to Amazon
and I searched fire bulb and lo this is the first thing that showed up this is
the second part of our Lantern bill third part a switch a little solder
soldering iron and a power source aluminum tape a double-a battery holder
some black spray-paint matte black and some matte clear paint two double-a
batteries gaffer tape electrical tape yuuna bits I think I think I think I
have everything I need on this table – oh right I need a couple of pieces of
wood cut just so I’m gonna do those first so that we are rolling into the
build one all right first things first we got to
place our batteries but I guess I should say explain we’re going to make this
Lantern look like it’s got a fire inside of it a fire in its belly using this
fire ball that’s the overall project we got to cut a hole in the lantern for
putting our batteries and also being able to wire the flame bulb out through
the central casing I do a little bit of this this is called a step drill it’s
one of the great things in the world it’s great for making holes in thin
materials where normal drill bits would tend to wander
and actually cause you lots of trouble now I’m also going to drill a hole in
the back here for our switch terrible sound little tiny piece of hot steel hit me in
the neck there that hurts come on come on there we go cool so now we have
a hole in the bottom for our batteries we have a hole through into the central
casting to run our wiring what is next next oh right okay so how am I gonna
power this fire bulb right this is a hundred and twenty volts ac how am I
gonna power that well off-camera what I did was I actually popped the bulb apart
now and looked oh wow from the socket edison socket there we have two wires
this is clearly the AC to DC converter so without touching anything I screwed
this back into a socket and using a multimeter I measured the voltage coming
out here which is the voltages the powers the fire bulb and it turns out
that voltage the revolts yeah so coincidentally that’s exactly how much
two double-a batteries put out so we’re gonna power this fireball but instead of
120 volts of AC power we’re gonna use three volts of AC power I just love this
idea that’s something you need to plug into the wall to make go can actually
run on two tiny little batteries that is freaking thrilling gonna make our so a
little circuit right now yeah okay so from the fire bulb I’m gonna have two
leads coming out and then from the switch I also have
another lead this one’s gonna screw on a little bit of hot glue will hold this
on oh you want to see it go right I know I’m jumping ahead of myself let’s uh
let’s make the circuit go with three volts because it’s kind of neat look at
that three volts not 123 seriously I love the fact that they built such an
efficient and gentle little circuit that runs on such low voltage that that’s
really neat I the idea that you could run such a thing off two doublea’s have
I already said in this video to the thrills me it thrills me okay let’s get
this all put together again I’m only soldering my joints
because I’m fancy no I’m soldering these joints because
that’s what I have here in the shop but you can buy double-a battery holders
that have wires coming already out of them you can do this whole project
without any soldering at all you could at all do it all with wire lug nuts
seriously so just to double-check my wiring that
is positive to the positive negative to the negative just double-checking and
yep we got fire okay we’re also gonna use one of my new favorite things velcro
that is how do you describe this velcro in which there’s only one side what it’s
mmmm it’s it’s it’s it’s velcro but both sides are that how do I say this
it’s hermaphroditic velcro yeah that’s exactly I think an engineering term this
velcro is such that when you have two pieces of the same kind of velcro they
stick to each other this is great stuff Ben Edie the prop master on Ghostbusters
the new Ghostbusters told me about this stuff all right it’s only do that in
there and this goes inside our lamp okay now switch okay right I need a thing
coming off the switch I could go ahead and crimp lugs on to this but I don’t
really need to I can just wrap it around screw it down we’ll be supplying in the comments for
this video an entire build list of all the things I’m using here see I told you
this is a how choose a totally different kind of one-day build than we normally
do alright so now let’s get the switch going on here I have no idea if on or
off or actually still correct well and that’s what it is there we kill nice waterproof switch
action okay oh right pulling out the mirror don’t need this
part this guy goes in there but I want to prep this guy just a little bit first all right I could use tacks I could use
any sort of thing to glue these pieces of wood together but instead I’m just
gonna use hot glue cuz this is a quickie one-day build and this is what you’d be
doing if you worked in the theater department
you’d be doing it just like that a little bit of dressing to this that
won’t make sense to you until this build is almost at its completion point but it
will make sense so we’re gonna grab a little bit of gaffer tape
I like gaffer tape I like gaffer tape because I can tear it in thin strips
like this and I will tear it into some thin strips and attach some of those
like this one there one here I think that that should be enough we
might have to do a little something my ass will see so I’m gonna feed this down no I made my SOG cut a nice press fit
into the little tray here but you can also add a little bit of glue
I don’t yeah obviously a little glue if it’s going to get at all beaten up oh
right right right aluminum tape what I found was when I completed this before
the mirror in the back just looked too clean
so I removed the mirror and put in just some aluminum plumber’s tape and it
changed the reflectivity of what the fire bulb was doing and made it look a
little better so now how am I gonna hide the crimes of the edges of this well I’m
glad you asked because I’m gonna hide them very quickly like this Kalaa
Edge’s no longer a problem right now we need the battery action from the bulb to
the battery we connect the negative lead then on both sides of that equation we
attach the switch speeds you know basically interrupt the circuit and with
the switch I have long been a fan of tiny wire nuts by the way I like how oh
there we go it’s actually working I can see it well let’s just make sure yep almost there that than that
oh yeah campers we are almost done here we are almost done okay so let’s just do
a function test there we go that’s great I like the I like my little tape thing
it kind of looks like it’s captured and sort of brassiere of some kind
brassiere I mean fire brassiere not a brassiere brassiere I don’t know is it
pronounced differently so and I know it still doesn’t look great
we’re gonna take care of that forthwith so right I want to if it is a handle
used by a trained person I wanted to have some substance to it so I’m gonna
actually add some electrical tape here take this part we’re gonna put in a
couple pieces of velcro here then we’re gonna do this put this in here great now
that’s sealed in now we’re going to do some weathering well there’s a fun aspect to these bulbs
that you might not have realized which is that if you turn them upside down
they burn from upside down oh oh that’s really cool okay so I’m gonna fog the
windows first and foremost this is just a matte color spray
krylon clear I keep a stock of this in matte semi-gloss and clear and it’s a
great way to hide lots of crimes in prop buildings so now I’m gonna hit the edges no I’m just I’m just ever so slightly
adding some grime this takes a real touch holding down the
blade holding down the ooh whoops and I’m gonna be dirty and there it is look at that with a
little bit of matte spray a little bit of black spray paint just creating some
dirt around this and all of a sudden the way in which that bulb didn’t feel right
now it feels much more right a little bit of
extra spray paint around to kind of tie this thing together and there you have
it the old e-train lantern in less than an hour that this this is literally a
first you know one day build cannon will include a full list of all the things
you need to put this together but I for one super chuffed about this wait wait
one last coda you are probably wondering as I did how long this will run on two
double-a batteries after all it was a light bulb you plugged into a socket how
long did it possibly run on double-a batteries
well I will admit to you I made one of these last week and my wife and I liked
the look of it so much it’s like been in our living room making it feel like
we’ve got a fire going and we’ve had it lit for five solid days and it hasn’t
gone out yet now I’m not kidding five solid days it has been burning on two
double-a batteries I’m like blown away by the efficiency of the circuit that
that light bulb uses that’s crazy days and we haven’t even reached the end of
it so enjoy a nice long burn from this one day bill you

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