AcreTrader Review | Should You Invest In Farmland In 2020?

AcreTrader Review | Should You Invest In Farmland In 2020?

11 thoughts on “AcreTrader Review | Should You Invest In Farmland In 2020?

  1. Nice review. You were really meant to do this. Accurate and not too long.

  2. Hey you only gotta have a net worth of $1,000,000 or more and you can invest.. yay

  3. Interesting concept, short track record makes it very difficult to invest unless one is fond of farm lands

  4. That’s cool

  5. Learn More About AcreTrader Here:

  6. Hadn't heard of this platform before. Is rather amazing how we are commoditizing everything, including farm land, curious to see where this trend goes next? I like that it shows you what the farm land is being used for.

  7. Ryan: Accredited investor
    Me: iight imma head out

  8. This is interesting …Thanks Ryan 😉

  9. Very interesting. I own physical real estate investments (rentals,land) as well as reits but nothing quite like that.

    Thanks Ryan! Always looking to step up my investments to the next level

  10. Ryan, I've been learning about numbers and religions that like to use numbers in religious practice. Could you do an experiment where you invest relative to Gematria, the Golden Ratio, and Fibonacci sequence? I'm curious of the results.

  11. Always interested in expanding investment options, thanks for the info Ryan!

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