A Tiny House Tour in Iceland

A Tiny House Tour in Iceland

Natalie and I just went to Iceland you know the place where waterfalls are made of skittles groceries cost more than rent and everything is impossible to pronounce every mile you drive you couldn’t think this place would look anymore but it does for half of our stay we shacked up in one of these little homes tucked into the fight town of Roone Dimmick and it was pretty awesome this is day one in Iceland Natalie’s in the bathroom can I say can I say that and we are about to hit the Golden Circle it’s like the main I guess the main touristy type loop in Iceland where you can hit a bunch of different sites good toilet is super loud larger than a hotel room but much smaller than the average home what initially drew us to the space was the amazing view of the harbor in grande avec probably why they called the place harbour view there are ten identical units on the property and as close as they are privacy wasn’t an issue it was actually much more private than sharing walls with other guests alright so this is the tiny house hotel that we’re staying in it’s pretty cool I’m gonna give you a little tour the place was thoughtfully designed it had this hidden refrigerator and a useful kitchenette with a working stove cups plates and bowls are stored above the sink extra pillows and blankets are located under the main window ugly red couch bags are hidden in here for the record I only put the bags in here for the shoot normally we’re very messy the shower moves I don’t know why it does that maybe one of you guys know this is a heated towel rack I don’t know if it’s necessary minimalist but I like it as thoughtful as most of the design was if it lacked in one area it would be lighting oh sorry now I might be pickier than most but right before bed I don’t want a harsh bright daylight bulb filling the room but other than that everything was great as a minimalist I knew that I would love staying in a tiny place but would Natalie feel the same way now that we’re back tell me could you live in a tiny house no you couldn’t no you could no I think you could but you wouldn’t you define live if we had kids I didn’t think I could live in a tiny house and living in a tiny house I fear loses the opportunity to entertain I think both of us could do it I don’t think either of us would want to with our currently how our lives are set up like think back to Brooklyn when you had to put all your cosmetics into the kitchen drawer because we just didn’t have enough space like having not having a nice my pants right now next to the fork yeah not good not very sanitary I mean my hand with a fork that’s multi-purpose yeah that’s a little as minimalism the idea is we probably could do it we’d have to sacrifice and get rid of a lot of stuff but it would be sacrifices which isn’t I don’t think the point of living a simpler life yeah you want to be able to actually still enjoy and live a full life live a full life but in terms of our vacation how did you like it I really they liked it when you travel more often than not you’re locked up in this tiny hotel room where you’re kind of stepping on each other’s staff you’re gonna plug that in oh you’re doing your hair over here yeah you don’t get any knocks of privacy you know Airbnb is being great for that but you still get the sense that you’re living in someone else’s space so what I liked about this tiny home was that it was serviced like a hotel room like we would get turnovers and cleanups and it was very like clean and put together but there was a lot more space than you would get in a hotel room and I like that we had like a fully functioning kitchen and like a fully functioning little lounge space the bedroom was probably my favorite I really liked just closing off the rest of the tiny home and then just having this battery size two bedroom that just felt really cozy especially for like Iceland and it was so windy outside I’m gonna first night we got there and it was like gale force winds and being able to just like hole up kind of felt like you’re a kid getting cozy inside of your teepee in the lounge room all over again like it was just really nice yeah I think for something like a vacation especially in Iceland the idea isn’t to spent too much time in the house yeah or in the hotel room but I really left the tiny heart it just felt it felt designed to live in not to win awards if you want to see our entire trip through Iceland you can get it on my secret blog every month I upload exclusive videos to my patreon account giving an intimate look into my work and personal life it’s like my hidden YouTube channel I’m overcompensating this is one of the ways that I’m able to keep this YouTube channel 100% advertisement free if you’ve got some value from my videos in the past and if you can afford to spare a couple bucks a week I would be so grateful for your support anyhow or thumbs up [Music] never doing this again [Music]

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  2. Me and my girlfriend stayed in one just like this with air B and B and it was on a sheep farm next to a giant mountain that was used to film game of thrones! Woke up in the awesome tiny house that looked just like this one and had breakfast and tea inside the main house with the owners and they showed us their sheep鈥檚 and baby sheep鈥檚 and it was an awesome day. Look them up on air B and B their names are Anna and Ollie.

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  5. I live in Iceland and so i talk icelandic. I enjoyed this so much. You guys are so cute.i love how you pronounce Icelandic places. I laughed so much鉂わ笍I love your channel鉂わ笍

  6. This the best tiny house I have ever seen that all that one person would need idk why people always want such big houses

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  9. We stayed in that same cube. We had a storm and the thing shook like mad. But other than that it was great.

  10. Anyone else think its adorable that they actually look at eachother when they speaking instead of the at camera. #itsthelittlethings

  11. 8 months ago… I wonder, was this the honeymoon trip from the (now not so) secret wedding?

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  17. I live in Iceland lol

  18. The airbnb comment from Nat is EXACTLY why i didn't book an Airbnb when i went to Denver for my Red Rocks concert, back in May. I wanted freedom and privacy to do what i wanted, when i wanted. Plus not feel as though i was sharing someone else's home. She nailed it.

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  25. As an Icelandic girl i enjoyed watching this video a lot.
    I live with my family (were 5) in this tiny apartment almost like that house but yeah we actually hate it. But thank u for making this video.
    (Im gonna say thank u on Icelandic)
    Takk fyrir 鈽

  26. Yo am icelandic

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  29. So I just was on holiday in Iceland and it was sooooo beautiful but so expensive haha (I stayed in Hafnarfj枚dur)

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  32. This guy's girlfriend is clearly a gold digger.

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  35. Is she Australian? Her accent is STRONG fam 馃敟


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  39. Nat is so awesome.
    Nat: Nuh!!

  40. If someday I could build a hotel, I am gonna use this concept – myself, 2019.

  41. This is like 4 rooms for a person from Mumbai (India)

  42. This tiny house is more beautiful than any other place I will live in my entire life. What I wouldn鈥檛 give to live there…

  43. The moment Matt froze when Natalie mention KiDSSSSS!!!! that was priceless!

  44. This has to be the most hipster video i've ever seen.

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  53. Visit Sweden

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  56. 鈥楾iny herme 鈥

  57. You guys could literally build your own which would accommodate things u want it to and where you want to.

  58. i watch this 10 month ago, times goes really fast


  60. not so tiny.

  61. This bitch is trying to keep the kid option alive and dude is like, "we livin in a tiny house, fuck kids". No true minimalist would have a useless kid. Relationship doomed.

  62. You put your shoes on weird

  63. Creepy ass neighborhood wow

  64. I dont have money for patreon but I can watch ads for ya

  65. You dodged a bullet by taking that early WOW Air flight.

  66. i kinda want him to put ads in his videos

  67. I'm loving the framed photo of the Rock in a turtle neck xD

  68. now i mean this looks very clean and modern, but as a european, ive probably spent more than half of my vacations in spaces this size

  69. Strange that only the have not's look at small living while the have's not…

  70. I am amazed. That house does not even look tiny to me. That would be a good house for someone in my country. It was decent sized.

  71. Hey I love the red sofa馃槀

  72. This place is bigger than my condo. How many square feet is it?

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  74. My apartment is smaller than that and it works just fine. Storing stuff can be harder but it helps you realise all the stuff you dont need anymore and to give it away

  75. Great houses….i think. Don鈥檛 really know. Unfortunately the arrangement of rooms and spaces wasn鈥榯 shown. Just pieces of rooms and talking people 馃槦

  76. I thought this was an other minecraft house tutorial

  77. I love that little house! But it鈥檚 much larger than the other tiny houses on YouTube. I wouldn鈥檛 stay in one of those that looks like a converted doghouse or garden shed. Your place seems perfect!

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  82. We stayed in that same cabin during our trip to Iceland. Our teenage daughter slept on the couch. Really liked the heated floors. Hope you hit the little cafe on the waterfront. She had the most amazing lobster soup.

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    Seems a bit daft I think.
    Iceland is stunning though.

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  89. This population issue… We're starting to build a large-scale version of Snowpiercer, with a COMPLETELY DESTITUTE lower class and an insanely wealthy upper class. The middle class is all but gone. The world can't sustain it. All the money has trickled up and everyone will be a bunch of slaves in "tiny homes", not dissimilar to what India looks like, with the multi-billion dollar skyscrapers surrounded by millions of hovels.

  90. I definitely want to go there. BTW Model of these brown shoes please?

  91. Oh Ive stayed there actually seems to be the same unit. I loved that place, so much better than a hotel room, it had everything we needed but it is expensive. The other thing is we had three suitcases and we didn't have enough room to store those away. It was soooo windy outside the hotel my husband literally had to drag me to the room as I was blowing away and so was the luggage.

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