A golden visa to Europe: Investing in Portugal’s real estate | World Finance

A golden visa to Europe: Investing in Portugal’s real estate | World Finance

World Finance: The Golden Visa, offering access
to Europe for investors and their families, has cropped up in a number of EU states over
the last few years. Portugal’s scheme stands out in particular. Here to explain why: Tiago
Camara and David Machado from PT Golden Visa. Tiago, talk to me about the different ways
that investors can participate in this scheme. Tiago Camara: It’s very simple for investors
to participate and to apply to this programme. They just have to come to Portugal, and
invest €280,000 in real estate in Portugal, and they’re ready to apply. World Finance: What kind of investors are
exploring this? Tiago Camara: Our investors normally are regular
individuals who are in a comfortable financial situation: looking for the comfort of their
future generations, but not looking to relocate at the moment. They’re just looking for a
path to freedom; an opportunity for them to relocate if they need to. And our programme
allows them to have this access. In our programme we have the capacity of giving
them the opportunity of living, working, and studying, in any country in the Schengen area.
After six years they are ready to apply for citizenship and get a Portuguese passport. World Finance: There are other golden visas
available, so how competitive is Portugal’s? Tiago Camara: The Portuguese authorities managed
to launch a very simple and attractive programme, compared to others. I do think – and I defend
– that it’s the best one in the market. First of all, it doesn’t require
investors to live in Portugal. They just have to be there for seven days, spend some vacations in a beautiful country
like ours, and the requirement is done. The second one is the real estate market.
The real estate market is booming, providing investors high levels of return on their investments,
so that’s another good reason for them to invest in our country.
The third reason – and for me, one of the most important – our programme has
no grey areas. If you invest, you get. So there’s no discrimination on nationalities,
no discrimination on religions. There’s no evaluation of investors’
profiles through interviews. If you invest, you get the residence permits. Last but not least, Portugal is a very safe country – politically and economically very
stable. You can speak English throughout the country. And it’s a country that has been
awarded for the last years as the best tourist destination in all of Europe. World Finance: So David, tell me more about
Portugal’s real estate market. David Machado: The market now is booming,
mainly for four reasons. One of the reasons is there’s a lot of foreign investors coming
for the golden visa programme. The second reason is because we have an unusual residence
programme, with tax benefits that is making Europeans relocate to Portugal.
The third reason is mostly because the Portuguese are moving their money out of the banks to
invest in properties to rent out and get high yields. And the fourth reason, basically,
is because developers are still in post-trauma, after the experiences since 2008, when the
market was not so easy, and still not developing. So these four reasons combined mean that there
is a very high demand for the real estate market, and very little supply. So we’ve seen
prices going up very, very fast. World Finance: So give me some examples of
the real estate opportunities available, and the returns that investors are receiving. David Machado: These days, the picture is
very clear. There are very few times in business where you can see the future in such a clear way. If you are an individual real estate investor,
we recommend to buy residential properties. The reason is, you can put these properties
on the short-term market, and get very high yields. If you are an international real estate fund, you want to go for bigger projects that you
can develop, you can refurbish, or you can even do a property trading system. The market
is so fast these days, if you trade three times a year, you generate returns over 30 percent. World Finance: So if viewers want to know
more, they have questions: what do they do? David Machado: So it’s very easy. You can
go to www.ptgoldenvisa.com. You either email us or call us. We will guide you through the
whole process. We will prepare the real estate tour with the best real estate investment
opportunities, and at the same time you will be guaranteed to get your golden visa. Thanks for watching. For more on Portugal’s golden visa programme, please go to www.worldfinance.com. And please subscribe for more
real estate investment stories, as well as all the latest insights from World Finance.

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