A FREE Real Estate Contract That ALLOWS EVERYTHING

A FREE Real Estate Contract That ALLOWS EVERYTHING

3 2 1 that was by far the best club I’ve ever
done in my life i know I’d heard in my ears I did everything myself in here that is
not how’d he do the business and that right
there is a house that I have already flipped as well. And I already know that I can flip this house to a buyer on my buyers list cause I got strong buyers list in this area Hey what’s up, guys john cochran here and
today is system Saturday the day that I bring you a system that I use my
business you can rip off duplicate using your own
local market now today system Saturday is gonna be very very different from what you’ve
experienced in the past so today guys it is we just got
through with Christmas in with word to the holiday season is what I
would do I want to give you a document that we’ve been working on into our own
personal business and what we’ve been using and I’m gonna give this to you for
free now this is our brand new purchase and sale
agreement that we’re using all over real estate flips were they we’re whole a property
whether we’re prehab a property or if we’re rehabing a property if we
are buying the property we are using this free purchase and sale
agreement that we came up with now this is a very very standard contract it’s a couple pages long but
it’s a very very standard purchase and sale agreement that you use to buy
properties with it has a lot of wholesaling lingo with
so again we buy three different types of properties with
the wholesale prehab or rehab you will notice that there is wholesale lingo in there meaning that this contract it will allow you to market your home while they’re under contract that’s one
thing that I I really wanted to do inside this contract is you know I wanted to be able to put a
property on a contract in as soon I put under contract I want to be able to
start marking that thing and have signed out there and put it on
Craigslist to do absolutely everything that I wanted to do so it has that lingo in it which will
allow you to do that another thing that they were will allow you to do is it will allow
you to assign a that contract meaning that this is
phenomenal for your real estateso you can take a of property put it
under contract market that property for sale wherever you want to market for
and then whenever you find your buyer you can assign that contract okay so you can assign that contract and you
can wholesale all day and you’ll never have any fee out on your pocket you won’t
ever do anything and that’s what it’s all about so to get
your hands on this new purchase and sale agreement that we
came up with guys what I need to do what they need you to comment below and here’s what I want to do
so I want you to comment below on in this video and I want you to tell me any of these three things okay so I’m really trying
to help you out for 2015 and I hope you got a lot out of system Saturday for 2014 here’s why i
wanna know what do you think of system Saturday so
what do you think this is system saturday complete wasting your time you look for to these videos every single all week
right in your inbox oh what did system saturday do for you
in 2014 so what it to do how many deals did
you do in 2014 how system saturday help you market for properties how system saturday
help you out in raise money how does this was our to help you find
contractors you know going you give you
contractor on how did system saturday help you in 2014 or what other topics do you want me to cover in
2015 that can really help you going to
explode your real estate investing business so not all of them just comment below and
just tell me one of those three things and I will give you for free the which
what we charge over a hundred dollars for this new personal cell agreement that
would you everybody those things and all you gotta do is comment below now guys we are going to absolutely
crush it in 2015 if you have not heard about it yet guys
this is the last week the last day to get take advantage of our system Saturday
live in event which is sixty percent of its everything
is 250,000 dollars in research that I did in 2014 its
marketing that I did in 2014 what worked and what didn’t work you
know so what we’re gonna be doing is we’re holding a live in for exactly this ship the change what’s
getting ready to happen in 2015 so that you are alarm you know
exactly where you’re going to be doing 2015 you would you know exactly where the
market is headed are you gonna be looking for buyers or your gonna
be looking for sellers because I’m going to tell you what two hundred
fifty thousand dollars in research will share with you right there so comment below read below
and and guys go look at the systems saturday live you love it I’m gonna get your hands on to that
document and I will see you next year on the next system saturday

87 thoughts on “A FREE Real Estate Contract That ALLOWS EVERYTHING

  1. I absolutely love Systems Saturday!!!

    I especially like the property repair sheet. I'm not sure if you did this this year, but that's when I found it. That's the type of information I appreciate.

    Keep up the great work and see in the new year!!!

  2. Hey John, I look forward every week to those System Saturdays, you definitely think outside the box, when it comes to marketing!

  3. System Saturday has been very informative as I am looking to get into real estate, can you make a video of phone scripts to say to motivated sellers?

  4. Nice educational videos this year. Look forward to more. Thanks

  5. I haven't flipped any homes for a few years … catching up now … thanks for all you do … you've covered everything …

  6. Systems Saturday help me understand the business on an analysis side basing every thing on the numbers. Thank you and the show is awesome. $$

  7. I look forward to AS everyone it goes up. It is always worth the time to watch the videos, sometimes even wanting more. However I would love for you to update some of your old videos (if) the techniques have changed. For example, are you still using the same process for finding buyers on craigslist?

  8. You are an awesome marketer. I'd like to cover the most effective ways to wholesale a deal once its under contract.

  9. I do look forward to system saturdays videos. I have yet to get my first deal but i appreciate every bit of knowledge i can get from others who are crushing the business. Sometimes the strategies and advice that others in the biz like yourself give are really not valid for my market though. I'm in South Florida and this market is super competitive and it's filled with foreign investors and hedge funds. So for the little guy like me its really hard.

  10. Thank you System Saturdays. I look forward to your new information everytime to assist me in my real estate business. System Saturdays is truly a blessing, keep up the great work!!!

  11. Systems Saturdays has def up my real estate game this year as a new investor! Looking back on the year I can see I've come a long way and can now easily point out the things that I can do better than my competition in the market.

  12. I bought a house at a tax sale 4 years ago.  The property is being rented, the Redemption period is over and the property is free and clear.  Is it better to sell outright or hold and finance the equity for cash to acquire more property?

  13. Unlike other outlets for REI Systems Saturday doesn't "beat around the bush" when providing information. And that's what I really like about Systems Saturday. The information I need is delivered concisely and in a timely manner. Which allows me the time to go apply these lessons. I look forward to my REI journey in 2015. Thank you, Systems Saturday.

  14. SS has made me a much better marketer and I look forward to SS every week. I know it is a topic you have covered in the past but I still think an episode on finding sellers would be a good one. Thank you for all your hard work.

  15. Hi John system Saturday's are great I would like you to do more videos on Hud homes and how to wholesale them .thank you

  16.  I look forward to SS every week, will this contrct work well with agents? in other words will agents have a problem accepting my offer?

  17. In 2015 on SS I would like to see a mock conversation between you as an investor and a potential seller.  One that covers overcoming objections like why should I enter into a contract with you at this price if you're going to turn around and sell it for a higher price?  Why don't I just wait for that higher price buyer?  Thank you.  I love SS!

  18. I look forward to your videos every week

  19. I tried the link above but is not working?

  20. I look forward to SS each and every week! Its like Christmas every Saturday.

  21. System Saturday was what helped me learn the terminology and various aspects of rei I haven't landed a deal yet but I'm getting there

  22. I'm a young 19 year old boy from London really trying to get into this Industry and thrive and these videos have been a great inspiration. In 2015 I would like for system Saturday's to give me more information that I can apply out in London. Also, with the contract that you are giving away can I edit it to make it so I can use it over here? Is so I'm looking to really get in there next year and get hold of some property

  23. I love Systems Saturday. They are some of the only well done REI tutorial videos online. Anyways, I think you should cover more stuff concerning the actual rehab. E.G. Tips to make a room more open, when and when not to update something, etc.

  24. As always, another great tool!

  25. I have not yet closed my first deal but I'm looking to do so in the first 90 days of 2015. I love SS. So much information that is easy to follow. I would like information on putting properties in a land trust. I would like to put his properties in a land trust when the bid is accepted

  26. Thanks for all of the great motivation videos. I think it's awesome that you guys are spending the time to create super simple, focused, straight to the point, short videos, which have personally helped me a lot.

  27. One thing I would recommend for 2015 is to make the link for the videos at the end open in a different window. It will be more user friendly for people like me who want to watch all 3 of the linked videos.

  28. Great stuff! I always enjoy your videos. Please keep them coming. I need as much help as I can with marketing. The rest I can handle myself. I plan to do 20+ transactions in 2015.

  29. I have learned alot with system saturday. This program helped me get my first deal and helped me open up my mind more.

  30. The biggest thing thing SS helped me with is learning how to structure my work and treating this more like a business.

  31. I need to find a private lender, but I don't know what to say or what kind of letter works////??? Can you help me???????? Please

  32. SS Saturdays has given me more info has been more than helpful, I need to just find how to put it all together      help…..

  33. All the SS videos are incredibly packed with awesome info. I watch them every week and so far iv learned a ton. Id like to see you go over private/hard money lending in more depth. I think financing is one of the biggest issues people face, including myself. It would be great if you could shed some more light on that subject !

  34. I just discovered your channel and it has to be one of the most informative real estate investing channels I've seen so far. Your videos are informative and have great content with real world examples. Thanks for all the advice and keep the videos coming.

  35. Hey John. I really appreciate the ENTHUSIASM and ENERGY that you bring with you to SS!
    It is actually rubbing off onto me a little.
    I KNOW that REI is all about MARKETING. No leads – no business.
    I would really like to see a SS training that deals specifically with Virtual Assistants.
    How you find them, train them – and how do you use them in your business in order to grow and expand into other markets around the country.
    Also, how do you build a team when you are trying to get set up in a new market?
    How do you use Realtors to help you find sellers and buyers and get the deal closed?
    Thanks for the new contract that you just came out with, I want to get my hands on it!

  36. I found SS just a few weeks ago.  I love how the videos are short, to the point, and jam packed with useful information.  I just got my first list for my direct mail campaign and I'm excited to start working in this business.  I have learned so much on how to market and what to look for.  I would like to see a video on how to assess a property and get a close estimate on the repair value so that my numbers work when I get a seller under contract.

  37. System Saturday is great, it let's me know what's working in the market right now. Keep the content coming!!!

  38. I am a new real-estate investor and have watched over 100 of your videos.  I, like yourself, am a systems kinda guy and love how you have organized your companies.  I look forward to watching more of your videos to have a better start to my investing.  Thanks for spending the time to help us new people!

  39. System Saturday has been a good basis for me to see the inns and outs of real estate.

  40. Yo John,

    Systems Saturday for a newbie like me is KICK A$$ AWESOME !!!

    Also I'm interested in Rent-to Own as an exit strategy.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood 

    Oscar !!!

  41. Watching Systems Saturday led me to purchase the 100 motivated seller training and 7 days and sold. I haven't implemented them yet because I am new and organizing everything at this point but will be ready within the next month or so.These videos are very informative,to the point, and very helpful for someone new to the business. Keep doing the videos!!!

  42. Love the content in your systems Saturday videos

  43. Hey John and SS crew. I stumbled upon you a few months ago and after the first video I saw I subscribed. Your energy and no BS approach is the way I do business as well. I'm not a seasoned investor but have done a few wholesales and rehabs. You have given me the drive again that I needed to push forward and do some more DAMN Marketing!!!! Also I was all over the place and organizing my stuff in Dropbox has made a world of difference. Keep up the great videos.


  45. Always find something to implement here at SS. We did a marketing campaign following your advice and it got our phone ringing w/ motivated sellers.
    keep up the good work in 2015. I look forward. 

  46. Systems Saturday has been a great tool to help me flip houses.  I have bought 5 flips since June 2014.

  47. i love your Systems Saturday videos. your videos have made me more confident that "I" can do this. i would like for you to do a video about how to get agents to work with us. give us listings and other info we need to do deals. john i enjoy your videos very much. i love your energy…..you are awesome man thanks for all you do for us…. walt

  48. Yes, your Systems Saturday is very helpful. Is this contract part of an MLS agreement, since your mother is a broker? Also, it would be useful to get the contract you mentioned one Saturday on avoiding a Mechanic's Lien by a contractor.

  49. John, You provide very useful info in you System Saturdays

  50. hey john I just started with systemsaturday and after watching my first video I look forward for the next  great info.

  51. System Saturday.,..a nugget here, a nugget there. Pretty soon you have a gold mine.

  52. System Saturday is helpful in understanding all the aspects of marketing and what does or doesn't need to be done to the house in order make a profit. $5k profit for wholesale, $15k profit for prehabs. What I'd like to know is are all HUD homes located in the hood? Or in poor areas? Some look like great deals, I just don't want people to be scared off because of the neighborhood

  53. System Saturdays is a great tool that i look foreword to watching every week! I greatly appreciate what you do John! I'd like to see some videos about managing rental properties or the rental side of the business or possible flipping 4 plex/apartments.

  54. All I can say is: WOW!
    Just subscribed and I am already blown away!
    I'm looking forward to reviewing all System Saturday videos an following all new ones that will be coming out.
    I'd be very happy to receive the Free Real Estate Contract and the topic that I would appreciate if you would elaborate on is:
    How to get a potential buyer to concentrate on the deal at hand and not on the profit being made by the wholesaler during the "flip"?

  55. Your System Saturdays are 'Content" I look fwd to presented in an energetic uplifting way. Thanks for sharing.

  56. I have used the info in my business and I have thought about how to apply it in my other businesses. Helpful and a bit of fun. Thanks! 

  57. Systems Saturdays have helped me too begin automating my business i stated 3 months ago wholesaling and have gotten 3 deals under my belt in great part thanks to you. I appreciate what you do and look forward to starting out with a bang for 2015.

  58. Just started watching these videos, hope to learn more and get an edge in my market.

  59. Systems Saturday is something that I appreciate receiving in my email. I am looking forward to the new stategies for 2015. Keep up the good work John!

  60. What systems do you have to keep yourself motivated? ☺

  61. I HAVE NOT WATCHED ANY OF YOUR VIDEO UNTIL NOW IT SEEM LIKE U CAN BE VERY HELPFUL TO ME IN 2015 I'm looking for a mentor to kick off 2015

  62. John, Love the videos… very informative and motivating. Can't wait to get into the full swing of things! This is definitely helping me and would love to receive your contracts that you are using for your business in wholesaling and rehabbing. Thank you and please continue the success of this channel for us!!

  63. John, your videos have helped me drastically understand the real estate business better than ever!!!

  64. Love System Saturdays. 1) it's super informative 2) John is a great motivator. Please do live events on the East coast

  65. SS has been a great motivator!  I love your energy and straight forward way.  The SS on HUD homes to avoid helped me from bidding on a home.  The investor that bought it and fixed it has had in on the market for over several months with tons of price drops.  You saved me form tying up money on a bad project!  In 2015, I would like to learn more about how to close properties from out of state

  66. I feel systems saturday is great!!! there is a lot of useful systems that helped my business succeed

  67. Just saw the System Saturday clips for the first time today, and I was simply glued to the screen for several hours!! I loved it. It is simple, informative, and straight to the point. In short, it is FANTASTIC!!!!!

  68. We always look forward to yoyr SS vids every week. They give us specific info instead of the vague nonsense from other. Thanks a bunch and looking forward to more vids.

  69. Just getting ready to register for San Diego.  Looking forward to learning a ton about crushing HUD properties.

  70. SS has got a fire lit under my butt getting me ready to attack 2015! Love all the HUD info. Thats going to be my main focus in 15. Keep the content coming.

  71. I enjoy the information that I receive from SS.  I am currently a buy and hold investor that is looking at other tools to add to my business. Thanks.

  72. I like the tools for putting systems into my real estate company. I am new and have not done any deals. I have a few opportunities that are currently in the works, thanks to some marketing systems I have used. I am looking forward to a great 2015!

  73. SS has been instrumental in the progress of my RE business. It has cut down on the guess work in my marketing as I am now confident that the marketing strategies revealed in SS actually have been tested to work in the real world.  It is one of the few emails that I actually look forward to in my inbox.  Looking forward to more innovative and business changing material in 2015.  keep up the great work.

  74. I learned a lots of tips from you like the marketing plan to sale a house. Second you helpme to organize my info in the way so much simple to find the important things. And I started to use road signs to get motivated sellers and it worked wonderful!!! Thanks for all!

  75. this have help me can you tell us about probate homes

  76. New to system Saturdays but I think the information and tips I've seen so far are extremely helpful and I look forward to following your videos in 2015

  77. I look forward to each video. The information you give out has been helpful to me in my real estate business. I can't wait for 2015.

  78. SS has helped me stay focused on my real estate investing goals. Thank you guys! I'm involved with renting homes too and I'd really like to get some of that type of wisdom too if you guys are involved with that.

  79. I look forwat to Systems Saturday. You have given me infor mation on some thing I never considerd and some details I never thought of.

  80. Is this still available??

  81. Hey there, I would love to still get access to this contract for free please. I would like to say that system saturdays has gotten me motivated and moving to making offers on properties and now I am ready to use a contract to put any accepted offers on contract. I could really use this free contract and to keep watching System Saturdays. I would like to hear more about wholesaling commercial properties, though System Saturdays is what is keeping me motivated besides my own ambition. Thanks for the videos, I look forward to continue watching System Saturdays

  82. great videos love the systems saturday!!!!!!

  83. This has gotten me pretty excited. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I've just discovered this Systems Saturdays. I would like a copy of this contract.

    Thanks a lot John

  84. I,ve just started with Systems Saturdays and I love it already. Very Motivating.

  85. SS is very informative and it is motivating me to get off my butt! I would like to receive that contract as well. Keep the videos coming!

  86. Hello John, can I get the link for the purchase agreement? Thanks for the fantastic content!

  87. system Saturday is a neat niche i have in my tool box good humor good news and great energy

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