A Fire at Casey’s Apartment – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

A Fire at Casey’s Apartment – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

[knocking at door] – Uh…total is $22.50. – Hey. – Hey. I’m glad you came. – Oh, me too. – Already got a Ketel One
and soda on the way. – Oh. You know me well. – [chuckling]
That I do. [people cheering] – All right, well,
cheers to that. – Cheers to that. [dark music] ♪

87 thoughts on “A Fire at Casey’s Apartment – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

  1. Hey

  2. I can’t wait to watch the next episode!!!!

  3. Wow 😮

  4. It must be the three people that Naomi interview with

  5. Me to

  6. Can't believe they ended it this way. And I think they mean Jan 5th cause today's Dec 5. 😛


  8. They can’t separate Stellaride just is not the best, And Casey wth !!

  9. Remember the guy who followed them out of the restaurant. I think it’s that guy

  10. Spoiler the fire turns to Ice

  11. Sooo he’s a firefighter but he doesn’t have any smoke alarms in his apartment?

  12. I hope Kelly will let Matt stay with him while he is homeless.

  13. Oh it's official, SOMEBODY gonna die.

  14. 0:19 Kelly REALLY thought Stella was going to be at the door smdh

  15. Their sex was on fire lol

  16. Obviously ! Bizarre ending in almost every episode in Chicago Fire ! Can be the show gonna be normal ?

  17. Nooooo not his apartment like don't kill anyone but the apartment I loved that place lol jk I hope no one dies

  18. Omg where is dowson?

  19. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  20. Well, that's gonna be an interesting call to his insurance company.

  21. When does it go on iTunes

  22. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

  23. What happened


  25. I love Kelly but how does Stella needs to know what he wants if he doesn't talk to her about it.

  26. What was the big shock that was supposed to happen in this episode?? Because it just seemed like a normal dramatic episode?

  27. So…ok…they who did it, would had probably turned the alarms off…but…my question is…he was right the next door…it was not even a small fire…he didn't even hear or smell nothing from all this????

  28. Most of the episode had me mad especially for Kelly n stella. Casey and Naomi noooo way that's a good pairing. Cruz and Chloe that part was so nice to see. Not even looking forward to the next episode in January 🙄😤🙄

  29. I agree with Kelly on being jealous. That dude is 100% trying to steal his girl.

  30. so kasey is a fire fighter and he has no alarms in his house??? wow nice to know

  31. Wat episode

  32. gg Game

  33. Who was Casey in bed with? Looked different

  34. What season is this

  35. So he doesn’t have smoke detectors, has the worst sense of smell ever, doesn’t feel the heat and doesn’t hear anything either…
    And I can’t believe they’re even thinking of killing another of Casey’s love interest in an arson fire? C’mon make up something new!

  36. I’m so happy Matt and Naomi are a thing, and zi hate what their doing to Stellaride

  37. I don't see the series since Dawson left, I only see the promo and now that Casey's with another, less, he stopped loving Gabby very soon, he suffered more with Hallie's death.

  38. I don't like Naomi, I miss Dawson & why Tyler? Kelly loses Anna & now Stella is ? ….

  39. Doesn't Captain Casey know not to open the door? The doorknob should've been blazing hot!!!

  40. Praying that Casey and his friend get out safe

  41. I hope that guy takes Stella away and off the show!

  42. Noooooooo!!!!!! He's my fav character if they kill him off imma find out were they film and kill them personally

  43. what is the season and episode

  44. A lot of people are complaining about, that matt didn't notice the fire earlier. But i think he didn't notice it earlyer because he had a real deep sleep. Some people out there can sleep through everyting and some are wayking up because of every little sound. He is just a heavy sleeper…. maybe

  45. OH FOR GOD SAKE!!! A firefighter with NO Smoke Alarms what a ridiculous storyline especially since his apartment would have to come up to a certain safety code!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. engine 51 truck 81 squad 3 ambulance 61 battalion 25 responding so much police

  47. Time for Kelly to break it off with Stella.

  48. Isn’t Casey not with Dawson

  49. All I could think of that the last scene was some sort of nightmare and that he wakes up in fear but everything is OK? But then again it wouldn’t be CF if this is real and he somehow manages to escape

  50. Stella can kick rocks

  51. So how long before Stella friend make moves on her and she notice he was right????

  52. Wait so is Matt cheating on Dawson cause aren’t they still married lmfao

  53. Why do I keep thinking Kidd left Chicago

  54. What episode is this?

  55. I 'm sorry it is little to soon for Casey hook up with Naomi? I know dawsey divorced but I was invested with them for six seasons and Naomi only two or three espisodes come on/

  56. $22.50 for 1 box of 🍕????

  57. Is this Casey’s dream?

  58. What kind of firefighter doesn't have working smoke alarms, but apparently an airtight seal on his door? :9

  59. Where can I watch full episodes? (What type of website or app)

  60. Proud of matt for finally hitting the reporter up, she's hot lol

  61. Eu acho engraçado primeiro o Kelly pede para a Stella dar um espaço para ele e no mesmo dia ela ver ele se aproximar da Foster e agora e tudo culpa dela eu acho que ela demoro demais para acordar. Ela ver o Tyler só como amigo dela e o Kelly não entende. E sim ela tem direito de ter duvidas em relação au sentimento dele por ela parece que ele não ama ela como ela ama ele ela e quem tem que corre atras dele sempre chega né esta na hora dele começar a mostrar os verdadeiros sentimento que ele tem por ela pq esta difícil. Ela como ele tem direito de ser feliz mais tem que partir de ambos os lados não só da parte dela só ela mostra as intenção para ele

  62. Dawnson se necesita en esta serie. Ella le pone su toque

  63. Who's this Naomi chick in bed with Casey? (And holy crap, that was fast. Is he even divorced yet?)

  64. i dont want casey to go ive cried enough when lesley shay died and gabby left

  65. Same

  66. I can't wait to see where this goes. New episode can't come soon enough

  67. Anyone else miss Dawson?

  68. When this episode will be?

  69. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    It's suppose to be Dawsey not Niomi and Casey . Why did Dawson leave.😭😭😭😭😭

  70. I like how some shows' relationships have a better relationship then me lol

  71. Did Kelly pay for his pizza!? 0:23

  72. Why is everyone depressed?

  73. Wait who's the girl by the way (with Casey)

  74. What?!! Casey and Dawson are not together anymore?

  75. What is this episode

  76. What eposodie is this

  77. what's the episode

  78. What episode is this?

  79. Seviride is my favorite chracter

  80. Dawson is my fav character bc she’s so cool! And she went from being a ambulance thing to a firefighter

  81. His apartment is lit dude

  82. What season and episode please?

  83. It like gave me a heart attack when he opened the door

  84. Caseys wie you mi name

  85. Tbh still not over Dawson and Casey

  86. Which episode?

  87. When I heard the price total my eyes went 👀👀😮

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