A Drug Dealer To a Successful Real Estate Investor : Quentin Flores

A Drug Dealer To a Successful Real Estate Investor : Quentin Flores

what’s going on everyone this is Sam
Kwak one of the Kwak Brothers: real estate investor and today we have a very
special guest on our interview series mr. Quentin Flores AKA “Q” as most people call him and Q is down in Texas I believe and he’s got a massive National real estate investing presence – he’s got a ton of experience and as well as results and it
we’ll get to that in just a sec but Q is someone that I respect a lot and
we had interactions on Facebook multiple times but we’ve really never had a
full-blown conversation face-to-face or I would say video to video and this is a
great opportunity and for those who are beginners in real estate investing
there’s a lot to learn here so take out your notepad and your pen because you’re
gonna be writing a lot of notes so what’s going on q welcome to the
Kwak Brothers show! I appreciate it man thank you so much for having me Sam is
your Nona I love being able to teach people would have been a blessing to my
life and what we in our business and what not so awesome
yeah so Q, introduce yourself I know there’s a lot of my my audience and
crowd that doesn’t necessarily know who you are tell us what you’ve been able to
accomplish what corner corner of the earth you come from and so on oh yeah
all right guys you know my name is Quinton I’m in San Antonio Texas I’m a
full-blown real estate entrepreneur prior to that you know I came from a
completely different type of background I was in the drug business and I have
been my first been involved in and from about 13 to 21 I was a basically
trafficking anywhere between 20 to 40 pounds of pot throwing smokes California
all the way to Texas I would buy it in Long Beach California nine hundred
dollars a pound and what I brought it back to Texas it was worth almost
quadruple if not quintuple the amount of money that I bought it for so it was
very advantageous very lucrative market after getting caught you know I served a
year in prison and I got out and that became a real estate investor and while
I was in prison I learned a lot about entrepreneur read books that’s all I had
to do so that is crazy from real estate 2012 going in
2013 I studied how to retire myself through real estate investing via buy
and hold multifamily investing and then from 2015 to now I studied wholesaling
and wholesaling is basically the same thing that I was doing before instead of
looking for stinky weed I’m lookin for stinky houses nah it’s been a blessing
man I mean I got is a very powerful presence in my life yeah and I
everything that I’ve accomplished at this point to him
yeah that is pretty much my story and what I’ve been able to accomplish in a
short period of time is just crazy it’s great do it
talk about literally three years and I’ve been just building a real estate
nationwide company we’re an ATL we’re in Tampa we’re in San Francisco we’re
branching out to Houston and Dallas as we speak that’s going on in my office
right now we’re in the process of growing our team we have over 15 guys
here in my office and we run a full-blown wholesaling business where we
do find properties for investors and pocket the ones that we want to buy for
ourselves Wow flipping a little bit on or finance a little bit of buying hold
and our primary source of I guess our business derives from whole selling
which was you know a blessing when I figured it out and that’s pretty much
everything that I’ve been able to do to this point well hey man talk about a
comeback story man from cut from going from going from a drug dealer to you
literally a real state baller right like a better words that’s awesome so man
there’s a lot of question that I mean I had a list of question but I forget that
we’re gonna do a whole impromptu here so what was the realization I know I know I
have a friend that spent five years also incarcerated similar this similar
situation he had he was charged with the intent to distribute spent five years in
Oklahoma and in different different areas but what was that what was going
through your mind no wow wow I know this is a sensitive topic that for sure but
what was going through your head and what was that moment like where you had
to turn around at that switch like you know what I want to do something better
I want to create a meaningful life what was that process like especially going
from Ground Zero right like having nothing do you having you know the
success they just listed what what was going through my mind I love
that I mean I love but it’s funny cuz I might bring his whole selling house is
ground zero and that’s something had had it’s from having nothing yeah no about
that should join my facebook group we teach people how to you real estate how
to get involved in real estate right for free at that for free at that well the
turning point for me and this is probably different for a lot of people
so getting into real estate and then holding those different core values was
a challenge because I had been taught that trust very very extremely like in a
level towards where I had to make sure that I was watching my back right
and going into real estate it’s more of a relationship based business the the
old business was the same as well but it was more there was more laws that
governed my trust back then and there is now now it’s like you know I don’t even
know who you are Sam I’m super excited to be on this thing and I’ll be honest
for you and I know that there’s no way that you’re gonna fucking freaking show
up to my my house blow my head off or anything
you know what I mean yeah so I mean you know there was just all differences but
it was in 2015 when I found out I was going to become a father and for a lot
of people that that isn’t the turning point right but I think that when
something truly powerful happens in your life cuz for the whole duration of my
wife’s pregnancy I was trying to get off of the ground see when I first in the
real estate I was taught that I needed at least twenty thousand dollars in
reserves and that I also needed to have a credit score of 625 my credit was 420
which is hilarious yeah ironic and you know I I was the only kid in the back of
that seminar so cops took all of my stuff they took everything that I had I
was in the middle of a transitional period in Austin and the DEA took
everything but I had twenty thousand dollars stashed underneath my my stove
if you ever I got with me and you never you know get to a point where we go out
and acting I’m a stash something underneath my stove it’s my life
we’re all golden things right yeah so with that little bit of money that I had
left I took it and I ran you know and I I had to do what I had to do I just lost
two thousand dollars of product that I had so with that 20,000
that I had I went and I paid for what was a mentorship that would teach me how
to retire myself through real estate investing I was the only kid there that
was 22 years old trying to figure out how they can hurt themselves through
real estate and you know everybody there was already in their 40s or 50s and they
were doing the whole buy a house with hard money rehab it and then refinance
it into a conventional loan and write cash flow which is like your basic cash
flow I’ll say formula if you’re trying to get into business and you have 20,000
and you have the credit you know but it was ten thousand for the mentorship and
I was a member for a year so I mean after that mentorship I realize that you
know there was nothing that I could do because the money that I did have wasn’t
clean yeah all right you know going into 2014 after having sat in a classroom the
entire time I was approached by a man who was like yo Q why haven’t you bought
any property yet you know like you’ve been here this entire time what’s going
on and you know I told him well I mean you know the money that I got it isn’t
clean and one kind of broke and he said quitting money to get into real estate
have you heard of hole selling and that in like the moment for me right and I
learned about the idea of putting property on contract at a discount and
then assigning it to sell it to another person and then after I did my first few
deals it took me a year and eight months to get my first contract and closed on
it and I made twenty one hundred dollars nine that had been thirty point one I
had the twenty one hundred dollar check and like a title company giving it to me
and I was like there’s just no way that this is real the bank and being afraid
to cash it like you know like I remember giving that cheque to my teller and I
tell like okay we need a minute and I’m like oh my god I got a run out of this
Bank so quick because I probably think there’s no way a schmuck like me would
ever be able to cash at $2,100 check and then she comes back and I’m like
sweating I’m about to die at this point yeah and this lady says well how would
you like your money I said all hundreds you know let me get to ten five let me
get some ones I took that money home and I I showed my
wife what I had accomplished and she was so proud of me and she at first it was
so unreal for her because she didn’t think that I would ever make any money
out of it and I was so happy to show her that and then she ended up telling me
that she was pregnant the same thing that had happened it’s
insane it’s insane yeah whole year goes by and my son is
born and this was in 2016 and I held my boy in my arms for the first time March
26 yeah and I knew then I would never work for another person for as long as
it awesome that’s amazing cuz 2016 yeah 2060 is
actually the year that we got serious into real estate investing and it was at
end of the year that we made our first dime in roastin busting so it sounds
like we actually have a similar time from timeline which is awesome seeing
that we we sort of grew together and of course I you know I never go to I never
gone to prison but I was in the army which is kind of similar oh yeah right
and I guess the only difference is they’ll give you a gun and tell you to
shoot the bad guys but but it’s amazing that’s very inspiration in that and and
I can almost empathize with the ayah by saying that it wasn’t that it wasn’t
about the $2,100 I’m sure it was Buffy the the reaction and response that your
wife gave yet right that’s probably the most the the most priceless thing ever
then just the $2,100 because you can make and lose money but to get to have
someone who you love and for that person to join you in your vision and your
dreams probably is worth more than oh yeah she was like so you need to get a
job now yeah working and it was like so much fights and so much argument had
with her and then the moment that it was real she was like all right he proved it
now go out get more of it and say you know since then she’s been my backbone
my woman she’s not even a real estate she’s an artist first Wow which stood
foremost she’s a singer and a songwriter their name’s Laura D you know Instagram
at the alien babe she’s super awesome nice you’ve got done doing a set in
Roswell for the alien festival that they had over
Hostel it’s supercool man you know she performs and whatnot she’s not like a
real estate person I feel like when they get in this business they want their
partner to be involved with them so much that they lose sight of why they fell in
love with that person in the first place you know what I mean
my woman doesn’t have to be a real estate person for me to love her she
just needs to love and support the things that I do so I mean I’m the
breadwinner at my house though I mean as long as that is going I mean it’s just
been in crates been crazy over the last three years we’ve learned inventory
we’ve learned Excel spreadsheets we’ve learned customer relationship management
scaling we’ve learned how to go into different markets getting access to
different platforms so I mean within three years we’ve turned our company
from doing $100,000 a month to now do in almost a quarter million every single
month and steadily stacking the go hole selling now is to do 1 million a month
and I’ve seen it with my own eyes I’ve seen it with my own eyes so I know it’s
real so you know uh hole selling like anything else is a business it is the
idea of product and demand right you have some and then you have demand and
when you put those two things together you create monopolies so I’ve learned so
much just being involved with real estate I don’t think I would ever go
back to that old lifestyle that I had yeah that’s awesome Hey ladies and
gentlemen man talk about talk about a guy that has proven his wife wrong DN
Pacus is over we don’t have to even go further that is the greatest
accomplishment in the world for summer for a man to uh I mean all seriousness
but it’s so important to have your spouse whoever you love to jump on board
to be on that vision with you they don’t have to be part of it but they have to
be supportive and you know you know that they’re there cheering you on to your
that’s amazingly important so with that being said let’s get a little bit into
the tentacle if someone was brand spanking you someone who’s coming to you
saying Qi I’m brand new I’m a beginner what are some of the things that you
would advise them on obviously a lot of the beginners have their own
expectations or ahead right there lose their mind they’re like hey I’m gonna
make a billion dollar next year and they run for president and I’m gonna go the
wall that’s their expectation in their head
what are some of the the reality you would point out to you for someone who’s
brand spanking you I think in in my mind and I’ve gone over this before actually
yeah people get caught up in analysis paralysis and you know what analysis
paralysis is is when you’re stuck in student mode and I think student moans
very like student mode is definitely somewhere I’m always a student right I’m
learning even if I’m on a podcast I’m learning you know and I’m implementing
and I’m a constant student right yeah but there’s a there’s a difference
between a student and an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur somebody who’s
willing to take action on the things that they have learned you know my best
advice for anybody would be to fail forward in every single kind of way if
you have the money to pay for mentorship and you know if somebody who’s
legitimate you can bet your mentors I tell everybody asked for what they’ve
accomplished see it in writing profit and loss statements if you’re gonna get
mentored by somebody know that it’s somebody real somebody um on the
mentorship train when they haven’t even done more than five deals in their
pocket oh I just did a deal I’m gonna teach him wholesaling no that’s not how
it works right works you need somebody who has an actual portfolio to be able
to show you what they’ve accomplished through their business and what they can
implement with you yeah you know but for the people that are starting out let’s
say you’re broke you have no money at all and you’re really just trying to get
your feet into the door it’s on YouTube for free at this point I have a youtube
channel you know what I’m saying there’s several different entrepreneurs that are
in real estate that also have YouTube channels yeah like don’t want to get
stuck there yeah there’s this quote I like a lot is from Princess Diana you
know rest in peace Princess Diana that meant was was Tony Robbins
so Tony Robbins says that business is 80% psychology and then 20% actual
business that means that this game is highly based on your current level of
thinking and you can implement those thoughts Diana said something very
powerful one time she said I knew what my job was it was to go out there and
meet the people and love them that is the core value of somebody who truly
understands a relationship business diana was like one of the heads of all
media at the time it had been one of the times that a princess have been
broadcasted on the television the way that it is now like nowadays we have
Facebook we have cameras on our phone we there’s not a single thing that isn’t
documented at this point I’m on a podcast talk to you right now to the
Internet you know what I’m saying it’s the idea of getting off of your your
butt and going out there and meeting the people that are involved with what
you’re trying to do I always brought value to anybody I ever spoke to you man
given you guys value right now right absolutely out there and give somebody
what value that you had the more that you give value the more that your value
grows and then more people will want to do business with you yeah well always
say it’s not what you know it’s not who you know honestly it’s neither it’s a
combination of what you know and who you can convince to want to know you right I
try to be interesting if I want somebody to be interested in me I have to be
interesting sense so for my advice to anybody starting out go out there and
meet the people that are involved in your area yeah several individuals about
what you’re trying to do seek out the ones that you know would be good fits
for you energy is a powerful thing man when you combine your energy with
somebody else I mean it’s like you know Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan
Vegeta touching fingers and then becoming one ultimate being you know
what I mean sure you create that in this reality in
this realm that we live in your business will only go up I love meeting people I
love networking with people I love facing my business on relationships
because the relationships is what got my business to where it is right now yeah
so many people talk about building a buyer’s list I build a private money
list I build relationships with my buyers they buy from me multiple times
so that I can utilize their funding to do what I need to do to say oh my
business so for anybody start now learn what you need to learn don’t get
involved with analysis paralysis yeah learn just enough and then go out
there and meet the people and show them how you can provide value to absolutely
that’s the best advice anybody could ever give you because there’s a million
ways that you can learn this business and you don’t want to learn from some
schmuck that isn’t in your market learning from somebody is actually doing
something right area I mean I know how things in Texas I couldn’t tell you what
the real estate laws are in Cleveland Ohio and we’re in that market right now
and I’m finding out that I have to do everything through a closing attorney
right so don’t get the wrong advice from somebody who doesn’t know what they’re
doing find somebody in your area network with
attorneys title companies people that are doing deals talk to them pick their
brain buy them lunch meeting them love them and give value absolutely
hey that’s amazing man and very well-spoken very well-put-together and I
appreciate your genuine and thoughtful advice for all those beginners or
getting started there’s a couple things about before we wrap things up so what
would you say and I’m gonna switch a gear a little bit and I know we’ve been
talking a lot about business of course in personal side outside of work what
would you say is your biggest passion for you right now video games yeah yeah
I would have never guessed I’m a huge gamer and I’m married I love anime I
love comic books my company is literally called Infinity Gauntlet ah there you go
seen it but this is literally my dad is awesome Black Panther fans in here I
also have what Conda LLC nice there you go is it one of the most technologically
advanced company and what what is that is that where we go here yeah exactly
you know it’s funny we hear no annoy about you drive maybe an hour north from
where I am there’s a little there’s literally a city called Wakanda Illinois
Wow yeah be in that market yeah you’re gonna come over man it’s a it’s got a
lot of lakes so it’s a beautiful town and beautiful city about an hour north
from where I live so yeah that’s it there’s a lot of people like that go to
the city limit you know it says welcome to Conda there’s literally pictures or
people that pictures like this you know like us or and it’s like it’s hilarious
i video games taught me how to run a business and people do not understand
this yeah there’s certain games that are out there right and they’re very
team-oriented there’s a video game that I love it’s called overwatch and I don’t
know if a lot of you guys understand what overwatch is but yeah
will not win that game if you’re going off than being solo it is a very
team-based game you have almost four different characteristics of the heroes
that you can pick in this video game you have the tank the tank is built to take
on damage there are take on deals or take on many tasks that sometimes could
be overwhelming and then you have the healer and the healer is the one who
makes sure that the tank doesn’t fold himself by taking on too much more than
he can handle right sounds a lot like a transaction
coordinator a business assistant aka CFO and then you have what’s called DPS DPS
stands for damage per second and real estate we call it deals per second and
what their job is is to find and deal as much damage as humanly possible to other
individuals in the game that are trying to for your push into what you’re trying
to get right and that’s a lot like what we do in our company we have people that
are out there getting deals all the time then you have your assassin and your
assassin character only intervenes when he needs to that’s my business partner
so my business partner is a psychologist and a really awesome man his name is
Garrett Sanchez he’s super cool if you guys don’t know he has he definitely
should follow me follow me and Garrett has molded me into being a very very
very sought out businessman yeah and I never thought that I would ever be so
you have you tank you have you healer you have the person who does damage and
then you also have your assassin these things are all elements that we use in
business we make it together as a team I always tell my people when I come to the
office you guys don’t just work for me I work for y’all because I’m at holding
myself accountable man I was looking me bro I’m a big guy you know what I’m
gonna take myself to go to the gym every day I’m a terrible boss for myself bro
but I work better when other people hold me accountable yeah that’s the same type
of synergy that’s involved in a video game I’m held accountable to my peers no
matter what fraction that I try to be or what faction I try to be in the video
game you know my people hold me accountable to show up here every single
day because without me we don’t operate together
so it’s a huge concept that not a lot of people understand but I I strongly
believe that video games made me a millionaire good analogy like that as
amazing awesome awesome so just to wrap up our conversation here and of course
this is never the end of the conversation uh you know we’re you know
hopefully we’ll always engage in a conversation elsewhere but what would
you say you know just as the last sort of parting words do you have any
last-minute advice for our beginners or even for just you know for those who are
in the advanced level even for them what are some of the advice that you would
give always implement new things test the data collect the data
try the data over and over and over I’m a firm believer in key performance
indicators and if you don’t understand what you’re doing throughout your day
you’re never gonna make it whether you’re there just starting out you have
to know what you’re doing to the team what you spent marketing how much hours
are you investing into this business understand the concept of money making
money and understand the concept of time versus money you know what I’m saying
yeah have money you’re gonna be spending more time in your business you get the
money you’re gonna be able to leverage your time your time in other places time
buys you more money buys you more time right so it you have to figure out a
balance between these things I love people to scale after I’m done with this
podcast with you I’m going to see an office space that’s three times what we
got because we’re looking at hire 15 other people because we’re expanding
markets right it’s at a point right now where it’s outgrowing me mm-hmm
you cannot stay comfortable in this business the moment that you’re
comfortable is the moment that you start dying absolutely stop learning never
stop wanting to grow if you think you know it all you’re already losing so be
a student and be an implementer and know that there’s always another side of
things and you can grow beyond those things yeah absolutely give it all to
God excellent great words and this is gonna be a last thing so how do people
find you you have I know you have a huge social media presence so what is the
best way to reach out to you for for a any interaction you can follow me on
instagram at real-estate underscore monster you can
join my facebook both selling houses ground zero we provide you with all the
educational information that you’ll need to get started in real estate to get
your first deal we have all the contracts all the paperwork all the
Excel spreadsheets that you need to track your business and your performance
and it’s all there on the internet for free you can follow me on Facebook at
Quinta florist I’d love to be able to answer any more questions that you guys
possibly ask for beautiful thank you so much Sam for
having me absolutely and now we finally meet you yeah absolutely and we love
having experts as well as seasoned Roza investors here on our YouTube
channels so for those who are wondering and watching this video be sure to
subscribe to youtube channel as well as hit the bio icon to get notified in our
future videos we’ll be interviewing many more positive influential motivational
and impactful leaders in rose investing so be sure to stick around and subscribe
to our YouTube channel q thank you so much once again and you’ve been a very
loving graceful impactful interviewee and we let’s have you back on our show
at a later time of course of course thank everybody so
much for watching this guy’s make sure you hit that subscribe button
absolutely hell for notifications okay I’ll talk to y’all later I see you guys

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