A Day in the Life of Real Estate Agent & Why She Loves Matcha!

A Day in the Life of  Real Estate Agent & Why She Loves Matcha!

Hey guys, on today’s episode of #chitchatandmatcha we’re gonna spend the day with Valaria Ford. She’s a realtor here
at Exit Realty. She is new to matcha but she absolutely loves it, and she has a
fantastic Lavender Matcha recipe that we’re gonna share with you at the end of
this video. I’m gonna turn the spotlight over to Valaria, she’s going to introduce
herself tell you about her daily schedule, what that looks like, why she
loves matcha, and how she adds matcha to her everyday life. Valaria: Hi guys, this is Valaria with Exit Realty, and I’m super excited to take you along to show you
how a real realtor life looks like. It’s like an adventures every day! I love it,
it’s super crazy, so let’s go ahead and get started!
I just love starting my mornings at the office and what I do is I make myself a
quick matcha by adding some water, ice and a serving of matcha.
I just love sipping on my matcha and water in the morning. It really jump
starts my day and it gives me just enough energy for a very busy schedule
ahead. Then I go ahead and start my day, and I start to follow up on emails, calls
with my clients and referral partners. I usually check my daily schedule while I
wait on my team to gather for our weekly office meeting I usually sip on some
more matcha and try to get some more work done, follow up on some phone calls
and just check again my daily schedule and what I have planned for the day.
Being a realtor, one thing I learned is there is no such thing as a set schedule
9-5. From meeting my clients in the morning and then having some showings in the
afternoon there are moments in my day when stressful situation happen and all
I want to do is literally pull my hair out, fortunately we have a couch in our
office and only need is just a quick break to lay there and dream of a
tropical place and then I am definitely ready to get up and get going. Now
it’s time to head over to do some showings quickly grab my matcha and hit the road. I spent a lot of the time in my car
weather is heading to showings or appointments, so I’m very grateful to
have my matcha and sipping it throughout my day, because often there is no time for
lunch. I always try to show up to my showing appointments a little bit
earlie,r just so I can prepare the house for my clients. I usually
walk around and turn on the lights in every single room so when my clients
walk into the home they may feel like this could be their future dream home
that they’ve been waiting for all their life. While I show you this beautiful
home I wanted to tell you a funny story that just recently happened to me. I
always keep the key with me when I walk around the house, but this time I set it on a counter and we proceeded to check out the backyard… what happen is we got locked out! Luckily my client was awesome enough to jump the fence and save the day. So as I say, the life of a realtor is really
unpredictable they they can just go in any direction and I truly love how fun
my job is. I’m always going above and beyond for my clients like in this
instance Michelle and I jumped quickly into the tub to ensure that is very
comfortable for the future homeowners. My favorite activity is while I wait on my
clients because sometimes they do show up late, which is okay, I love to dance and if
you follow me on Instagram you will know how much I love to dance and sing along.
Although my voice is not that great but I think I got pretty good dancing moves.
I just got enough time to quickly sip on my matcha and enjoy it for just a
little bit before I welcome my clients into this beautiful home. Next it’s time
to go again to my next appointment. Don’t you just love how fun it is to be a
realtor? I sure do! Sometimes I’m even lucky to actually
have lunch! Today I got a new listing and I’m super excited to celebrate. One of my
favorite parts of getting a new listing is putting the sign in the ground
because it’s an amazing workout especially when the ground is dry. My
other realtor friends will definitely understand the struggle.
It’s definitely quiet an adventure every single day in real estate, and I
love this industry with all my heart. I love to finish my afternoons in the
office and by making my favorite matcha latte recipe and this is lavender matcha
latte. It’s just so creamy and yummy and it’s an amazing pick-me-up in the
afternoons since there’s still lots of work to be
done in the real estate world. Valaria: mmm-hmm amazing so delicious. Thank you
for joining me today please call me if you need helped with your real
estate needs. I’ll be happy to help you. All right guys time to get out of here. I
actually got some clients coming so bye! go go At the end of our video we decided to
sit down and have a cup of traditional matcha with Valaria and make an
origami crane. We wanted to show her that this is one of the tools that we use
when we have five minutes in the day just to relax, take time for ourselves and
do something that’s sort of meditative to focus us on the rest of our day. Life
of a realtor can be so hectic and easy so it was truly nice to just sit down
sip on some matcha and learn how to create origami. I was so surprised how
peaceful and relaxing this activity was. Thank you so much Michelle
I truly appreciate you taking the time and creating this wonderful experience
for me.

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