8 Fiverr Gigs for Real Estate Professionals

8 Fiverr Gigs for Real Estate Professionals

– Hey what’s goin’ on? This is Seth from the RETipster Blog, and if you’re experience
is anything like mine, you probably know that
there’s a lot of stuff that has to be done, and done
well, when you’re running a real estate investing business. And I’m talkin’ like beyond
the basics of knowing how to find deals, and analyze
deals, and close on deals, and then list them, and get them resold. Beyond those bare essentials,
there’s a lot of other stuff that has to be done. Sometimes there are these jobs that just need to be done once, and
sometimes there’s these jobs that need to be done again and again. But you’re not necessarily
the best person to do it because it’s a job that
requires some kind of expertise or just tedious work that
you don’t wanna spend your time doing. I’m talkin’ about things like logo design, website creation and development,
list sorting services, SEO services, professional
writing and editing. A lot of these things that
are legitimately important and need to be done well,
but you’re not an expert at everything. And at some point, you
need to bring in help from the outside to
help you get from A to B and actually do the job well. If you’re in that
position, one site that you probably should know about
is a website called Fiverr. And Fiverr is this online
marketplace that has a lot of very inexpensive
free lancers available to help with a lot of these tasks. Fiverr is a website that
I’ve been using for years and I won’t say it’s
always been the best choice for finding help. Sometimes, the people I find
are okay but they’re not great at what they do. But one thing that is true for every job I’ve ever hired there, is that it’s been like stunningly inexpensive. And sometimes you do find help that can be extremely beneficial, especially when you can hire
these people again and again for these ongoing tasks. So what I wanna do in this
video is just show you a handful of services
that I’ve used Fiverr for in the past, that have
been really helpful to me. And if you’re on a shoestring
budget or if you just don’t wanna spend a ton of
money to get this kind of help, you may wanna check out
some of these services. And I will say, I’m actually
partnering with Fiverr on this video, so all the links
you see beneath this video are affiliate links, and I
do get a small commission if you sign up for anything
through these links, but I’m not saying you
necessarily need to do it. I just think Fiverr is a
great resource to be aware of just in case you wanna go down this path of hiring great help for less money. So, let’s dive into it, and
I’ll show you what I found. Alright guys, so when I’m usin’ Fiverr, one of the first types of
freelances that I like to go after are people who are really
good with Microsoft Excel and/or are able to sort through
really messy data for me. If you’ve ever worked with a
county’s delinquent tax list, or any other list that just
comes in a bizarre format, and it’s just a complete
nightmare to figure out and sort and get into the
right order before you start your direct mail campaign,
you probably know it can take hours upon hours to get that
data tweaked and refined, and just put into the
right order so that you can actually use it. And if you don’t wanna
spend your time that way, you can instead spend a
few bucks finding somebody who is an expert at Microsoft Excel. And as long as you can explain
to them exactly how you need your list to be organized,
what kinda information you need taken out, and
what information you need kept in, and then how it
should look when it’s all done, you should be able to
find some pretty good help on this site for that kind of work. And in the past, when I’ve
hired for this kind of work, I’ve usually paid around
50 bucks to sort a list. I think the cost depend
on how much of a mess your list is, and how big
it is, and how much work they have to do. But the nice thing is these
freelancers on Fiverr, a lot of them are very,
very good with Excel, and they know all kinds of
tricks that can speed up the process to go much
faster than if just you or I was trying to figure this out. Things that could take
me like three hours to do might take one of these people
like five minutes to do. So, in some ways, you’re paying for time, but in other ways, you’re
paying for their expertise at this. So if you’ve got any kind
of job where you have to sort through a crazy
amount of data that’s just a complete mess, I definitely recommend checking out Fiverr, and I’ve got a link beneath this video that will
go directly to a section on the Fiverr website
where you can find a lot of these Excel experts. Or another way you can
find these is just by going up to the search bar and
typing in Microsoft Excel, and just seein’ what shows up. And you’ll also notice,
some of these other tags that show up here as well. So if you see another relevant search term that pops up here, feel
free to click those and see if one of those
people can help ya. Another type of service
I’ve hired for in the past is voiceover work, particularly
when putting together my voicemail greetings for
my company phone number. A good voicemail greeting
can be a really good way just to make your company sound more legit and, or if you don’t really
like the sound of your voice, or if you’re just not confident
in delivering the message the right way, hiring some
good voiceover work on Fiverr could be a great way to go. And if you just go ahead
and click on this section there’s all kinds of
voiceover artists on Fiverr that just do a fantastic job. And you can actually search for them based on what type of voice you’re looking for. So for example, if I wanted a female voice for the purpose of recording
a voicemail message, and if I wanted the
language to be English, obviously in my case. In terms of the accent,
there’s all kinds of accents you can choose here. In my case, I’m mostly
marketing to people in the US, I’m just gonna do English
American, and then age range, we’ll go with adult. And that’s all you gotta do. Now I can go ahead and
click on any of these and hear samples of what they sound like. It’s just a really awesome system where you can pretty much
hear what the end result is gonna be before you order it. And if you just take a
look at these prices, I mean, this is pretty cheap. I know when I’ve hired this
kind of work in the past, I’ve usually paid somewhere
around 30 to 40 bucks for the entire job, and
that was reading like a two, two and a half minute long
voicemail, and actually did some revisions for me as well. So it’s really not expensive
to get a very high quality voice to read pretty much whatever it is you need them to read. So, I definitely recommend checkin’ out their voice over services. There’s a lot of great options here. Another thing that Fiverr
is great for is logo design, and I’ve used other websites
like Upwork and 99designs for this in the past,
but Fiverr’s got a lot of great options too, and
they make it really easy to find a lot of great
graphic designers who can do some pretty amazing work for ya. And pretty much all these
options have ratings so you can see just how
good of a job they’ve done for their past clients. You can go ahead and just
click on any one of these and take a look at some
of their past work. As you can see, I mean,
these logos are pretty good and they look pretty
great considering how much you’re gonna have to pay for it. And this was just the
first guy I clicked on. I usually check out, I don’t
know, five or six people before I actually land on
one I’m gonna work with. But there’s just tons
and tons of options here. It’s kind of amazing all
the different possibilities there are in terms of
who you can work with to create your logo, and
pretty much, whatever you do, it’s gonna look great and
it’s not gonna cost a fortune to do it. If you need a logo to help
boost your credibility, or add it to your website,
definitely check out Fiverr, there’s all kinds of great
options here for that. Somethin’ else that I’m
really not great at, but I need help with pretty
regularly, is people who can help me make changes and
customizations to my website. And most of my websites run on WordPress, and there all kinds of
WordPress experts on Fiverr. And I’ve got a link beneath
this video that links to just some general website
builders, and chances are, most of these people can do
just about anything you need within reason. But if you are lookin’
specifically for WordPress experts like I would be, for
example, all you gotta do is go up here and type in the word
WordPress and search for it. And as you can see, it’s
gonna give me all these different options with ratings and very detailed explanations
of what they can do. You’ll notice some of these
prices are a little bit higher. Usually, when I hire somebody
to do a lot of extensive work for me on my site, the
price that I’ll be paying is anywhere from 100 to $200,
maybe as low as 50 bucks if it’s a pretty basic and quick job. But if you’re havin’ somebody
just completely overhaulin’ your website, usually a hundred
to a couple hundred bucks is safe to plan on for that kind of job. But in the end, and of
course, it all depends on what you’re tryin’ to do. But either way, Fiverr’s
got a lot of great options that are very reasonably priced. So if you need that kind
of help, there’s a lot of those options available here. Another thing that you
might wanna consider if you really wanna get
serious about driving a lot of traffic to your
website, is to hire some search engine optimization
services, otherwise known as SEO. And SEO is somethin’ that
has changed quite a bit in recent years. It used to be you could
throw a lot of key words on your website and get some back links. And that’s all it really
took to get a lot of people to flood your website. Nowadays it takes a
little bit more than that to get results, but there
are still things you can do that can influence the
amount of organic traffic that is comin’ to your website. And whether you just need some basic infrastructure
things laid out correctly on your website, or if you
wanna hire ongoing work that goes on for months and
months, which is usually what it takes to get great
results with SEO work. Whatever you need,
whatever your situation is, chances are, you can find
the help you need on a site like Fiverr. So, if you’re interested in
that, I’ve got an affiliate link to this page right beneath
this video, and you can check that out and find
a lot of SEO experts to help you with what you need. Now one of the interesting
things about Fiverr is that there are a lot of
jobs that you posted here that are kinda weird
and sometimes obscure. But the nice thing about
that is, if you’ve got a really weird or obscure, or just very specific job that you need somebody to do for you, chances are you can
find that kind of person on this site. And just speaking of my
business, somethin’ that I have to do all the time is
post ads on Craig’s list, and then renew those ads. And for that matter, posting
ads on Twitter, and Facebook, and pretty much everywhere
I can possibly find that is free and is
actually gonna bring me a lot of traffic. And those free methods of
getting my property listings out there are awesome, and I love them. But the only downside is,
it takes a lot of time. I don’t always have time
to do this again and again, and again myself. And that’s where Fiverr
can really come in handy, because there’s a lot of
people who are more than happy to do that kind of work,
which frankly, doesn’t take a genius to do. It just requires that
somebody is doing it. And if you need somebody
who is cheap and can do this kinda work on an ongoing basis, Fiverr could be your answer. So if you need that kinda
help, I’m gonna have a link beneath this video that will go to Fiverr and you’ll be able to
find a lot of these types of freelancers through that link. So definitely check that out. And if you are into video
marketing like I am, this isn’t somethin’ that
everybody does in real estate, and I wouldn’t say it’s
necessarily a must at this point, but it can certainly help. Because a powerful video goes a long way in the selling process. The only problem with videos is, it takes a ton of work to
make a really good video. Everything from shooting to
editing, to background music, you name it, there’s
just a lot that goes in to makin’ a great video. And if you need help with
things like video editing, or creating good background
music, or even just creating an entire video from scratch, if you just wanna like give
them the script or the concept, and have them run with it,
pretty much any one of those things are possible with
the expertise you can find on Fiverr. And of course, I’ve got a
link that goes right here to this site. Say if you want a special
intro to be created for all your videos, you can
find that kinda thing. Here’s lots of options that are very, very reasonably priced. Or say, if you wanted
one of these white board explainer videos. If you wanna explain
to a first time visitor how your business works, just
so they can get comfortable with you and understand what’s going on, this can also be a great
tool to have on your website or your YouTube channel,
or even your Facebook page for that matter. Say if you’ve shot some video of yourself and you just need somebody
to edit that to look good and have all the right transitions
and that kind of thing. There’s a ton of help
available for that kind of work as well. So if you’re at all into
video, definitely check out Fiverr through the link beneath this video and it’ll take you right
here where you can find all kinds of great help
for this kind of thing. One other thing I’ll mention here is writing and translation services. So when it comes to writing
the content for your website or your property listings
or even if you’ve already written that stuff and
you just need somebody to proof-read it and make
sure you didn’t say anything grammatically incorrect,
Fiverr has an endless array of freelancers who can help you with that exact kind of thing. Whether you need them to
write everything from scratch, say for example, if you had
a blog or something like that you could just give
people the basic concept and then have them do it all. Or if you’ve already written
something and you just want them to proof-read it, this is a great way to find a lot of this help. And I can tell you, good
writing goes a long, long way in terms of getting you
recognition, bringing traffic in to your website, and
making you look credible. So this could definitely
be a good place to spend some money if you need this kind of help. So hopefully, you’re just
sorta gettin’ a taste for how many possibilities
there are in Fiverr, and I’m literally just
scratching the surface here. I mean, there are so many different things that Fiverr has to offer. So, I just think Fiverr’s a great resource to be aware of. If you’re not usin’ it yet, you
should probably check it out ’cause there’s just a lot of
great talent on this website, and it’s a pretty solid
platform for finding really specific kinds of
help for whatever kind of project you’re workin’ on. So that’s it. Thanks a lot for watchin’, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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