7 Websites To Make $100 A Day In 2019 πŸ’Έ (NO SURVEYS!)

7 Websites To Make $100 A Day In 2019 πŸ’Έ (NO SURVEYS!)

– How’s it going today guys? Welcome back to the channel. I hope you’re having a great day so far. So what we’re gonna be
talking about in this video is seven different websites
that could potentially allow you to earn up to
$100 every single day. And I know a lot of people are interested in making money online, and
they’re looking for the website out there that’s gonna
show them all of the tricks and tools that they need. And while these methods
do work for some people, there is always going to be
some amount of work involved in any method for making
legitimate money in any way, whether it’s online or whether it’s starting your own business. And so I just wanna preface this by saying that there is no free lunch out there. There’s nothing that
you’re going to be able to set-up overnight that’s
gonna start earning you $100 per day, and if
you’re looking for that, you are not going to
find that in this video. But that being said, I can promise you that we are not gonna be talking about sites where you’re gonna do surveys. We’re not gonna be talking about any kind of multilevel
marketing, or selling Tupperware, or candles to your friends. So we are not gonna be
BSing it here, guys. These are seven legitimate sites where there are real
people making $100 a day or more every single day. Okay, coming in at number one
is Kindle Direct Publishing. And this is essentially
publishing your own e-book, and selling it on the largest e-commerce platform out there, which is Amazon. Now, Amazon also owns the largest e-reader company out
there, which is Kindle. And you can capitalize on both
of these different companies by being a self-publisher on Amazon. So the way that everybody
is consuming content these days has drastically changed. People don’t go out there
and buy books anymore. That’s why we’re seeing companies like Barnes & Noble struggling. That’s why Borders went out of business. But you don’t need to have physical copies of books anymore in order to read them. And this is a huge advantage
to people who are looking to make money as a e-book publisher, because there’s literally
no cost associated with making an e-book. Once you put the work into your e-book, and you have it all
paginated and you write it, and you have it edited, there’s literally no
cost that goes into it, and because it’s a digital product, it doesn’t cost you any more
money to sell one versus 1,000. In fact, it doesn’t cost you anything to sell multiple copies of it. And the thing I love about
this method of making money is that it is 100% passive. And it’s relatively easy to get started. I mean, Amazon makes it pretty easy here where you can get up and
running within 24 or 48 hours, once you have that e-book written. Obviously you’re going to have
to sit down and put together a high-quality digital guide
for someone to purchase it, but once you set this up
and get it up and running, this could potentially be
a passive income source that earns you up to $100 a day or more, just by publishing your own e-book online. Now, obviously Amazon is
going to take a cut of this, but they are offering you a
marketplace to sell your e-book. But you can earn up to a 70% royalty for your digital guides
that you’re selling on the Kindle direct publishing
platform through Amazon. Number two, the second site here that could make you up to a
hundred dollars a day or more is a site called Udemy. And this is a site where you can create your own online course and
then sell it to other people. Now, you might be familiar
with people who have online courses and they’re
selling them to their audience, but if you don’t already have an audience, you could actually capitalize on the fact that Udemy has a search platform. So Udemy it’s actually
a database of courses where people who are looking
to learn a certain skill can go on this website and type anything into this search bar and
find related courses. So let’s say, for example,
I was looking to learn about vegan cooking. I’m gonna type that in and see what video courses come up for us. So as you can see, there’s 181 results for vegan cooking here on Udemy. Get started with vegan fine dining. This is 59 lectures over the course of two and a half hours for $12.99. Vegan nutrition health
coach certification, all kinds of different
digital products here and courses related to vegan cooking. And this is just one
of the many categories that you could potentially
talk about here, if you were to do your own online course. And the beauty of this is that you don’t need to have an audience. You don’t have to worry about
selling this course yourself. If you produce a high-quality course, and it’s something that people
leave positive reviews on, you’ll get organic searches
here on the the Udemy website, and people will likely be
purchasing your course. And then you’re able
to earn passive income. Again, because this is a digital product, you make it once, and then it
continues to earn you money, potentially every single day. Now, if you’re not interested in creating your own digital product, whether it’s an e-book or a course, possibly method number three
is going to be for you. And that is to capitalize on
the subscription box trend that we are seeing now. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a big fan of Dollar Shave Club. Every single month I go down to my mailbox and I get my razors, and I
even have ordered toothpaste and toothbrushes and all kinds of different toiletries through them just because it’s so damn convenient, and I don’t have to go to the store and remember to buy razors. And it also saves me money. So if you can think of
an idea for the next big subscription box service, Cratejoy could be what
helps you with that. It’s a business that helps
people launch their own subscription box services, and I’ll go ahead and show you guys an example of this right now. So again, we’re gonna stick
to our trend here of vegan, which I don’t know why I even picked that. I’m certainly not a vegan. But let’s just type in
vegan subscription boxes and see what comes up here, of examples of things that
are already out there. And as you can see on Cratejoy, there are 56 different results for vegan. And these are all subscription boxes that you can subscribe to and you, again, as a business owner could create
your own subscription box, and then sell it on this website. So we have vegan organic essential oils, Vegan Labs, which is all kinds of snacks, and the price there per month. You could curate your
own subscription box, and then sell it on a
website like Cratejoy. And what I love about this is it’s a recurring revenue model. So once somebody subscribes, as long as they don’t unsubscribe, you’re going to get that
money every single month. Obviously, I use my
Dollar Shave Club razors, and they’re not an endorsement
of this video or anything, but I use them every single month, so I’m not gonna cancel that subscription. And as a result, they’ve been getting my five or six dollars a
month, or whatever it is, every single month for
the last couple of years. And that is a very
predictable business model, and it gives you a way
to basically account for how much revenue you’re going to be making in the future. So option number three is to have your own subscription box service, and Cratejoy could be a site that
helps you in that mission. Okay, number four is a site that I’m sure we’ve all heard it
before, it’s Fiverr.com, and I know what you’re gonna
be saying to me right now. Why would I wanna do
gigs for five dollars? But despite the fact
that it’s called Fiverr, there is actually a lot
of gigs on here that are significantly more than just five dollars. Now you might have to start
off at that five dollar mark just to build credibility, and get some five-star reviews early on. But once you proven that you’re good, and you’re able to put out
quality work for people, you’ll start to be able
to increase that price. And I personally probably
spend three to $500, at least, a year on Fiverr,
just on professional services. Whether it’s logos or graphic design, or paginating my e-books,
things like that. I don’t wanna do these things myself, and I’ll go on Fiverr, and I’ll find professional contractors who
can basically do this for me, and then I pay them right through PayPal. So this can be a great option for you, if you have a certain skill, and you’re looking to get
people who need that skill. It’s a great marketplace
to offer online services. Whether it’s graphic design, search engine optimization, voiceovers, video editing, whatever it may be. You can host your gig here on Fiverr. So just for example’s sake,
let’s say you are good at graphic design, and you can make logos. Let’s go ahead and type in fitness logos and see what comes up here. So somebody who does logos
for gyms and fitness centers. Let’s go ahead and see what one is here. So here we have I will design eye-catching fitness and sports logos. This person has 493 five-star reviews. So at least that many
people have purchased this. And the great thing about
this is you can have a basic package, a standard,
and then a premium package, which is going to allow
you to have these upsells. So while it does start at
just $20 for a logo design, they have different features
as you pay more money. And they’ll pay up to $85
for them to have a logo made through this designer here. So maybe graphic design isn’t your thing, but I encourage you to
jump over to Fiverr, or also Upwork is another
site where you can get freelance gigs on the side, and you could easily make $100 per day. Okay, now number five,
the fifth website to make $100 a day is having your own website. And what I’m gonna show
you right now is my blog, which is called investingsimple.blog. If you guys wanna check
it out, I’ll link it up in the description below. It’s a personal finance
and investing blog, but it actually is a source
of income for myself, as well. Now, we’re not quite making a hundred dollars a day from this blog right now, but we are typically
looking at anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 per month
in terms of the revenue. Now we also have some
expenses associated with it, so we’re not quite making
money hand over fist yet with this blog, but it is a
way to make passive income, potentially $100 a day,
by having your own blog. Now you might be asking me, how the heck am I making money with this site, because you’re not seeing any ads on it. But I make money from
these articles right here, which are the platform reviews. I do reviews of different
investing platforms that I’m affiliated
with, and when somebody actually signs up for
one of these platforms I earn a commission in the process. So just to show you what
one of these looks like, we’ll click on my Webull review. And I’ll show you what
the process is here. Somebody who goes through
this and reads the article, and decides okay, I wanna
open an account with Webull. They click on one of these links, and then right here if they sign up and they get that free stock, I will end up getting a
commission in the process. And that is exactly how I’m making money with this affiliate blog. And affiliate marketing is something that is not just limited to a blog. I also use affiliate marketing
on my YouTube channel, as well as on my Instagram page, because you don’t just have to be limited to one audience here. You do have to have an audience. You have to have people actively looking for information on something, but if you can help people
with a helpful review, or something of that nature, you can begin to make money
through affiliate marketing. It’s not the easiest
thing to do in the world, but it does definitely have a
lot of good income potential. Okay, number six, the sixth
website that could allow you to earn $100 per day is basically any social media platform out there. So this right here is the
accompanying Instagram page that goes with my Investing Simple blog. As you can see here, we
have 280,000 followers. And you might be wondering again, how do posts like this make me money? Where I’m just basically
posting infographics and things that I’m creating. How am I making money with this page? But I’m making money through
multiple different avenues. Number one, like I said
already, affiliate marketing, but number two, a huge
piece for this as well is the stories, which I can
only show you on mobile. But if you look at the
stories on this page, once in a while we’ll have
promotions for other influencers, and we’ll do page shout outs. We are often charging
anywhere from one to $300 for a page shout out on this story. So imagine that for a second. Somebody sends you a quick photo. You take 30 seconds, you post
it on your Instagram story, and then you get PayPal’d
$100 to $300 in the process. Now, obviously a lot of time and energy went into building this
page, but once it’s built up you can literally just do page shout outs, and different types of affiliate promotion and have passive income
coming in every single week. And easily be making $100 a
day with a page this size. Now, if you guys aren’t familiar with me I do have this page here with
close to 300,000 followers. I have 400,000 subscribers, or just about that many on YouTube. And I also have my blog,
with a decent following. And a lot of people are always asking me, how was I able to build large followings on three different platforms? And so what I did to answer that question is I put together a completely free guide. It is a five-step blueprint on how to build a following online. Now, I’m coming out with
an affiliate marketing course shortly, and I was gonna have that be a part of the course. But I decided to make that guide just be completely free because I wanted to offer it up to everyone because I know just how valuable that is. So if you guys wanna grab
a copy of that guide, it’s gonna be the top link
in the description below, and I’ll be sending that to
you over Facebook Messenger. I can’t wait for you guys
to get your hands on that. It’s gonna be extremely helpful if you want to make money
through affiliate marketing, or through social media by
building up a large following on any of these platforms. Okay, number seven, the
final website I have here for making $100 a day
is called Flippa.com. And there’s a couple of different ways that you could go about this. Number one, you could build up a blog or a website or a business from scratch, and then sell it on Flippa. Or number two, let’s say
you’re looking to make $100 a day and you have
some money to invest. You can actually buy a blog or a website or an app that’s already producing income. So maybe you do want to
do affiliate marketing on some kind of blog, but you don’t wanna spend
a year building it up, and you have money to invest. Flippa is a marketplace where you can buy and sell online businesses. And I’ll show you guys a few examples of what that looks like. So under the businesses category, there’s e-commerce sites, there’s software as a service, advertising businesses, there’s a whole marketplace for it. And then under assets, you
can buy Amazon FBA businesses, starter sites, apps, and
also website domains. So there’s a lot of
potential here to make money by buying domain names and selling them, starting blogs and selling them, buying a business, building it up, and then selling it back on the site. There are so many different
ways to make money with Flippa, I could literally do
an entire video on it. If you want to invest in your own business and not have to start
it from the ground up, Flippa could be a great option. And I’ll go ahead and
show you guys an example of some of these sites that
are for sale right now. So let’s take this one right here. ShavermanPro, it’s for sale for $80,000. Obviously quite a bit of money, and this appears to be
an Amazon FBA business, and it looks to be a private label. And it tells you right
here when it was founded, owner operated, revenue per month, gross profit per month, and so right here, for $80,000 you can buy a business that’s profiting 2,800,
or $2,700 per month. Now I’ve never purchased
a business on Flippa. I can’t say I know much
of anything about it, but I was doing research
on ways to make money with different websites, and this seemed extremely interesting to me. So it’s a marketplace where
you can buy businesses, sell businesses, sell
domains, and all kinds of different online assets. Anyways guys, that’s
gonna wrap up this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, make sure you drop a like, and hit that subscribe button, as well. ‘Cause I post videos like this
on a regular weekly basis. And if you do wanna get your hands on that completely free
five-step blueprint for building your following online, that is the top link in
the description below. But thank you guys so much
for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it, and I
will see you in the next one.

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