6 ways to grow your instagram if you’re in real estate [2019]

6 ways to grow your instagram if you’re in real estate [2019]

– Hey guys, Austin Schneider here. Today I’m giving you six ways that you can quickly grow your Instagram. First way to grow your
Instagram very quickly is to be consistent on the platform. You’re gonna wanna be posting regularly. You’re not gonna just
wanna post once a month, then sit there and forget it. There’s a study done that actually said that people who are
posting one to six times per week are doubling their followers versus those who are just posting one time per week, and those who are
posting every single day are doubling their
followers from those who are posting one to six times per week, so keep that in mind, be
consistent on the platform, always be showing up. Number two is to engage with people, so a quick and easy way
to grow your Instagram is find a hashtag that is
relevant to your industry, to who you are, scroll
through those photos, and start engaging with new audiences. You will be aware to
them, they will see you, they will interact with
you and potentially follow you if it makes sense. You can also do this with location, so you know if I’m a realtor, if I wanna farm a specific
area I’ll just go to location and then start engaging with the people that are posting that location. The third way that you can
be growing your Instagram is by doing your hashtag research. Guys, don’t just splatter brain your hashtags when you are posting, or don’t not post them at all. There’s a lot of great tools out there that can do the hashtag
research on your behalf. I would also recommend
using very specific hashtags in additions to broad
ones, and the localized ones to your market so you
have a nice intermixing of them and you’re very visible. Fourth way to grow your Instagram account is to live in the stories. So some quick tips on how to optimize your stories is one,
use the location tool, because when you’re
searching on a location you will show up on the story bar, and be one of those stories and be exposed to the audience for that whole location. Tip number two with the stories is to use your hashtags,
you can use up to 11 hashtags in your stories, and again same thing as a location, if you hashtag real estate and someone is looking at hashtag real estate, you will show up as a story highlight
for the whole hashtag. Another tip with the
stories is tag people, tag brands in your stories. When you tag somebody in your story, it gives the person you’re
tagging the opportunity to share that story with their audience, and in turn you get the exposure
from that other audience. Be authentic. People wanna follow you for who you are. People can sniff fake away, be authentic with your copy, be authentic with your captions, be authentic with your imagery. That’s what people are
going to follow you for. Number six to growing your Instagram, last but not least, is
quality matters guys. Quality content matters, really be mindful of the content you’re putting out there. Don’t post a really blurry selfie, that’s not gonna really
catch people’s attention and want people wanting
more from your content. If that means investing in a photo shoot, absolutely do it. All right guys, thanks
so much for watching, for more topics like this, visit me online and we’ll see you on the next one.

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  1. Great Video. 😀 Looking Forward To More Content. Video Liked!

  2. Thanks for the tips Austin! Look forward to using them

  3. How about some good reference sites for hashtags research.

    Ps, turn your music down; wayyyyy to loud, its drowning you out.

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