– What’s up guys, Austin Schneider here, with Realogics Sotheby’s
international realty. Today, we’re gonna go
through six questions that you should be asking
a real estate agent before you hire them to sell your house. So, we’re in this
Seattle market right now. We’re in a very hot market,
a lot of sellers think, yeah, I can put my sign up in my yard. I’m gonna get 40 offers. They’re all gonna be cash
and it’s gonna sell 50% over what I’m asking for. The reality is, is it’s not like that. What you should be doing is taking your time to interview agents. This is one of the largest transactions, probably of your life. If you’re hiring the wrong
agent to sell your house. You could be missing
out on a lot of money. Here are six questions
that you should be asking a potential real estate agent. First things first is are
you a full time agent, or are you a part time agent? A full time realtor will
have a pulse on the market. They’ll know what’s going
on with home prices, and a full time agent
will be able to provide that ample service that’s required when you go to sell your house. If they’re working another
job, during the time that you’re selling their house, or if you just hired your cousin James, because you wanna do him a
favor, really reconsider that. Ask yourself, is this
what’s going to make me the most money when selling my
house at the end of the day? Is this what’s going to be best for me? Second thing that you
should be asking them is, are they experienced in your neighborhood? Have they sold houses in this area? Guys, you want to hire
someone who has a track record of selling houses in your market, as well as knows the market
where your house currently is. Third thing that you should ask is, how do they come up with
the recommended price that they’re giving you? So what I like to do is always provide my sellers with a couple
different situations, regarding the price. Always, always, always what I
do is I justify the pricing, because I am familiar with the market, and I do my homework in due diligence. If you’re working with an
agent that just throws a price out off the top of their head
and doesn’t really justify it. They might not know the market that well, or they’re just wanting to get the listing if they’re going over priced. Fourth thing that you should ask them is, what are their fees? So if you are selling a house, you are paying the listing broker, as well as the broker
who brings the buyer. If they’re quick to negotiate their fees, how good of a negotiator
will they be for you and having your best
interests as a seller, when they’re negotiating
with theses buyers’ agents. Allow them to give you
their value proposition, and ask them how they’re justifying the fees that they’re charging you. The fifth thing is, is what
is their marketing strategy? Ask your agent, what are you
going to do above and beyond just listing my house on the northwest multiple listing service, and holding an open house and taking photos? So what I like to do is
I come overly prepared with a line by line marketing strategy, that’s going to map out
what are we going to do that’s going to go above and beyond, rather than just listing out the MLS and crossing our fingers? Each property is unique
and each property requires a unique marketing strategy, ’cause it’s going to
attract a different buyer. One question that you
should be asking them is, how are they gonna help you
prepare your home for sale? Again, it’s not just okay
I’m gonna put a sign up in my yard tomorrow and it’s gonna sell. I obsess over the preparation of getting your house for sale. You wanna work with someone who knows what’s going to appeal to the market, and what’s going to
appeal to these buyers. I love advising my clients
on what little work they should do throughout their house, that’s going to make a big
impact when selling your house. Get your house sell-ready and show-ready, so that it’s attractive to the biggest pool of buyers possible. Presentation is absolutely
vital when selling your house, and working with an
agent who knows exactly what these buyers are
attracted to is vital. Alright guys, thanks so much for watching. These are six things
that you should be asking a real estate agent before you hire them to sell your house. If you’re a seller,
especially in the Seattle area or in a top market, I
encourage you to take your time when selling your house. Interview a couple of agents, figure out what their game plan is, figure out what their track record is, ’cause if you’re not
hiring the right agent, you could be missing
out on a lot of money. If you have any questions about this video or selling a house, don’t
hesitate to reach out. If you like the video, please
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