$568K House Vs. $10 Million House

$568K House Vs. $10 Million House

– I’m an adult, and
adults have to buy houses, but I can’t got looking for houses alone. Quinta, do you wanna go
house shopping with me? – Nothing would make me freaking happier. – Great, okay, well let’s go, let’s go. We got to go right now. The car’s ready, we’re going, we’re going. So, today we’re gonna go look
at three different houses at three drastically
different price points, and find out which one
is the most worth it. – Worth it! – Oh my God, Quinta, please.
– Okay. – I’m getting married this year, and something that comes
with marriage and growing up is you look at, well, maybe I need to buy a house at some point, and I don’t know how
to buy a house at all! So, today I’ve got two realtors
who are gonna help us out. – [Eric] Hello? – Hey guys, so while we’re driving there you could maybe fill us in on some points of what’s important to look for when you’re looking at a house. – [Phil] You always look
at what your needs are. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you need a workspace? Do you need outdoor space? – So, what house are we looking at first? – [Phil] The first house we’re looking at is in Alhambra. It’s listed at $568,888. – Wait, that’s the cheap house? – [Eric] In LA, that’s cheap. – Oh boy. – [Phil] We call it entry level. – Right, I like that. I’m gonna start using that for myself. I’m not cheap, I’m entry level. (laughing) – With that, we’re just gonna
keep driving towards you, and then we’ll meet you in
person to check out this house. – Thanks Eric and Phil, you’re nice guys. Okay, bye guys. – I like that you let them
know they’re nice guys. – They were nice guys. – Yeah. So Quinta, I want you to meet these guys. This is Phil and Eric. Tell me about this house. – This house is $568,888. You get three bedrooms,
two baths, renovated, 865 square feet on an
5200 square foot lot. – That’s a lot of numbers. – About right. – So, here we have the kitchen. – [Quinta] Okay. – Look how generous the space is here. We got quartz countertops,
all the finished cabinetry, and we have subway tile back splash, breakfast dining area here. – Kevin, get that. You make the tea separately,
you pour it into here, people come over, you pick it up, and then you pour it in there. – [Keith] Do you pour with all four? – All four at the same
time, and it’s an act. Entertainment by Quinta Brunson. – Having a good kitchen
is important to me. I do a lot of cooking. Super nice, nice kitchen. – [Phil] You get this bonus space, you can use it as a bedroom or an office. – It could be a workspace for you, but also could be a fun family space. – I see little Habersberger’s
running around. – Oh, little Habersbergers! It’s so cute. – So, on that note why don’t we check out the second bedroom? – [Quinta] Oh, I wasn’t expecting this for the guest bedroom. – [Keith] Try and imagine
my guests sleeping here. – I think it does the job very well. – Nice little guest bedroom, but I’m not gonna sleep
in the guest bedroom. – [Eric] So, this would
be your room, Keith. Good space, good light. – How much closet space? – Definitely plenty of
space for your wife’s stuff. – Yeah, I was about to say. Becky will have that closet, and what closet will I have? – Oh, you don’t get a closet. – Oh, okay. – [Eric] You got your own master bathroom. – This is a nice little bathroom. It’s like a sexy, walk-in shower, and having a shower head that
actually is above my head is a huge priority for me. This is great. Is there anything else I
should know about this home? – Well, it does also come with
a garage, a detached garage. – There’s a garage? – You guys look at the garage. I’m gonna stay inside, because I’m not gonna get
my hair wet in this rain, but I think you guys should check it out. – Okay, great. I guess most houses have garages, but I didn’t really think about it because I lived in apartments for so long. Let’s open the door. I don’t know what I was expecting. Good garage, great. This is actually a ton of
space, but it’s raining. Quinta, you were right. You didn’t want to go outside. – I knew it. What’s for lunch, Kevin? – First house was actually very very cute. – The layout was really well done with that amount of space. – Yeah, I guess I could
see myself living there for a few years. I liked that all the
features were updated, so for what that home is, I
think it was a great choice. I think it’s really fun. – Alhambra, baby, yes! – [Keith] House fact! – Hit us with a house fact, Keith! – Okay. According to zillow.com, apparently the White House
is worth $397.9 million. – Wow, how many rooms
are in the White House? – How many rooms? – Yeah, do you know that? – Nah. – Well, I don’t even know why I came. – Well, speaking of a lot of money we have another house we got to go to. – Okay, I need to take a nap before we get to this place. – All right, well we
got about five minutes, so get it in quick. (snoring) (laughing) – That was my funniest joke as a kid. (fake snoring) – Just falling asleep.
– Yes! – We’re in the Hills. This house, it’s listed at $1,329,000. There’s two levels of the home. The entry level is all living space with a guest room and bathroom. Downstairs, you have two other bedrooms and two other bathrooms. It’s 1,728 square feet. – So are all these bedrooms
just like their own apartment? – You’ll find out. – Okay, so what’s the
deal with this kitchen? – [Phil] You have a wine refrigerator. – How much wine could you possibly have? – Oh, a lot. Keith, stop drinking so much. (laughing) That is dumb. – [Phil] Nice steel oven, you have a nice big stainless steel sink. – [Keith] Obviously updated
countertops, a nice back splash. – It’s a 3D tile. – You know that the whole world is in three dimensions right? – [Phil] This is the third bedroom. – I could be a guest in this room. I love it. – Yeah, it’s nice. It’s got a closet, it’s
a pretty good size. Really, really nice window, obviously. – This sells it. – Look at this big old bathroom. – This is good, this is good. – This bathroom is almost the
size of that third bedroom at that first place. I could hang out in this bathroom. – We could all hang out in the shower. – Yeah, everybody in the
shower, everybody in. Let’s turn it on. – No! – [Phil] This is bedroom number two, and bathroom number two. Staged, obviously, for a child. Has their own private balcony. – Wow, this kid is living luxury. – Yeah, let’s get this thing out of here, put a full in here, I can make
this thing work for myself. – Yeah, what’s the third room? – [Phil] Here we are in the master with a big sitting area. – This is gorgeous. – Yeah, this is great. – It’s very roomy. – That closet, are you kidding me? That’s all I want is a closet. – This really feels like a
nice intimate, but very big. Let’s check out the bathroom. – [Quinta] This is really nice. I love his and her sinks by the way. – If Becky has a lot of makeup, and she wants to use one for her vanity, she can do all the things she needs, and I can brush my teeth. – I am so single. (laughing) – [Phil] This is your outdoor space. This is where you come
and relax, grill maybe. – You could have a whole
cute little party out here. – So, all of this, three
bedrooms, three bathrooms is 1.3 and some change? – Yep, correct. – In the Hills. – That seems, all things
considered for LA, pretty normal. – This has been so wonderful,
especially this home, that I do not know what to
expect with the third home. – It’s actually in Malibu
which is quite a ways away, so we’re actually gonna take
a look at that tomorrow. We have it primed and ready. – Okay cool, well thanks for showing us these two houses today,
and we’ll see you tomorrow. Okay, so we made it to the next day, and it’s beautiful out. – It’s so nice. – So, what’d you think
about the second house? – It’s goals for sure,
but it was still quaint, you know what I mean? It wasn’t too much. – It was certainly, to
me, I would be happy if that was the best house
I ever got in my lifetime. – Look at that guy. – Yeah, that guy’s just naked. That’s a hot guy, that
was a really hot man. – And, that’s what you’re
paying for in Malibu. – [Keith] House fact! – The most expensive home sold in 2016 is a mansion located in China. It was purchased for $154 million. – Wow. – [Quinta] That’s a house fact. – Probably a modern expensive house. – Yeah. – We got the ocean on our left, we got the mountains on our right. Where the hell are we going? – Apparently we’re going on a hilltop. – Ooh, the Malibu hilltop
roads kind of scare me. You’re driving on a road, and there’s no barrier
between you and falling off. Have you ever been up? – No, I’ve never been up there. – I’m kidding, it’s a breeze. – We’re almost there. Next time you see us, we’ll be inside the fanciest
house you’ve ever seen. (idyllic classical music) – We are in Malibu. We are at 10 million here. – [Phil] You have nine
bedrooms, 11 bathrooms. There’s a movie theater,
there’s a bar, there’s a pool. – 10,000 square feet living space, 3,000 square feet was
added just over a year ago. The house was completely redone, so it’s almost like a brand new house. – So, you have a whole baseball team and the managing staff? – Maybe a coach.
– Yes. (laughing) – That’s good. – [Eric] So, this living room, we’ve got the six person
bar there, fully stocked, explosive views of the Pacific ocean. – I feel like that’s the
best thing about this space is that it’s made for entertainment, and I think that’s really nice. – It all flows together very well. This is just such a cool area, but what else is in this house? This is a large kitchen. – You have Caesar stone on countertops, double oven on the side, you have two under the range, with a pot filler above it. (gasping) – What? There’s water that comes
out of above the oven? – On top of that, you have two under counter pull out drawer refrigerators for drinks. (cheering) – I like that. – This is my dream. I don’t think I would leave the kitchen if I lived in this house. – [Eric] This is one of the many guest bedrooms in the house. – It’s so big. – [Eric] It’s bigger than
most master bedrooms. – Yes, it is. – So, this bedroom has a full bathroom. Does every guest room
have a full bathroom? – Every bedroom will
have its own bathroom. Some have only a shower, some have a shower and a bathtub. – It’s like a hotel room. I want this to be my home, guys, but I don’t know what it takes. – Dream! – I don’t want to dream too high. – Dream big, you can do it. – Okay. – [Phil] This is a big master bedroom. – This is huge. This is so big. Look at me, I can run. You can run in this room. There’s enough room to run, Quinta. This is incredible. How does this master bedroom compare to other ones you’ve seen and shown? – It has a large fireplace, a giant view of the Pacific ocean again. – [Quinta] Crazy. – Built in speakers. – Oh my god. – [Eric] Master bathroom. – [Quinta] God, it’s gorgeous. – [Keith] Wow. – The closet is crazy. Oh, Keith! – Oh my god, there’s a sauna. – They got a sauna. Are you hearing this, Kevin? ‘Cause you’re not reacting. – [Kevin] Yeah. – Can I get a head shake from the camera? Okay, that’s what I wanted. – Oh my god. This is incredible, and it’s got all these
sound panels on the side. Whoa! Hey, that’s great. Is that chair rocking? – Yep. – Oh, little baby Keith. Look at this, oh my god. It’s got a big old deep end! – I’m a rather small girl. I’m not too fond of deep ends in pools. – I love deep ends. – Well, look at you! You can survive. – Yeah, I guess that’s true. – [Quinta] Oh my god. – [Keith] I can’t choose what to do. – [Quinta] I want to
do this, let’s do this. – Look at this view. Can you imagine yourself
at the end of every day? I would have a hard
time leaving this house. – [Quinta] I have to tell you something. I accidentally broke the downstairs toilet in bathroom number two,
maybe we should go. – Yeah, we should get out of here. – [Quinta] Maybe we can
stay five more minutes. – Yeah.
– [Quinta] Okay. – Wow.
– Keith, we saw three homes. – We got to shout out to
my boys, Eric and Phil, showing us around, helping us
learn about all those houses. So Quinta, which of the homes did you find to be the most worth it? – First one was wonderful, beautiful house for getting started, and it was so nice and remodeled, but I think our second home was the most with it. You know, it just had beautiful things. Views, right? The views were amazing. – You know, I’m looking at all three, and I’m thinking about
if I were to buy a home. In a dream world, number three
is the one you want, right? But, I mean, $10 million? And, I think for me,
the most worth it home was the first home we saw. It’s the most realistic, and
that’s part of home buying. Kevin, what was your favorite? – The last one. – So, I’m modest, family building. Quinta, obviously still
wants a lot of views, and Kevin’s a billionaire, who knew? – I want to be a baller. – Oh, Kevin. Kevin is a baller. – He is. (screaming) Worth it!
– Worth it! (funk music)

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