5 Ways To Recognize Buying Signals

5 Ways To Recognize Buying Signals

– True story, I was in Hong Kong looking to buy an item, a wealth trigger, to put into my office. And while I was browsing around the store, I was having conversation with
this salesman, this closer. Now, in my mind I already like the item, so he was taking the
item, and was looking it, he was just talking, and
talking, and talking, in spite, I was give
him all the signals say, “Hey, I’m ready to buy this. “You don’t need to talk anymore.” So, he kept on talking, and talking, and I had to go because
I was actually rushing to a meeting, I thought to myself, “You know what, I’ll come back to this. “I like this, that’s fine.” And I walk out of the store,
and I actually didn’t have time to go back and make the purchase. See, he actually talk me out of the sale. If he would just recognize
the buying signal, he would’ve gotten the sale. Don’t sell what’s already sold. So, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be helpful “for you if I actually share with you “what are some of the buying signals? “What are maybe some of the ways, “the five ways you can
recognize buying signals? “Maybe that would help you
when you’re closing as well.” So, the very first buying signal is this, it’s when your prospect is
nodding their heads like this. Whenever you are explaining the product, you’re asking questions,
you are demonstrating the product, their like,
“Mm hmm, interesting.” That is a buying signal. Or, your prospect is
touching the merchandise, they’re touching the product. So, at the time, when I was in the store, I was holding it, I was looking at it, I was playing with it, that salesperson should recognize that that is a buying signal. See, if I’m not interested in the product, I would just, “Okay.” Nope, but I’m like,
“Okay, let me see that. “Hmm, that’s interesting, wow, okay.” That’s a buying signal. So, buying signal number
one, when you’re prospect is nodding their heads, or
their touching the merchandise. Buying signal number
two, when your prospect is asking about a specific product. Example, let’s say you are in a store, and the prospect is asking,
“So, what size do you have? “Does it come with black? “Does it come in blue? “How many units do you have available?” Anytime they’re asking
about a specific product, That means they want to buy,
it’s an indicator of interest. It’s an indicator of buying signal. So, that is number two. Number three, they use
possessive statements. Now, what do I mean by that? It means they are using statements, they are making comments
about what life would be like after they own the item,
after they possess the item. Example, let’s say in a furniture store, let’s say you sell furniture. A couple walks in, and
they’re asking questions, and they are saying, “You know what, “this would look very
good in our living room.” Boom, right there, that’s a buying signal. Because in their minds,
they’re already visualizing what it’s gonna be like if they have this particular product, or
this sofa in their living room. Right, or they might say something like, “Hmm, you know what,
I think I’m gonna send “four of my managers to this training.” Boom, that’s a buying signal. They haven’t said that they are gonna buy, but they’re already imagining
what it would be like, what are the logistics
after they’ve bought. Another example, they
might say something like, “Well, you know what, this
software would really help me “in our company, and make
our life so much easier.” Boom, right there, that’s a buying signal. They’re already thinking
what’s gonna happen when they start using
the product and service. So, that is number three,
when your prospect, when they are using possessive statements. Number four, when your prospect
is asking you about price. That’s correct, if they’re
asking about price, what does that mean? It’s an indicator that they want to buy. Now, they might ask
price in different ways. Sometimes they’ll say, “How much is it?” That’s a very common way of asking it, but sometimes they’ll ask something like “Do you have any financing available?” Okay, they’re thinking about
how can we make this work. “Do you offer any discounts? “Do you offer any volume discounts?” It means they want to buy a lot, right. “Is this the best price
that you could give me? “Is this the best price you can give me?” Again, all those things,
whenever your prospect is talking and asking about
price, they want to buy. Buying signal number
five, when your prospect is asking about delivery and start date. So, they may ask you questions like, “So, when can we start this? “How soon can we start this?” Boom, that’s a buying signal, right. “Usually the delivery,
how long would it take “for the item to arrive to
my home, or to my office?” Boom, that is a buying signal. “Do you offer any express delivery?” Boom, that’s a buying signal. Right there, when you listen to that, you know that’s what
they are interested in. And let me give you a bonus,
although I promise you five. Let me over deliver. Buying signal number
six, when your prospect is asking you risk minimization questions. Now, these questions are
usually more fear based. So, they would sound something like this, “What’s your return policy? “How long is the warranty? “What about your support system? “How good is your
customer service support? “What does that look like? “If I send an email, if I need help, “how soon do you usually get back to me?” That’s a buying signal. Now, although it may
feel like a objection, like, “Why is this prospect
asking about guarantee, “and return policy?” Does that make them a bad client? Maybe, maybe not, but chances are it means that they want to buy, we’re looking for buying signal, but they have some concerns. Maybe it has nothing to do with
your products and services, don’t take it personally, it’s just maybe they’ve had a bad experience in the past. Maybe just recently, and
now they need to make this purchase again, it’s
like, “I’m not so sure.” So, that’s why they’re asking about that. So, scenario like this, if you can make them feel comfortable, if you can make them feel
at ease, they would buy. And if assuming your products
and services are good, you over deliver, then they
will be a loyal customer. So, those are the six buying signals. By the way, comment below and click, and let me know, which
one do you recognize now, or which one that you maybe
didn’t recognize before, and you actually lost some sales, but from now on you’re gonna recognize. One to six, which one? Let me know.

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