5 Video Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

5 Video Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

– So as you know, video is
one of the most powerful tools you can use to not only
grow your business, but grow your brand, especially in 2019. And what I get asked the most is, “Hey, what videos should I be making?” Well in this video, I’m
gonna talk about five videos that you should be making right now. This is targeted slightly
more to real estate agents but a lot of these can
apply to any business. Coming up. Hey there again, welcome. This is Carlos with Zepeda
Media, bringing you the best digital media tips,
tricks and walkthroughs. In this channel we make a lot of videos on not only digital media but how to use that to generate leads and sells through video marketing. So if that’s something
you’re interested in, hey make sure you hit
that subscribe button. Okay, let’s get right into the content. In no particular order, we’ll just go through one through five. So number one is a testimonial video. Nothing is more powerful. One of the most powerful
ways is testimonial videos. Seeing somebody say something about you, about your business, about your service, and relating to that person. It’s one thing for you to say, “I’m number one, we’re
the best in the area.” But somebody else saying that
about you or your business or your service, it’s very powerful. A written review, you
know a five-star review, okay, that’s great. But actually having people see
them, relate to those people, see them and say, “Hey, that could be me.” Is very, very powerful. So definitely testimonial video. And you should get that, it not only translates the
value, but that’s that emotion. When you help somebody sell that home that the other person couldn’t
sell or sell that home and they were in distress
and they were emotional but you got them through that
deal, it’s very powerful. And when that comes across so much more, especially better in
video than written format. So testimonial video definitely something you
should be doing right now. Go back to your past clients,
get those testimonial videos and put them out and let
people know what a great person and great service you provide. Number two is industry specific videos. Videos that relate to sellers, videos that relate to buyers. And not only that, videos that
answer specific questions. Think about the most common questions that you get from buyers or from sellers. From sellers questions about staging, questions about commission, question about should I sell now, should I lease, should I rent. Think about those specific questions, write them down and
make videos about those. What are the best what to be, what to look for in a real estate agent? Mark those down and then
at the end of the video say “Hey, we match all of those.” So just think about
those specific questions. That’s what people are
searching online right now. And so if you’re not the one that’s answering that question for them, somebody else will be answering
that question for them. So that’s definitely one
that you should be making and make them specific for buyers, specific for sellers,
specific for what people are actually searching for online. Okay, so that’s one of
the most powerful ways you can get out there
and people can find you. They’re searching right now. Remember, YouTube is the
number two search engine right behind Google and
Google owns YouTube. So when people are
searching for stuff online either on Google or on YouTube, you have a higher chance of popping up answering those questions and connecting with those potential buyers
or sellers out there. Definitely, definitely video
specific to your industry. Go out there, answer as
many questions as you can, put them out there. You’re already getting
those questions every time, why don’t you be the one
to answer them for them and then they can reach out to you. Number three is area specific videos. What I mean by that is you farm or you work in a specific area, then go shoot those videos
and highlight those areas. Go talk to the local coffee
owner, go to the farmers market, go showcase the hike trail,
go showcase that park, talk to the local fisherman that’s been working there for 40 years. Make videos about the community. Highlight, showcase the community. Not only do you get to engage and connect with people that way, but that’s also another
way for people to find you. They’re looking for a local fish market, they’re looking for a
local thing in that area, and then they just happen to
see you and connect with you. You know, this guy knows the area and this guy knows the people, so he’ll be able to help me. Okay? Make that specific about the area. Highlight it, showcase
it, be proud of the area. And it’s such a great way
for people to find you. You know, it’s like all the
other videos we’re making, these are all different
things for people to find you. Okay? Area specific videos. Go talk to them. You’ll connect with
those people one-on-one with that local business owner because you’re highlighting them and then that’s just another way for people to find you
indirectly without you pushing, “Hey, just listen to sold.” Okay? So make videos about the area. Local area and business videos. Video number four, market update. People are searching to see
if, “Should I sell my home now? “Should I wait to sell my home? “What’s going on with the market? “Are interest rates going up or down?” So make videos about
the real estate market. Is it going up, down? What’s going on right now? What’s affecting it? What’s helping it? Make those videos because that’s what
people are searching for. Before they want to list their
home, they do some searches. Before they buy a home, they’re
wondering, “Should I wait? “Should I buy now? “Should I go to the broker
previews or open houses? “Like, what should I do?” Okay? So be out there providing
that information. You already have it, you already know what the information is. You already see the
market, study it every day. Then put that out there. Be the one answering those
questions for those people. Be the one that is the expert. Don’t just say you are the
expert, show you’re the expert. People have questions,
answer their questions. They’re searching for that knowledge, so be that person, be that guide. Remember, you’re the guide,
help them along the road, help them get to where
they’re going to go. So be that guide for them,
market updates is number four. Number five, live videos. You might already be trying to do some or already do some live
videos on open houses, trying to showcase the home. But that goes hand in
hand with the other one that we were talking about, is showcasing the area
or wherever you are, just go live to showcase, “Here I am at the Starbucks
eating, working on this deal, “working on this to help out this person, “working on helping out this family.” Always be the one that’s
providing the value, helping this family, trying
to get them through this, trying to help them find that place, okay? Make it about the person, make
it about the customer, okay? So live there where you are,
do a live at the open house, talk about the benefits of it,
benefits of the open house. Why should somebody live there? Talk about them. Yes, you are number one the
expert, but talk about them. You are there to help them. Live video is powerful. It pops up in people’s
notifications, they see it and that’s another way to interact. People are clicking it, liking it and other people get to see that as well. It goes further than just
a regular post of a video. Okay? So live video would be great whether you’re doing it Facebook live or just if you have the
knowledge do a YouTube live, but you can definitely just do Facebook live or Instagram live. Okay? Just have that pop out
and have people see you and not only see you showcasing the home, but see you showcasing the
areas that you talk about, the areas that they’re looking for. So again, be that expert, but most importantly be that
guy providing that value. Hey, I hope you found all of
that information valuable. I wanted to ask you. Put down in the comments below what videos are you making right now and what’s your current success stories? Let me know what’s working for you and if somethings not working also let me know what you
think, why it’s not working. Okay, comment down below
and I’ll get down there, start commenting and
replying back to all of you. As always, Carlos Zepeda Media, tips, tricks and walkthroughs for you. Don’t forget to subscribe. We have a lot more videos on Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing and we’ll see you on the next one.

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  1. Great set of ideas… Nicely done Carlos!

  2. Nice video brother. Keep it up and show your support.😊

  3. I have made monthly market update videos for over 2 years now. They are very basic and easy to do videos.

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