5 MOST POWERFUL Families That SECRETLY Rule The World | Top 5 Countdown

5 MOST POWERFUL Families That SECRETLY Rule The World | Top 5 Countdown

5 Most Powerful Family Bloodlines That Secretly Rule The World Number 5: Astor Family The original founder of the Astor fortune was John Jacob Astor. They started out in the fur business in the 18th century, but then started investing in real estate. A lot of streets, buildings and suburbs in New York are named Astor or Astoria and that is because they were named after the Astor family. Once known as the Landlord of New York, they were responsible for building a lot of hotels and residential blocks, and even the New York Public Library. Since then, Astor got a seat in the British House of Commons and some have even gotten noble titles. Their estimate net worth in 2011 was $1,272 billion ($1 trillion). Number 4: Du Pont Family The DuPont family is originally from France and gained their wealth and power thorugh a beginning in the gunpowder industry in the 1800s. They were supplying 40% of the world explosives and producing plutonium for US atomic bombs. This family has kept their wealth in the family, so much so that they purposely inbred with one another even in the nineteenth century. They now have their hands in dozens of industries including manufacturing, agriculture, chemicals, electronics, food, government, medical care and funding the Doomsday Seed Vault, located 1,300km from the North Pole. Number 3: Morgan Family J.P. Morgan is the founder of one of the most powerful families that rule our world at this moment. He revolutionized numerous industries, including electricity, railroad, and steel. J.P. Morgan Jr. provided over $500 million war loan to Allies and collected a 1% commission of the supplies his corporations provided for the WW II. Today, Morgan Family maintains the world’s largest private gold vault which is linked by a tunnel to the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Number 2: Rockefeller Family The Rockefeller legacy began when John D.Rockefeller founded Standard Oil Company in the 1870s. In a short period of time he became the richest person who ever existed with a fortune of about $336 billion. Rockefeller started funding the United Nations headquarters and founded Bilderberg conference of the global super elite. Today Rockefellers controlls interests in Chase Manhattan Bank, ExxonMobil, Chevron and BP. Number 1: Rothschild Family Rothschild family is considered to be the richest family in the world. Since 1798 Mayer Amschel Rothschild placed his 5 sons in the world’s financial centers. They funded monarchies, goverments and financed both sides of every war since Napoleon. Today, ROthschild family owns or controls nearly every Central Bank in the World and is estimated to be worth 500,000,000,000,000$ ($500 trillion). Thank you for watching, this is Top 5 Countdown and don’t forget to subscribe for more interesting videos.

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  1. Many people w
    Own the earth. This is all stupid. They own alot of the important states in america.


  3. Only GOD own's the earth….

  4. I do NOT believe all this stuff! DuPont family have many outstanding people that emerged from there DNA. Very Charitable built many Schools like mine Alexis I DuPont & restored many historic sites like James Madison's Estate, built Longwood Gardens, etc.

  5. all that power and money is useless……… won't and can't b buy your way into heaven. repent while you still have a chance.

  6. Don't worry they're from heart of ❄ European people not every white only one white pure white as long the world is white everything in control they not Yahud jew Muslims they're none belibers they own the 🌎 this short life but they don't own Eternal life only mighty above control
    Since ADAM first human cast away from paradied in this short life how many power'full kings control this earth land ? What happned to them? where are they? Where's most imaire of earth Roman pagans sun🌞god ? Where's HILTER the most power-full German? This life is only temperrely they're rich guest we're poor guest money buy everything in this life but not next life don't dream of their money gold diamond fancy life Most poor none believers dream of these people their life, those worshipos mighty above the creaters the ☝above own anything not gives damn
    Prise the Lord the most high above ☝ the created the ☝ owns everything the earth the mountains the beauty of earth the beauty all creatures no human have power to make it men build the tall building god created the earth god gives live money buy meterial of this 🌎 life but can't buy death sorrow unhappy life sad :

  7. Its people now, can't buy a place in heaven evil never wins.

  8. I'm related to them.

  9. GOD created the World. And him and only him RULES the WORLD.

  10. They do not own anything or anyone..simply choose not to play their game and they have no influence over anyone or anything.. financial system is but a man made creation to control and enslave the people.. of you don’t want to be controlled or and enslaved quit playing their game

  11. Trump and Putin will succeed in dedollarization plus the development of a new world currency for buying all the gold!

  12. EEEEWWWW smells like old man stink! 😝


  14. They are wrong God does and they are just fish in his pond and when he is tired of them, he will move them all. STOP BELIEVING THAT THEY HAVE POWER. THEYVARE CLOUDS WITHOUT WATER.

  15. The owners of the Universe and the world has the Lord Jehova and Son Lord Jesus Christ 😀😂😃😅😆

  16. Neither who can not afford to buy for a wealthy people worldwide the world to be him the world, he
    Or to buy the world, no one who man that he could buy the world, he ca not afford to buy riches to buy the whole world that, lacking all the riches of him that salable him all the world, they just can controls for a wealthy people worldwide the world, but they could not to buy the whole world. 😀😂😅😆😛😜😝

  17. for the record they dont own anything the almighty God does

  18. These families were never powerful! These families are never going to be powerful! They're power is derived by lies and corruption. Soon. Very very soon these families will meet Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Lets all see what they will have to say then!!!! Choose wisely. You have been warned by The Creator of all that is seen and unseen. The Great I Am says I am. You have been warned.

  19. They do not own anything! Man does not own or rule the earth! That is man's delusion. Everything is by The Most High's permission. All things have their season and The Almighty will eventually take back man's reign given by Him throughout the ages which will conclude in man's Judgement….

  20. WHy is there NO MENTION of the KRUPP family?? Guess you guys haven't done enough research

  21. devil!

  22. The 👺👹😈 owns them some are there OLREADY including Cain 👹traitor

  23. It's not just these sick twisted old perverts it's the greedy rich elite zionist's that am working for them and the fake government puppets own and payed for by them. That is killed the world. Wiping out countries and families kids babies and for what land power money greater Israel there god is gold oil dimonds. These people should be hunted down to the hang man .like they did with saddam Hussain before he could tell the truth about the fake government's dirty deals. These people are the biggest evil on this plant. No race no religion No colour just stand as one and stop the zionist's rot in the world

  24. Psalm 24:1 The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness there of; the world, and they that dwell therein.

  25. These families are just front men for the pharonic swiss

  26. The RothChilds are aimed to be the worlds first Quadrillionaires. Bezos is practically a Trillionaire. They should all get dosed with psychedelics and realize they are evil and then give way everything to the world and follow Jesus. No one of wealth will make it into the kingdom of heaven.

  27. Lol quite funny only because it's such nonsense

  28. They will ALL be taken out!! TIME!!

  29. Ok before I watch just based on this title they own the earth.I suggest we dump our entire system of money and we can make a new one that you will have to use.not made by our governments.then the rothchilds would have 0 liquid money then all property all over the world is seized and we will have a system in place to have to house the people.we will claim and take over all the major corporations and either close or develop them then….lmao!

  30. Would be kind of interesting to see the aftermath of some of these people came up…missing.

  31. Kill these crooks NOW! They robbed the poor.

  32. You cannot serve 2 masters, GOD, or money. You choose!!!!!!

  33. It makes me vomit there is no logical need for humanity to have such examples of shameless wealth

  34. It time to go hunting and kill them to save the ppl of the world.

  35. They don't own shit

  36. The only thing I can say is Thanks for owning us. Without you we would be Extinct by now.


  38. I can't read the fine print!!

  39. God owns the Earth. All these insects will stand before Him one day.

  40. Children working for the Satan . They don't own nothing not even there SOUL.

  41. And now we know, why they keep Aliens away from us!!!
    plz Aliens save us from NWO
    help us SOS 👽

  42. Why is there an Africa and an Asia or Japan Mexico has a way of being independent so take that Walt.

  43. Nobody owns the earth only Lord Jesus Christ owns it and when u die in sin its bottomless pit forever going down down in the opposite direction taking punches, kicks and above all lucifer who your'll serve and he who hates every created things will bash your'll up in the bottomless pit so five foolish maidens repent and start serving Lord Jesus Christ who loves your'll who your'll hate and stop serving lucifer the fallen angel he cares less for your'll. Think?

  44. Look u fool your one leg in the grave and another in the bottomless pit repent u five foolish maidens or else langish forever in the bottomless pit. Repent Lord Jesus Christ loves u and died on the cross for u.

  45. I don't give a shit how powerful you are or think you are death is the greatest equalizer because they can't take it with them. They dead and will die

  46. No wonder the wonder the is world is in such state with rubbish littering our oceans it's cos of greedy people like these.. These are the real criminals

  47. Who rules who? Visit the following 3 Twitter websites ASAP to find out how secure YOU are! @EarlDEdwardsJr1/@freddythefreel1/@EarlDouglasEdw1

  48. NOPE! These families are upper management. There is another level above even them.

  49. No matter how rich they are, one thing is for sure they cannot escape death, ill rather be poorest than to worship satan because with GOD above he promised eternity a peaceful and contended life that what true happiness means.

  50. where are the warburgs …even on the internet !!! most of their files or real aspects vanishes.

  51. all in the name of Esau…..you see white ppl runs the world and has done many crimes to get where they are at….but God fixed it like that remember Jacob and Esau with 2 different blessings….SO RED MAN (SO CALLED WHITE PPL) WILL COME TO THE END A GREAT FALL BY GOD….JACOBS (BLACK PPL) WILL BEGIN WE GOT NEXT AFTER THE FALL A SO CALLED WHITE MAN LOL—THIS IS GOD'S ORDER

  52. so called white people enjoy your temporary heaven on earth lol before the destruction of Nukes finishes you off lol

  53. Check out videos called Meet the Rothschild's.

  54. Astor was born in my Village💪

  55. Thay could end starvation in a blink of an eye but thay choose not to, money is the root of all evil.

  56. Rothchild morgans rockafeller sold out to Satan for fortune

  57. Waiting for some "holly savior" to miraculously descent from some kind of heaven or paradise and save all humanity = apathy. "They" love it! Keep waiting for your savior(s) and let them do as they wish… Do not figth them. Let them control your present and destroy your childrens future. Do not take your responsability, let your "savior(s) deal with them… Fucking cowards!

  58. This is mainstream conspiracy with Rothchilds at no.1 LOL. Many fall for this scapegoat and somehow think this alleged wealth is what puts them at the top?? it is utter nonsense and designed to stop you investigating. Absolutely, these 5 families are guilty of many things and have sold us out, manipulated history, funded wars etc and deserve everything you may wish but there is a whole few levels above these useful servants and if you think critically it will make sense.

    The Queen is the largest land owner and currently owns 1/6th of all the earths physical surface and landmasses. Owning land gives you rights over all its laws, resources, military, courts, governments, development, education and ultimately the populations itself regardless of the BS quote from elites saying "they care not for who makes the laws, give me control of the nations money supply and I will control the laws". Yeah, unless it's the British Royal Monarchy and The Vatican too. There are huge buffers in place to steer you away from learning the extent of these monarchs, popes and nobility as if they have little to no power or influence on politics. Literally, the ground you walk on is probably owned by Queen Elizabeth II and all these central and private shareholder banks are spread out the world on her land not their own in reality. Her face is on the majority of the bank notes and coins in many countries. The Queen is the ruler of Great Britain, The Commonwealth and Inheritor of the British Empire's influence, spoils of war and many priceless, unique one of a kind items and collections. The Rothchild's basically work for interests in market inside trading, taking care of her gold and assets etc, not the other way around! You think these bloodline elite monarchs and Vatican Jesuit Popes would let the Jews come and infiltrate their recorded rule over history and take them over?? I know many say the Jews took over from the beginning and is just crazy to suggest it was the Jews who did the crusade! The powerful Zionist elite are more 1700's-present day, but the Roman Papacy and Royal monarchs would love you all to accept it's the Rothchild's and other banking families but bankers don't ever rule countries or beyond in truth, they just hide and manage their mafioso like criminal bosses and privileged clients who they represent the interests of and in doing so, have become one step down or so from the real rulers of this place and an important piece of the puzzle you are not supposed to see beyond. If you really think the Jews actually controlled the Roman Empire itself and then the British Empire too then you probably just want to believe that is the case out of sheer hated and confirmation bias.

    The empires who ruled the world in recent history was Roman, British then American but why did the American's have to sign the British kings treaty to end the war of independence in 1776? Surely the losers do that not the winners? America is still under British and Vatican ownership as a corporation and some shady deal kept America in the puppet strings of others by treading a fine line of using the corporation ownership NOT the actual country. It was the king and his nobility who dealt with the treaty, then came forward those who worked for the powers that be like the Rothchilds to setup the federal reserve act and operate a compartmentalised and degree of separation to perceived modern day authority and avoid scrutiny or heavy revolt.

  59. Jewish is not the problem is a religion of peace but the zionists are the problem

  60. Nawww….these are the lower elites families …let's talk Vatican…..

  61. Control the whole world? I don't think so. Russia and China are the only ones that are saying FUCK YOU in their faces

  62. People call them evil but truth is someone needed to have control of the world or it would of been a mess . Now we have block chain

  63. the most powerful families in the world are the papal bloodline families….

  64. This video is so basic and factually incorrect it's silly.

    Astor family only has a couple heirs left, one is a british lord and politician, and they're barely millionaires.

    Dupont fortune died many years ago especially after the only dupont heir left that killed that athlete was arrested. ARRESTED and CONVICTED. A family that plays a stake in the whole world doesn't let it's own go to prison.

    Morgan family doesn't even exist anymore. All are dead but one, who's an officer in a knights order for the royalty of Britain.

    Rockefeller family wealth is around 10 billion total. The only positions they still hold is a congressional seat and on the board of some foundations. After david died, rockefeller as a power doesn't matter anymore. The rockefeller foundation, CFR, trilateral, and UN still live on their legacy but they themselves aren't behind the power of those globalization groups anymore. And he DIDNT found bilderberg. That was founded by House of Orange, dutch royalty. The royalty are the very top because all these families listed had ties to royalty or still do today.

    Rothschild's are another story. They are financial advisers to the European royalty to this day, and do probably have around 1 trillion personal Wealth, however they do own goldman sachs (which is the biggest private bank with a share of the Fed) through many proxy investment firms that own many other industrial giants aswell. Rothschild's money is royal money.

  65. The Paysuer Family?? It's how they all started there evil doings.

  66. Wrong Now we now the Payseur are at the top of the tree, hidden behind trusts and give funds with the other 12 families to run the world this includes the Louis Xiv on the run from France and hiding in England and shipped out America. both the English Monarch / the Crown Estates and the Vatican are all in receipt of Federal reserve funding of 20% of the Taxpayers money collected under the Federal government The US constitution of 1788 is not in effect and was replaced by the American US Constitution INC under the British maritime law (country at war) treasonous individuals hang them and collect their wealth……

  67. They are not real Jews. Real Jews have suffered throughout history because of illuminati's worship of Satan.

  68. Unfortunately I happened to share a child with a Bauer aka Rothschild and directly related to this nephilim family of Nazi Nimrod's.
    I didn't think much of it while their whole life they were getting tons of savings bonds and found out they owned thousands of acres of farm land in Wisconsin that I'm sure wasn't theirs to begin with. They were nice and fake to begin with until I got to know how heartless, psychopathic and cold and narcissistic they all sadly are.

  69. They all die the same as us…but their eternity inn hell will be colder than anyone else's.

  70. Own the Earth? 😂

  71. Search for Payseur Family.

  72. What would happen if these families were assassinated….would it free the world or send it into chaos

  73. an all of them will b in hell real soon

  74. These satanic idiots need to be tried for their crimes greed and global pedophilia.and HUMANITY . They are sick the other 4 elite families are undoubtedly nwo supporters like asshole rothchilds. GET the all

  75. Buy Bitcoin , buy freedom

  76. Payseur family.

  77. They have been blessed by the god of this world,
    Satan. They do his bidding.

  78. What about the families that go back to Rome and Egypt?

  79. The Rothschilds are subservient to the Payseur’s immoral plan to CONTROL the WORLD. That said, May they burn in HELL is too humane a punishment for those evil bastards.

  80. Are yes the inbreeding

  81. Lol the real secret is that all 5 of these families have an employer…. Payseur

  82. They destroyed the Earth.

  83. We need a giant can of Raid cockroach spray.

  84. They only think they own the Earth……a shock surprise awaits them …..psalm 37:9-11……
    Revelation 4:11……psalm 83:18 KJV……Isaiah 60:12…..Daniel 2:44…….John 3:16……Acts 17:30,31…..
    Revelation 12:9-12……Hebrews 2:14…….Isaiah 9:6,7…….” thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven “…….Matthew 24:14……..Zephaniah 1:14-18…..1 Corinthians 6:9-11……
    Revelation 22:15……Romans 10:9-15…..

  85. The only thing that's owned is their souls, and Satan got them long ago. Lol… Satan owns this place and those fools are the puppets that think they own the world.

  86. What good is it for someone to gain whole world, yet forfeit their soul? .. and they are thinking they are wise. They are so wrong im almost sorry for them. 200 years of their secret plan of rulling the world. I got news for you. YOU ARE SHITT IN THIS. STOP IT NOW.

  87. They are the cabal… the public front of someone far wealthier than them combined…

  88. I own the Earth.

  89. The claim that the Rothschild family controls most ot the Central Banks is rubbish. Most Central Banks are established by an act of Parliament or Congress.


  91. Secretly? Guess it's not a "secret" now since your talking about it. Secondly they do not own the earth, they own the current fiat system.

  92. Where are the peysours?

  93. The House of Payseur is #1

  94. They will pass away one day

  95. TR15 0006 2000 4010 0006 6425 58 GARANTİ BANKASI… 😇😍💵💲💵

  96. white people are the real terrorists

  97. And now, for so many that are in denial that a Deep State exists, here are the leaders. Rockefeller: oil heir and chair of the Bilderbergs; Rothchild, the virtual owner of the Central Banks; Dupont, who literally funds wars on both sides; Morgan, one of Rothchild's early, and most powerful, banking yes-men; Astor, the original real estate mogul; and so on. These people give the Bilderbergs their marching orders, who in turn set world affairs in order, finding anyone who will sell out. This is how the Deep State is run. Want to know how the Clintons, Obama, Bushes, Cheneys, Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, Napoleon and the like got into power? Well, here's the answer. And who do they answer to? Well, you can only choose one of two masters; The Lord God through His Son Jesus Christ, or Satan; you decide which one they serve. If you conclude the latter, who is the ruler of evil, then you must decide how to combat him, if you really want resolution. Until then, it's only a losing battle; the deck is stacked, without Christ.

  98. Payseur is above all of the American Families listed. They were first and own them all!!!!

  99. This is utter nonesense. If you want to know the richest people in the world, consult Forbes or Fortune. The richest people and BUffet, Gates, Walton family. You cannot hide ownership in major corporations.

  100. John D Rockefeller is rolling over in his grave knowing that the wealth he created is used for this.

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