5 LinkedIN Hacks for Real Estate Agents | LinkedIN Training

5 LinkedIN Hacks for Real Estate Agents | LinkedIN Training

Good evening, my name is Robert Newman I am a real estate marketing online marketing expert out of Los Angeles
California. It’s a pretty big statement to say expert. I’ve been doing real
estate marketing for the last seven to eight years. I’ve run some of the sales
teams for some of the top agencies here in California that specialize in real
estate technology such as SEO ,developing websites, things of that nature and now
I’ve struck out on my own I’ve had my own website called inbound real estate
marketing and I’m kicking it off by doing a year of blog posts. Just
basically talking about anything and everything that I think that might
actually help real estate agents make money online. Tonight’s video is about
five LinkedIn hacks. These hacks are going to be simple, they’re going to be something that anybody can do and with no further ado. The first
hack here is something called the LinkedIn Pro Finder. LinkedIn Pro Finder is a brand new program alright. If you look at the screen you see that I’ve done a
search here called Los Angeles real estate agent linkedin alright. There’s a
whole bunch of searches I’m not going to go through them all but these searches
return to you something that says top 25 real estate agent profiles or top 24
residential real estate agent profiles you click on one of these searches. You
get taken to what is commonly referred to as a landing page. It’s just a splash
page that you’ve probably never seen that has three real estate brokers and
agents. Now needless to say these brokers and agents are probably going to be
selected by how many recommendations they have but here’s a couple of things
that I’d like to point out to you. Currently there are only thirteen
hundred and thirty seven people enrolled in this program. This program is free I
know because I’ve enrolled in it. You simply google LinkedIn Pro Finder and you
will be able to find a way to enroll in the program or you can email LinkedIn customer service and they’ll tell you.
Once you’ve emailed them they will send you an email that looks something like
this and what happened was they asked me to make some changes to my profile which I did. It was essentially they asked me to increase the summary and once they had
done that they actually said that they needed to do a 30 minute phone call with
me but they didn’t and then they enrolled me in the program. Now what that gives me access to is this. So if you google LinkedIn Pro Finder you’ll get
another landing page and you will be able to see client requests. Now these
are people that have done searches and things of that nature and they’ve
entered in requests to be contacted by professionals. now I don’t know if it’s
going to work the same way with real estate as it does with SEO or
online marketing consulting but they get five proposals. You can submit a proposal
proposal and essentially get in front of your customers. Now here’s the
best thing about this. This is a beta program it’s free! It may not be worth
your time, I don’t know. I do know this though you can leverage the power of
LinkedIn search by enrolling in this program. There’s 2.5 million real estate
agents in the USA, there’s only 1,337 enrolled in this program. I would imagine
there’s plenty of opportunities for everybody right now to kick the tires
and find out if these are any good. Okay so that’s hack number one. Okay so
hack number two three and four are all actually related to the way that people
search for you and find you on LinkedIn. Okay so what I’ve done here is I’m on
LinkedIn you can see that I’m logged into LinkedIn up here alright. I’ve done
this search: Los Angeles real estate agents, I’ve added the location and the professional. The first one that comes up is this gentleman right here. Right,
so the way that he comes up is threefold number one keywords. keywords need to be in your actual job title, your summary, our experience, your past experience.
Okay, if you have any desire to come up for LinkedIn search that’s the way to go
about it. Now for me, I’m a real estate marketing expert and the reason that
I’ve added expert is I think that’s a little bold to say that. It’s because
it was available. Hmm, oh here I am. I was going to say I used to be on the
first page and I still am on the first page, that’s good. Okay so here’s
the first page of results, real estate marketing expert and Here I am. All I did
was I converted my job title. I put real estate marketing expert at inbound real estate marketing and then I added it to my job and my summary and
those simple changes put me on the first page. So anybody searching for real
estate marketing experts can find me within LinkedIn. Now the next things that
you want to do is you want to focus on your skills and your recommendations. All
right so skills and I’m just going to use my own profile here real quick. These
are your skills, now there’s nobody that I’ve seen that says so for sure but it
would make sense that part of the way that LinkedIn is going to parse out
their search or searches is by people that have skills and a lot of them are
filled out. Skills aren’t hard to get filled out all you need to do is go to
people that you know in your own network and endorse them. Try to make sure it’s
people that you really know that you really feel are skilled in the areas
that your endorsing them for but chances are strong they’ll log into LinkedIn
see that you endorsed them and they will endorse you
back. Okay real easy the keywords are real easy. The last thing is
recommendations. now the recommendation is a little bit more tricky but still I
do have a hack for you to get you more recommendations. so recommendations work like this. okay they’re right here, right here. They’re really important especially
if you’re going to use Pro Finder. So I’ve written up a little bit of an email
I suggest you send it out to everybody that’s worked with you through LinkedIn.
so send a message to them through LinkedIn. Search their name, find them, send them the following email: Mr/Mrs Jones some years ago I had the good fortune to
buy or sell you a home. At the time helping you find your dream home was all
the things professional real estate agent like myself would ever need but
technology has changed the real estate game and now many people look for online reviews before deciding who to give their business to. I use LinkedIn
frequently to convert, connect with clients. It has a feature that allows me
to ask for recommendations. Would it be okay if I use this feature
with you? Don’t tell them what to write, don’t suggest anything simply
ask if it’s okay. If they say yes, chances are strong that they will write
a recommendation. If you have a number of past clients it’s a really good and
fast easy way to build up your recommendations on LinkedIn. My final
hack is probably the coolest and unfortunately it does involve a cell
phone. So you may or may not be able to see it. you can see it on the blog post I
did as a companion piece but do you notice that I have a little star here. All right,
well that’s there for a reason. Google, forgive me. LinkedIn has this cool thing
we’re on mobile not on desktop which is what we’re looking at right now but on
mobile. Anything with a symbol in front of it actually comes up first before all
other names. So, if you would like your name to come up first in all your
connections which of course as a real estate agent who wouldn’t want
that. All you need to do is add a symbol in front of your name. just like I’ve
done here i have a blog post it’s going on inboundREM.com it will include. so
here’s an example you see these symbols these are my A’s. This is a screen cap
off my cell phone. so these are my A’s and these are the people to come before
the A’s. Everybody with a symbol comes up first. I’ve got a list of
symbols they can all be cut and pasted and then used on your LinkedIn profile
and that one little hack is worth more than all the other hacks combined
because as we all know being tip of mind is oftentimes the most important thing
your client decides that they want to buy or sell a home. how convenient for you is it that if they happen to log into LinkedIn using their mobile phone that
they see your name come up there first. all right so that’s it I hope you get
some use out of these and appreciate you tuning in.

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