5 Insider Tips For Investing In Nicaragua Real Estate

5 Insider Tips For Investing In Nicaragua Real Estate

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In Nicaragua Real Estate b0
In this video I share 5 insider tips for investing
in real estate in Nicaragua
We’92ve been working in the market for over a decade and these 5 tips synthesize a lot
of what we have learned over that period and will help you invest more successfully in
the country.
Nicaragua is transforming into a sought after investment and tourism destination. It’92s
still a very misunderstood country, but in many ways that only increases the opportunity
that Nicaragua offers. The economy is booming, tourism visitors are on the rise and real
estate prices are lower than other countries in Central America. For real estate investors
of all types, Nicaragua is definitely worth considering.
So lets get started on those 5 tips.
b 1. Understand the link between tourism
and real estate b0
Tourism is the number one industry for Nicaragua.
It bring in more revenue than any other single industry. And when it comes to real estate
the trend is clear: The areas attracting the most tourism are also generating the greatest
levels of real estate activity. So the first thing you should do is follow the tourists
’96 the real estates dollars will follow close behind.
b 2. Buy only what you see b0
A solid piece of advice is to buy only what you see. While you’92re standing on a property
try to work out its inherent value. What can you see? What can you touch?. The agent may
talk about the ’93new coastal road’94 that’92s about to go in or the developer may speak
about the ’93new airport’94 or the ’93new Marriott hotel’94. These things may well
happen in the future. But don’92t factor them into the price you are paying right now.
b 3. The third tip is about due diligence
The specific thing to do here is to retain competent legal representation and take out
title insurance. Nicaragua has a complex title history and buyers who have not looked deeply
enough into the title history of purchased property can have difficult legal problems.
Don’92t use the sellers attorney but employ your own independent attorney to at least
to review (if not draw up) the purchase contract you are signing and check the title history
on the property. b 4. Don’92t assume you can finance your
purchase b0
Getting a loan from a local bank as a foreigner
is a cumbersome process and it’92s easy to get lost in the bureaucracy. Even if you stick
with the process and succeed, the interest rates are often not as competitive as what
you would find in the US, Europe or Canada. Consequently, most purchases are in cash.
Alternatively look out properties being offered with seller financing. This is becoming more
widely available. Also remember that you can purchase international real estate thought
your IRA. b 5. The final tip is about getting to know
the market b0
This may seem obvious but in real estate markets
such as Nicaragua where there are no official stats, it can be hard to get a good handle
on what constitutes value. Given the excitement about the real estate market there is a great
deal of story telling and exaggeration. Don’92t get caught up in this. The best thing you
can do is view as many listings as possible. That’92s the only way you’92ll start to
get a feel for good deals.
A good place to start is to sign up to receive our property listings over at Reveal Real
Estate. The more your view the more you’92ll get to know the market.
So that’92s it for now. Hope these tips have
been helpful to you. We’92ve got much more information for both buyers and sellers of
real estate in Nicaragua over at revealrealestate.com so come on over.

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  1. And now after the protest movement of April 2018 it is an even better time to buy because prices have dipped even further. They were on the rise after 2008 and it all came to a halt at the end of April 2018. Having the cash now will take you a long way!

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