5 Benefits of Becoming a Realtor

5 Benefits of Becoming a Realtor

now if you dig this system Saturday’s guys
you have to get one or a live event on today’s session we’re going to cover
the that was pretty good I did everything myself in here. that is not how you he do the
business and there right there is a house that I
have already flipped as well I already know that I can flip this house
to a buyer on my buyers list, coz i got a strong buyers list in this area hey guys is john cochran and today is
system Saturday the day that I bring your system that I use in my business
you can rip off duplicate using your own local market
now guys if you dig this system Saturday’s you
have to get to one of our live events nothing but two whole days up system
Saturday content that you’re gonna absolutely loved you can
take you right back and make a lot of money using this system. so today’s session I
want to give me five different benefits to becoming a realtor if you’re a real estate
investor the number one reason is you have
access to the MLS this is crucial if you are real estate
investor to have access to the M-eleven here’s why you can have access to all compared of
cops to any time the you have a property that
you put under contract or whatever you can very quickly without having to
go to a realtor have access to the MLS and go in search with all the homes are selling
for right around that property. so that’s the number
one is having access to comp right at your fingertips the number two
reason is you need to become a hud approved
agent and you can do that in two weeks or less so if you have our hud whole selling course on
how we by HUD foreclosures at steep discounts you’ll know that it is an extreme
benefit to you to be a hud approved realtor so that you don’t have to wait on any other
Realtors to do anything you consume it all of your own bids for yourself you don’t
have to wait and rely on anybody else in order to go ahead and do that so
number two is to become a hud-approved realtor you can do that in 2 weeks or
less number three is you can show yourself properties you
don’t have to wait on a realtor back when I first started
into real estate investing here’s how it works I would go and find a property you know on Realtor.com or something
to that effect and then I would go and call my realtor they would set a showing of a
property that I gave them they would set a showing
that would show me the property and then they would capture the Commission on
something that I gave them I had a problem with that I had a
problem with that as real estate investor so I became licensed so that I could show myself properties that
I found and I could capture my own commissions which takes me to
number four. you as a real estate investor you can capture
your own commissions if you are a license realtor. now this
is huge this is absolutely huge because just
like I was just saying in order if you find any of your own properties anyways you should be getting paid to do that
not somebody else so as a licensed Realtor you can go ahead and capture your own commissions and create another
business right inside of real estate investing and just basically
get a bonus every single time that you buy property. 3% percent
commission on most properties that you buy do the math on that which takes me to
number five you can build a massive buyers list just like
we do at buyers on fire and you don’t have to share those
leads with anybody, ok so you don’t have to share this leads with anybody those are your lead you can capture the
commissions on you can do whatever you want with them you don’t have to give them to other
Realtors and let them make a massive money off of a it you can make that money for yourself you
can have the buyers right at your fingertips buying all of your properties or other people’s
properties and that’s how you make money using those five steps you’re going to
save yourself a lot of time you’re also going to make a lot more
money as real estate investor becoming realtor. tune into next week’s system
Saturday and I’m going to show you exactly the seven steps to making seven figures
your first year in real estate. I’ll see you then

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  2. Hey John, I am from dayton, I have been told in Ohio that order to get your licence, you have to put in time at someone else's office.  Is there a way around that? 

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