5 Awesome Strategies for Finding Great Real Estate Deals | Part 2

5 Awesome Strategies for Finding Great Real Estate Deals | Part 2

5 awesome strategies for how to do
real estate if you watched the last video with my buddy Burton, he showed you
how to use this awesome free technology and you can search everything in your
area. Frankly anywhere in the country and find the most amazing deals. But today in
part 2, I’ve invited Burton back and what I want to do is last time he showed
you in minutes how to find all the discounted properties in your area. How
to find all the foreclosures and pre foreclosures, failed listings, tax liens,
distressed vacant and that system will do short sales and everything else. It’ll
show you literally once it’s set up click of the button, find the very best
deals. And today, what I’m going to do is I’m going to invite him back on and show you
how you can sift through hundreds of amazing deals to find the 3 to 5 deals
you want to do this month that can line your pockets with some mega money. So check it, we’re going to dive right on in
because I want you to understand what you can actually do with this list. Now
you got the list how do you turn that into money? Burton, back to you. Hey Kris,
it’s good to be back. Thanks for having us on again. Hey everyone, Burton here.
with propstream.com and in our last video, we did show you guys 5 amazing
strategies that you can use our system. This video, I’m actually showing you how
to wrap it all up. So once we have our results that you’ll normally find the
right hand side, you’re going to want to actually click on all of your results or
the ones that you are very interested in. Once you’ve selected them go ahead and
hit add to list and then you’ll be able to create a list. So once you save your
list, just know that all of the list that you create will be stored on the left
hand side in our property section. Think of this as your portfolio. So just to
confirm that you’ve saved the properties. You can go to properties, click on your
list and make sure that it’s there. This is also the area where you’ll be able to
essentially highlight your results and hit the export button at the top. Right
so if you want to export the results right away you have an ability. However,
I’m about to show you something very powerful that is called skip-tracing. So
this is a tool that most successful investors are using and this is a tool
that will allow you to get there the homeowners email, landline and cell phone.
So please take advantage of this powerful tool that you have access to. So
once you have your list saved go ahead and click on skip tracing. Select
contacts, choose the list that you’ve saved. So here are my hot leads lists.
Once you’ve chosen your list, it’s very important that you click on add selected
contacts. We’ve got to make sure that the list is going to go in the bottom box.
Once you do that, go ahead and hit done. You’ll then be able to proceed to the
next page which is to place your order and the following page which is to
confirm that order and rename your list. Now once your lists have been placed and
ordered and you rename it, all of your your orders will be stored in the
contacts page located at the bottom left. So in the contacts page, you’ll be able
to identify your current and past orders in these skip-tracing jobs
area. So here’s an order that I did and as you
guys see here, we’re automatically going to embed the emails and filling numbers
for you on your list. So usually turnarounds about 10-15 minutes unless
you’re dealing with tens of thousands of properties. There is no max or minimum.
So if you wanted to skip trace 10,000 properties we can definitely do that for
you. Once you have your lists, the last thing you can do here is highlight them
and get the export button and start cold calling or whatever you want
to do with that list. For those of you that don’t have the luxury of calling or
a marketing platform, we do have the campaign section. So the campaign section
will allow you to create a new campaign. Name it so the campaign and then you can
choose the list of individuals you want to campaign to. So I’m going to go all
the way down to stick racing jobs, choose the list I just skipped trace. Now go
ahead and hit save to start that campaign and now, you’ll get this pop up
and what we recommend that you do first is create your website. So when you start
a campaign, you’re able to create a website. We give you a generic URL and
you are able to change the last part. So you can – I am an investor and once the
system identifies that’s available you’ll see this green marker. Contact
email this is where all notifications will be sent too. You can save your
template but the last option is you can start with a blank template or a
predefined lines. Anything that you’ve done will be stored here. This is the
website editor, work top to bottom so you can add a logo up
to 5 images. You can change the header text or the body text. There’s a little
preview of it. Once you’re pretty much happy with what you’ve done, you can go
ahead and hit publish and your website’s now active. Meaning, this is a legitimate
URL and you can poke it on another page. Once you’re done with your website go
ahead and hit back this is the dashboard here. So you have the name of the
campaign when it was started, your website, you can edit your website if you
need to make any lasting your changes. Below is your targeted audience how many
people wrong and lists and then below that is that is direct marketing. So
beginning with postcards, so they’re the website. Top to bottom, you’re going to need
your postcard, choose the size, as now you can upload your own design.
Create one from scratch or use one of our several templates. For those of you
uploading or creating your own design, you can check out this box here and we
will store it in the templates section. Now in the templates section, again you
have over a dozen postcards that you can choose from. These postcards are dynamic
meaning, we’ll take your profile information and the homeowners
information on your list and automatically put them on the card for
you. Here’s just a quick example of that. When you hit print preview, you will see
that in action. So here’s an address of one of the properties I have on file.
Here’s my phone number and then here’s the website that I created. Now once
you’ve done that, you can go edit footprint mail and we’ll send out the
borders for you. So we’ll actually process your design and send them
first-class United States Postal Service. So that’s the postcard the second
campaign which is very popular is the realest voice mail drop. When you hit get
started it’s four simple steps. Step 1 out of call right these. Go ahead and
add caller ID, apply the color ID and once you do that hit save, your caller ID
will be embedded in the drop down menu. Step 2, select a recording. So if you’re
new, hit add, edit reporting, name the recording and then for those of you that
are tech savvy, you can use your own recording device. Please make sure it’s
in a wav format then upload it but those of you that don’t know how to do that,
hit create new recording, you’ll be given an 800 number. Any pin number, call the
800 number dial the pin, delete the recording on the phone for you. Once it’s
done, hit save your recording will be in the drop-down menu and you’ll have the
ability to play so you can listen to it before sending it out. Step 3 is
scheduling. The only thing you should be aware of here is that we do send the
calls the same day. So today is Wednesday then the calls would go out
between 9:00 and 5:00. The time frame can be adjusted. Now after the cutoff period
there’s anybody left over, they will pick up the following day based on the
following day schedule. So please be aware of that. Step 4 -calls per minute.
So week and I would another per minute or up to 30 calls per minute. So
theoretically, we can deliver 30 voice calls every minute for you
it’s not a problem. Once you’re done, hit save and activate and you’re good to go based
on your schedule. The last and final campaign you can perform is the email
campaign. So very similar to the postcard and the voicemail, worked top to bottom.
Name the campaign, what’s the email of the subject or
what’s the subject email of that campaign. Specific header of that email,
I’m sorry. Click-through URL so if you created a website with us will
automatically have pointer for you. If you have an external one, you can hit
custom URL and apply your external URL. If you want to send them out right away,
check this out. If you don’t uncheck it and you can time these emails schedule
them for a later date. Again, you can save your template and then the last option
here is you can serve with a predefined one if you like. And then very similar
the website, work top bottom. So top to bottom logo. Header text, body text.
The slight differences we have different layouts for you to choose from. Once you
choose layout you like, you can preview it by emailing it to yourself. If you
like what you’ve done, hit publish and then based on your schedule, we’ll send
out a marketing for you. So you guys haven’t noticed. This is a very powerful
section. Our idea here, our mission your option is essentially help you guys make
a lot of money in very limited amount of time and what better way to just start
marketing to your audience once and created that list. So if you guys haven’t
noticed already we have partnered up with Kris. Meaning, that we were able to
give you guys a 5 day free trial. So please take advantage of not only that
but you will have access to the skip trace to end marketing. During the
5 free day drop or the 5 day free trial period. And on top of that as a
cherry on top, we’ve also given you a discounted price.
So normally at propstream.com, our current monthly rate is $99 a month through
Kris, you guys will be given a lower price. So please make sure to click on is
link. If you guys have any questions, give as a call other than that, Kris, back to you.
Boom! Like seriously. Your mind should be doing one of these explosion, right? It’s
exciting. I love using technology because what it can do is it replaces all the
manual labor and puts you in the driver’s seat to make some of the real
money. There’s a reason why I’m crushing it in real estate. I have amazing team
but my is using technology left and right. So
like Burton said, I actually negotiated with prop stream rather I should say
they came to me and they’re like dude Kris, we want to align ourselves with
you. So they said hey if you want to share this with anyone, we’ll give your
people, a 5 day free trial that means you and they also said that when it
comes time to actually sign up for the ongoing service. Instead of their one
$159 a month they drop it all the way to just $99 a month. So it’s an opportunity for you to have the most
valuable tool in your arsenal. This is equivalent to having 150 agents paid to
work for you. This is equivalent to you having built a massive expensive team
which right now you don’t need that. You just need this technology. So what I want
you to do is I want you to commit to have it for 30 days and say to yourself.
I’m going to use my free trial. I’m going to run my lists right now and then I’m
going to follow up and use the system and then after that, 30 days from now I look
back and evaluate and you’ll find that you’re likely doing deals now and before
you were not. So click the link in the description below. Get your free trial.
You’ll also see some information for a free copy of my book or get live with me
friends. Dude, you’re going to go nuts as we get live with each other and have an
amazing experience together. I’m looking forward to that one of my next
life-changing events it’s called Unleash your Financial Destiny. Thanks for
watching today. Do subscribe and I will see you on tomorrow’s video.

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