5 Awesome Strategies for Finding Great Real Estate Deals | Part 1

5 Awesome Strategies for Finding Great Real Estate Deals | Part 1

Hey, what’s up? Kris Krohn here. And today,
i’ve got something really cool lined up for you. 5 of the best strategies for
finding deals. How you do it from home? No realtors. All from like literally
from your bed, laptop. Friends, this is one of the most ninja ways for finding the
best deals. i’m talking about you going out there
doing 3 to 5 deals every single month. Check it out. In today’s world, we have technology on
our side like never before. Dude, in the past, if you wanted to find a good deal,
you would have to like get in your car and like drive for dollars. You’d have to
go down the county sheriff’s office and go through filings and see who hasn’t
paid their taxes, who might be in foreclosure. Today, that information for
the first time ever is literally a click of the button. Which means that when I
find deals, I can find it in minutes. Check it out. Today’s video is about
these 5 strategies. In a moment, I’m going to be bringing on my buddy Burton out
of California. He’s going to be skyping in here. And he’s going to show you how we use
a software called PropStream. And today he’s going to show in just a few minutes
how do you find properties in your area that are discounted which means equity.
How do you find all the pre-foreclosures which means there’s distress, they
haven’t started proceedings. And they need an investor help solve a problem
how about field listings. Which means they tried to sell their home for some
reason, they couldn’t. And now, you have a chance to get on there. Tax liens,
they’re late on their taxes and all of a sudden you know they have distress,
they’re going to lose their house. Or the property is vacant and obviously
distressed. This system will find all of those literally that fast. So, when I
bring Burton on. I want to tell you right now. He is like geeky nerdy over this
stuff. Like he gets insanely geeky on how does he actually go in there and find
these deals. But he’s going to show you how stupid simple it is. He represents this
company PropStream and because of how much I’ve done with them and because of
how much I utilized them successfully. They decided to give me a 5 day free
trial of their system to you. And they’ve also decided that if you decide to hang
on with the service that they’ve massively discounted. So, it’s like a
no-brainer and it’s in your arsenal and it’s something you’re going to want. The
link is below in the description. But without further ado, dude Burton, it’s
time for you to come on man and I want you to break it all down, show that
screen and I want you to break down how to easily in minutes find all of these
deals. Go. -Hey Kris, it’s good to be back. Thanks for having us on board again.
Everyone, Burton here with Cochran. Today, I’m actually going to be showing you 5
amazing strategies that you could perform in on platform. I would highly
encourage you guys to grab a pen and paper and write some notes. I’ll be
showing you is very powerful. As a matter of fact, consider it a secret
that most investors were using to make money. And successfully do so people like
Kris himself. So, with that said, Let’s just guide into it. So, the first criteria
I want to show you guys is essentially how to build a distressed homeowner. And
there’s many ways to do that. So, one of the ways I’m going to be showing you is
just kind of a sample and how to effectively do so. So, first we want to do
is search an area. Bolton County is the area I’ve chosen. And a go to filter. And
here is where you’ll be able to essentially custom-built your own
motivated sellers. So, for this example, I’m going to choose an owner-occupied
property. And rather than choosing a list type, I’m actually just going to lead a
blank. So, I can have the system go through all of the listings with the
criteria I’m about to apply. So, the second thing I’m going to do is go to
property characteristics and I’m going to choose. Let’s say single-family, any
multifamily property. Then this is where I’m essentially building in distress. So,
I’m looking for a building that was or a property that was built on 1991 before.
The idea is I’m looking for property a little bit over 30 years, 20 years. So
that way I know that maybe some things need to get done. The condition of the
property isn’t up to date. Really what I’m aiming for.
So now, that I’ve implied that your build, I can do bedrooms and bathrooms and so
forth. Next category is MLS status. And just like most of you, we’re going to
choose off market. So, on market, we’re going to choose no. Then it can go to
foreclosure and essentially find the highest distressed level which is pre
foreclosure. But for those of you guys that need more time and don’t like the
competition there. You can choose none. Such as we’re trying to find an owner
who hasn’t gotten a notice of default yet or trustee sell. And isn’t on the
market. Next categories ownership info so here we can separate corporate versus
individually owned. So, I’m going to look for just individual properties. I can
also specify the years of ownership. So I’m looking for a property owner. It’s
lived in the property for these 5 years or more. The next thing I can do is
add other encumbrances like a lien on the property.
Perhaps the lien has fits in a thousand or more attached to it. Meaning if they
don’t pay off that mean, things are going to start going south. They’re going to get
into creep foreclosure and then potentially…
And for most of you whole sellers out there, last stop is probably the equity
mortgage information. Here we can specify a percentage. Such as 60% or more. So,
now that I have all of my filters applied, I’m going to get apply and as you
can see I have several concentrated results that fit that distress criteria
I’ve created. So, that’s the first way to filter a distressed homeowner.
The second one I want to show you guys is looking for foreclosures or pre
foreclosures. So again, the highest level of distress to remember is to do so search
the area, go to filter. Choose pre foreclosure for
the list type. Yet again, you can choose property characteristics. We can go to
MLS status. Choose on market or off market. Your choice there. So, I’ll choose
off market. Again, we can being that we’re searching pre foreclosures, now we can
effectively filter it. And to effectively do that, I’m looking for the hottest and
freshest pre foreclosures. So, I’m going to go to the listing date and only look
for pre foreclosure starting that we’re versus this year or later. And then I can
specify the type of owner. So individually, properties and then again, I
can wrap it up by applying a percent. 50 percent or more.
Once I hit apply, I have now my concentrated results on the right-hand
side. That’s the second popular search. Most investors like yourself are doing.
The third one is looking for filled and listening. So, the idea here is that these
are property owners that tried to sell the property with an agent or
successfully able to do so. Our goal is to essentially go in there, speak to
these homeowners and perhaps find them an alternative solution. To do so, go in
the filter. List type MLS. Again, property characteristics. But most importantly in
the MLS status, we’re going to choose fail. Now, depending on the market, this
may vary. But you are going to apply 8 days on market. I’m going to choose 90 days.
Not only am I going to choose 90 days but I’m looking for listings starting on
December 1st of this last year. So what I’m telling the system is go through the
listings starting December 1st or later. I mean the ones that failed but we’re on
the market at least 3 months or more. I’m going to hit apply and now I
have my concentrated results. Again, the idea here is these are people that
wanted to sell and not successfully do so through an agent. Maybe we can go in
there and provide those solutions for them. The next popular search would be
looking for tax lien. These are again very high level of distress individuals.
Tax liens are very, very serious. I felt like a that off will obviously cause a
foreclosure. So, to do that, again, we’re going to search the area.
We’re going to go to filter. We’re going to choose liens. And again, start looking
downwards. We can put property characteristics. Go to MLS status for
those of you that are wanting it off market, choose no. Again, if you want
really distressed choose pre-foreclosures. If you need more time, make sure it’s
under none then we can go to ownership info. Again, separate corporate loan
properties versus individual. For this one, I’m only looking for individuals. I
also want them to have live there. Again, minimum amount of 5 years or more. I can
now then specify the lien. So, I’m looking for specifically tax liens. And again, I
want leverage so I’m looking for individuals with at least $20,000 or
more reported against their property. Again, if they don’t pay off this lien.
20,000 or more. That will cause the pre foreclosure. And again, to wrap it
up. For most of you, whole sellers out there, fix & flippers, we’re going to
apply equity. Again 50% or more. And once we do that, we’ve now narrowed
our criteria down.The last search out there most of you guys have heard about
is looking for agent listings. We do have access to that. So again, you’ll search
the area. Go to filter. Choose vacant. Now, here’s
the challenge. Vacant pretty much represents property
addresses that are not answering your mail for 3 weeks or more. So,
sometimes these are properties that we recent sold. Previous owner forgets the
further mail and then that property is a quote-unquote flight as bacon.
So, how do we prevent getting recently sold properties? To do so, go in filter.
List type vacant. Again, work downwards. property characteristics. MLS status on or
off market. Foreclosure status whether it’s in or not in pre foreclosure.
Ownership info is really where the magic happens with this
list type. Here, we’re going to separate again the individuals from the corporate.
And then, how do we get rid of these recently sold properties? What we’re
going to do is applying either a last sell date for years of ownership. So, in
this case… Let’s say 60 years. So now, I’m telling the system go through
the list of people not addressing their mail. But find me individuals
that have lived in their house for 6 years or more and are not addressing
their mail. At this point, you guys can take it further by adding more
encumbrances like a lien, a bankruptcy, divorce. Again, you can end it by applying an equity like 50% or more. Once you do that, you’ll hit apply and now
you’ll have your results on the right-hand side. So, I don’t know if you
guys have caught on. I mean our mission here at option is to help you guys make
a lot of money and very little bit about a time as fast as possible essentially.
Clearly, but I’ve showed you guys is very powerful. So I hope you guys have
taken notes. And if you guys haven’t noticed already, we have partnered up
with Kris. I’ve done something super cool with him. We will be giving you guys
access to 5-day free trial. With the platform. So, please take advantage of
that as well as this video and some things I’ve shown you. And then on top of
that, if you guys end up loving it, just can’t have enough of it. Kind of add the
cherry on top. We have given Kris the discounted price versus our website PropStream.com. Normally our website offers it at $99 a month. With Kris, you’ll be
given a lower price. So, make sure to click on his link. If you guys have any
questions, give us a call. Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy your day. Kris,
back to you. -Dude, Burton. That was brilliant, man. Thank you so much for
hopping on and for teaching that. You guys, if you actually click the link and
you actually get your free trial, you can hop on and literally watch the video.
Copy it for your area and you know what will happen? Hundreds of deals
potentially are going to come to you. And if you watch part 2. The next video that’s
coming. I’m going to Burton hop back on one more time. And I’m going to actually have
them break down for you, “Alright. Now, I got lists of hundreds of people, does
that mean that I get on the phone and call them all?” No. We’re using technology
to make it even simpler to weed it down to find the people that are going to make
deal happen with you. There’s a reason why I make tens of thousands of dollars per hour in the game of real estate. And that number every year only gets
bigger and bigger with more homes. And that’s because I’m a ninja of leverage.
And today, I’m showing you how to be a ninja of leverage. So, click the link
below. Get your free trial going right now. And then hang out for the next video,
part 2. Where we can take you how to make it even easier.

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