4K VIDEO ultrahd hdr sony 4K VIDEOS demo test nature relaxation movie for 4k oled tv

4K VIDEO ultrahd hdr sony 4K VIDEOS demo test nature relaxation movie for 4k oled tv

♬ Music ♬ do do do do do doooo

100 thoughts on “4K VIDEO ultrahd hdr sony 4K VIDEOS demo test nature relaxation movie for 4k oled tv

  1. Meanwhile I'm watching on my phone with 720p60

  2. Who is watching in 4k??

  3. Me: Puts 4K video to 1080p
    My 1950 computer: Ah shit here we go again….

  4. Is 1440p the highest resolution on YouTube? 🤔

  5. repoorted

  6. With what camera was this video recorded?

  7. Lol i have a 1080p monitor oof

  8. my GPU (Nvidia GT 740) can do 4K but my potato processor can't so if i try 4k things die, 2K works tho lol

  9. whos watching to test jio ? XD

  10. احلى فيديو في العالم hd مرررررررة

  11. this is a piece of art that no one carrs about.. every one is busy checking the internet speed, display quality, bla bla , but the main point of this video is to enjoy the things that is not seen offently in a real life. dont forget to enjoy the nature and art. thank you and give some respect to those people whoever shot this video.

  12. I’m so confused right now. When I play 4K content on my laptop, it’s super slow. It takes 5 mins to play 5 secs of the video. But I also have a 4K hdr tv and when I play it on my tv through YouTube app that’s already installed on tv, no problem at all. Why is that?

  13. you really do see it all

  14. turn on subtitle and thank me later.

  15. Video plays in 720p

  16. E boy I have 1440p loaded !

  17. Yey! my computer can watch videos in 4k!

  18. Bonjour, j’ai créé une vidéo sur la nature et j’aimerai avoir des avis pour m’améliorer. Merci.

    Hello, I created a video about nature and I would like to have opinions to improve myself. Thank you.


  19. My 1 Gb connexion : "It's all you can do ?"

  20. I thought 4K was more than 1080p

  21. Man this looks nice, what quality is this? Should be 4K my iPad is 4K, wait, AUTO : 720p

  22. O video nao é em 4k nao, 4k nao fica em 1080p nao. Fica mais alto ainda. Aí está apenas em full hd abaixo de ser dito em resoluçao k

  23. Im so confused how my GTX 1050 runned the video for 19 seconds straight

  24. my computer is very hot. Oh, noo

  25. testing my new monitor and i feel good

  26. Watch this with samsung galaxy note 8

  27. Не могу смотреть Twitch в качестве 480, зато Ютуб 4к тянет на изи

  28. Omg 1440p , I Have Samsung Galaxy S10

  29. my laptop internet is like do you want 1080p or 480p ?

  30. I played this for my dogs to calm down but now I am watching it. It's so nice to watch all the animals with the calm music. 🙂

  31. Ringtone

  32. умуня 4 ка лагает хуй знает пачаму

  33. Just testing my fiber gig. So glorious!

  34. Looks amazing nokia 3310 wow

  35. Didn't know that 4k videos came from Africa 😁😁😁😁, am proud to be African

  36. 在此路过!

  37. finalmente trocamos a internet aqui de casa.. jamais imaginei que um dia ia ter uma que entrasse num vídeo 4k só de clicar.. e sem travar ainda kkk Deus é bom

  38. My video didn't freeze at all, not even using WiFi and on my phone too

  39. Watching in railway wifi

  40. Eu: Caraí vou assistir um vídeo em 4k

    Meu celular que não roda nem 480P: kkkkkkclarokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkconfie no seu potencialkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkvai sim

  41. I just appreciated how beautiful the earth was🙏😊 I feel so blessed

  42. I watch with 1080p and my internet is like hell nah

  43. anyone using this to test out dsr

  44. nice Video man, truly appreciate it, its awesome and very relaxing.

  45. OnePlus 7 pro anyone?

  46. Watching 4k video at 1080p on my vivo v15 pro with super amoled screen

  47. 2160p 4k no buffer man this is great

  48. Lovely piano. Shazam can't find it—what is this? Sounds easy enough to learn …

  49. 144p or 360p, Leave it or take it.

  50. Watching this on my first 1920x1080p Acer monitor, OMG!

  51. SONY-stoner’s best friend, since 1945

  52. so this is the video i always see on the tv’s on display at best buy

  53. 这个字幕也太好笑了吧😂do do do do do doooo

  54. Guys watch my new video you may like it.


  55. Testing my damn tablet that I recently got and it says it displays 1080p but it's only showing me 720p wtf

  56. My internet says:
    You need to watch 144p or 360p LOL

  57. Like si estás aquí por que quieres probar la calidad de tu celular

  58. This isnt true 2160p btw, think youtube only goes up to 1080p

  59. i have a 4K PC

  60. Solo vine para ver que tal me va el internet

    Y en verdad demoro entre 5 a 10 segundos en cargar el video 🙂

  61. Real 4K portable monitor can display the 4K video perfectly. — Colorful, good sharpness and very bright image. Highly recommended: amzn.to/31LscuO

  62. I left it at auto… and it went all the way to 1080p! This is a first in my life and now I want to eat sushi!

  63. 1440 ppi note 8
    20/8/219 Tuesday
    10:44 AM from Iraq Karbala city

  64. im really proud of my internet

  65. 1060

  66. idk why, but when i watching this video i just miss my dad

  67. my screen only has 2k but it still shows 4 on youtube and the quality is actually better lol

  68. Fake

  69. It's like you're at those places and can reach out and touch everything, that's how I feel at least

  70. Fucking iPad Pro cant even play this at 1440p

  71. set video to 2160p, CPU usage jump straight to 100%

  72. Watching this on a FullHD Monitor and I can see a noticable difference between 1080p and 4k when switching between one and another

  73. wow i can watch it in 4k with my computer! :O

  74. Cómo cobra

  75. 24:44 The moment of disappointment in compressed formats.

  76. My eyes 😍

  77. Otimo teste para ver se a net presta kkk rodou lisinho e carregou de boa

  78. my internet :

    144p. take it or leave it.

  79. Hello please subscribe to my YouTube channel Arif Agamirzoev there's just music of the peoples of the Caucasus it would be very helpful, it's not difficult THANK You

  80. Thank you Sony for proving that still life with video and glorious colour can be beautiful.

  81. 144p seeing😂

  82. wow i can see the video in 4k without buffering but i have 1080p monitor 🙁

  83. Who are here to see that their new phone supports 4k videos

  84. its 1440p on s6 edge 🙂

  85. Damn Wish I Could Watch In 4K Have To Watch In 10p

  86. it seems as real eye

  87. feels good watching this in 144p

  88. İnternet hızını test etmeye geldim, gidicem.

  89. Они заработали примерно 370к грн/740к рублей/22.5 к долларов на этом видео,омг 0_0.

  90. Always good for testing TVs

  91. Nice

  92. the quality is incredible, never thought i would witness such good quality. 🙂

  93. Thank you 4K monitor! It is very nice to see all this!

  94. Watching in 4k 2160p !!

    Descargar YOUTUBE VANCED

  96. nice :3

  97. Who else is watching with a 4K 240fps tv?

    yeah, me neither

  98. i love the captions…
    do do do dooo do….

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