48 Ontario Grand Bend | PLAZA for sale | Prime Real Estate Brokerage

48 Ontario  Grand Bend  | PLAZA for sale  |  Prime Real Estate Brokerage

(upbeat rock music) – So Grand Bend is changing
and this is quite possibly the best time for me to
showcase a brand new opportunity I have for you guys to own a plaza in one of the Southwest coast’s
most exciting communities. So, high level. What are your getting? You’re getting a plaza that currently has four units already
built out that brings in over 80,000 dollars a year. Historically located right on Highway 21. So you hear that noise? If you own a business, noise equals money. You have a very high traffic town and you’ll notice two great
signs right on the highway, so your exposure is second to none. Also what you’ll notice standing here is look at the size of this property. So you’re .657 acres, but
what’s unique about this one is you have over 30 parking spots. From a future development perspective, this is a very unique opportunity. How nostalgic is this? I had to wrap this video
up by this 7UP machine ’cause A. I don’t actually know if you can buy a 7UP for a dollar these days, but just looking at the
logo and being in Grand Bend gives you that nostalgic feeling. I know when you even hear that word on your side of the camera,
it brings up instant memories. Obviously you have southwestern Ontario’s most beautiful sunsets and
you have blue flag beaches up and down the coastlines,
unequivocally one of the best possible places to be on planet
Earth during the summertime. What you may not realize is Grand Bend is actually a year-round town. So yes, they do peak tourism-wise in the summertime and they
have 50,000 people here, but year round you have people visiting from all walks of life, enjoying
everything that this place has to offer in the wintertime
as much as the summertime. You’re seeing that from a residential development prospective. There’s a whole pile of new
projects that have come online and those sales are booming and they are building those very quickly. We are seeing a lot of
residential sales happening in the older neighborhood. People coming in from other territories like the GTA, like Ottawa,
like New Market, like London. So you’re gonna wanna get in before this market gets too hot. And I always like to
make the comparison to if you could have bought
Uber stock at $50, but passed up on it and it jumped to $100, you probably regretted that. But if you didn’t buy at
$100 and it went to $200, would you regret that more? And that’s where I’m gonna leave you with. Are you gonna regret
not buying in Grand Bend when you had the opportunity? So if you’re interested in
owning a commercial plaza or future development
opportunity, call me today. (upbeat electronic music) (popping noise)

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