.46 Cents Per Lead, 10 cents per click Real Estate Ads on Facebook | Lori Ballen 2018

.46 Cents Per Lead, 10 cents per click Real Estate Ads on Facebook | Lori Ballen 2018

I want to show you a simple facebook ad and
some fantastic results. I ran an ad for a new listing and the goal
was to spend $150 over 30 days on this ad, but the property actually sold the day we
listed it. So this ad has to come down, but I do want
to show you the results because I’m seeing outstanding results. Um, as I’m duplicating this same process over
and over again. Now I’m in my wordstream dashboard. I’ll put a link in there for you to try wordstream
let me just close this. There we go. Uh, but what does is, is it, so it looks a
little bit different than if you were logging into the facebook back panel for me, I’m managing
pay per click for my own real estate business for my marketing company, for my Keto Coaching
Company, and for my clients that hire my ballen brands, marketing company to manage or paperclick. So we’re doing a google ad words and we’re
doing facebook now. I like to manage it all in one dashboard. So that’s why I’m using wordstream and I find
that a seamless software like this is much easier to use than those clunky back in and
add panels that Google ad words and facebook offer. Sorry, but it’s true. I’m just not crazy about their dashboards. Alright. So. And I would not say wordstream is a cheap
option, but for me it was, I had to have something better that I didn’t take me so much time
to go in and out at the different panels. So here we go. So here’s the listing. Okay. Halfmoon Bay, that’s a property. I’m going to show you the ad in a moment. As you can see here, it’s active. I’m actually going to pause that now because
that property sold. Whoops, hold on, go back to there. Okay. So I’m just going to go ahead and just do
this and I’m going to pause it now. And there was, my goal was to spend $150 30
days. So there were 669 impressions. I’ll show you the targets in a moment. Um, my total spend was $4 and fifty six cents. I acquired 10 leads, which you can see here. Let me show you this dashboard. This is where all the leads are, so you can
see here the properties that they came in on. So there’s half Moon Bay, halfmoon bay, Halfmoon
Bay, half when base, and you can see that there were the 10 that actually came in there. Okay, now I use infusionsoft for real estate
and my digital marketing company, ballen brands actually has built out a real estate version
of infusionsoft. And so all of these leads actually funneled
into my crm as well. But I just wanted to show you how they’re
showing in the back end panel to show you the proof of the 10 leads. Okay. So next we have, um, my cost per acquisition
is only forty six cents a lead. I mean, that’s just, that’s just fantastic. I love that. And I’m finding this over and over again. If I look at my shadow bay one, which was
run this, uh, in a similar way. So this one’s going up a little bit now because
that ad’s been running a while, so I need to put a fresh out, a fresh one on there. But as you can see, there were a hundred and
29 conversions. So this ad’s been running since May sixth. Today’s the 15th. So it’s been running for 11 days and it has,
has, has had 129 conversions at sixty eight cents per lead. Also incredibly valuable. Okay. Now the concept that I’m doing is exactly
the same on these. So let’s go to the half Moon Bay. Let’s go ahead and look at ads and um, take
a look at. Oh, so I don’t want to copy it. I want to review it. There we go. Alright. So, um, here’s my targets. So this particular one is targeting all of
Las Vegas. Um, I have aged 25 and up, which is not a
breach of the fair housing regulations. It does not. You can put a minimum age where a maximum
age may cause you problems. So I don’t limit the maximum age, but I have
a starting age of 25 on this one. I have both male and female genders. My budget’s a $150 for the month. That’s all of my um, targets. And here my estimated reach, you can see I’m
in Vegas. My, I could have spend a lot more money on
this ad and reached a lot more people because the reach is pretty massive or I could have
taken it down to a zip code instead of all of Las Vegas. But then my audience, my cost per click may
have gone up because I’m taught now targeting another audience. So let me edit this ad set so we can look
at it. So this is what it looks like on the back
end. You guys probably recognize this. I have it showing in the newsfeed I was showing
him the instagram feed. I also want to add instagram stories. I’m just setting up a new business page on
this one. Okay. So then let’s see if we can. I want to see the ad, just kind of a preview here. Okay. So here’s what I did, what you can see here
is I’ve got it linked to my business page and the here’s how the text description looks. I always do these little emojis and these
are kind of just a punch points of the property and so far I’ve found this works really well. I’m using one image and it’s the best image
of the lot. So I’m very careful about not just putting
a front of the house. I want the best picture that I think showcases
the home. Typically this is a kitchen or it’s the pool
or the large sprawling living area. In this particular case, it happened to be
the bedroom. Okay, now my call to action headline is download
info. And so far I’ve found that to be the best,
um, call to action. But I’m going to run a split test on my next
listing, have another one coming in and I’m going to try a couple of calls to actions
and split test them and make another video to show you. But I really liked download info. Now in my particular case, I am sending them
to a listings to leads landing page that has the option for them to put in their email
and download the info so it’s appropriate for me. So you’ve got to have like an online brochure
or something that they’re downloading. Otherwise you’re gonna want to use a different
button? Okay. Then I have, um, my news feed link description
here. I just put my listing agents, thinking about
my team and then my contact info on this case. Um, there’s your download so you could have
signups and investedge watch more. It’s all kinds of stuff and they keep adding
more and adding more than anymore. Now let me show you this destination url because
this is the key to the whole thing. The landing page matters. Now I’m a, I build real estate agent websites. My marketing company does. So if you look at my vegas website, this is
called a brew and brew stands for Ballen Real Estate Websites and my marketing company,
ballen brands build these websites. So they are wordpress power, their IDX driven,
their buyer and seller sites. They’re rich and seo capabilities. And we also write content and manage pay per
click services. So I was sending everybody to my bruce site
whenever there’s a new listing, and here’s what would happen. Let’s just say this was my featured listing,
so I ran a facebook ad and let’s just say this is the landing page that I sent them
to. Okay? Uh, what would happen then is they’d have
to click view photo gallery and that’s when the fourth registration would pop up. Okay, now I tested this and didn’t get anywhere
near the number of leads that I get on a, on a landing page. Let me show you why. The challenge is there’s just too much information. There’s not anything wrong with my idea. This is fantastic, but when you’re looking
at paying per click, you have to get obsessed with conversion. Lead capture conversion. How low can my cost per acquisition go? Right? Well, there’s a lot of Info that they can
digest from this page without ever having to, um, registered. So what happens is they end up eliminating
the need to register. They’ll go, oh, it has four bedrooms. How many bedrooms are, oh, it’s only on point
13 acres. Oh, it was built in 1997. I’d rather have a 2007. So what we find is limiting the information
on the page is actually going to increase your lead capture. Now what I could do is I can send them to
this page and I can force pop up immediately and they’d have to register to see anything
and I haven’t really compared that registration on land against the listings lead landing
page. Maybe I should do that next. But what I did find is this full information
until photo gallery forced registration versus the listings leads landing page. The listings leads landing pages when. Okay, I’ll give you a link to try listings
to leads. Um, I have a special link that’s going to
get you an extended free trial. So I suggest you click my link register. Um, I will disclose that it is an affiliate
link. I, there is a, to me, if you register using
my link. So I like to disclose that whenever, but I
want you to get the extended free trial as well. So I’m going to show you what the landing
page looks like. Okay? So see the difference, instead of sending
them to that Idx page with all the information there, set right here, and you can see the
picture of the background. All right, I’m all that’s on here is a little
basic description that’s being fed from my listings leads dashboard and then they can
log in right here with an email or they can continue with facebook. Okay? So this is really the best form of a lead
capture. When you’re doing paper click simple information
or making the offer, the landing page looks like the ad. Notice the pictures, the same on the ad as
it isn’t a landing page. So there’s some trust value there. It’s clean and it captures. Fantastic. So this is the. This is essentially all I’m doing, I’m with
this ad, it’s really quite simple and here’s where you can see what it looks like. So here’s the desktop version, the mobile
version and the instagram version. Okay. And then once I make all my changes, if I’m
using wordstream, I just click this button to post and it goes all the way through. So this is the magic of getting low cost per
acquisition. Okay? A lot of people brag about low cost per click,
which these are averaging me about ten cents a click, so low, low, low cost per click is
fantastic, but you could be getting a hundreds of clicks and not getting any conversions. So your cost per lead is through the roof. So when I’m looking at somebody’s bragging
about how well they do on facebook, I don’t care what your cost per click is, I want to
know what your cost per lead is because that really shows me that you probably have a high
relevance score, um, you, you’ve demographically targeted your audience correctly, you’re using
the right images, the right description, like in your emojis and you’re using the right
landing page. So you have really figured out all of the
processes to get that cost per acquisition low. And that is what I like to pay close attention
to. So this is how you create a facebook ad for
a new real estate listing that wins every time. If you are interested in pay per click services,
please contact my company, look us [email protected] or give us a call or an email and if you need
a real estate website, talk to us about our brew websites that are just phenomenal and
we can give you a free demo. And we also have an incredible, uh, infused
brew which gives you a complete real estate built out crm, a pipeline tracking. It’s just absolutely incredible. So contact us if you want to find out about
getting a new real estate website as well. I’m Lori Ballen and we would love your real
estate referrals to Lori Ballen team here serving Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las

4 thoughts on “.46 Cents Per Lead, 10 cents per click Real Estate Ads on Facebook | Lori Ballen 2018

  1. Do you have a script for when you contact these leads that converts to an appointment well that you could share or do a video on?

  2. Are you really not doing any other targeting besides age and location? I've done FB ads in the past and I used tons of targeting options to try to get higher relevance scores. Do you think less is better? I'm in the Phoenix, AZ market which is very similar to your Vegas market.

  3. Which service are you using for the text feature in your L2L landing page?

  4. Thanks for sharing the video Lori. I am getting great results at getting leads but it appears that a majority of them don't fill out the phone number and proceed to the information. What percentage do you find actually converting to a full lead. Right now i am getting about 10% to fill in the phone number after they submit the facebook link on the landing page.

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