4 Bedroom Home for Sale in Berwyn, IL 60402 – Luxury House For Sale

4 Bedroom Home for Sale in Berwyn, IL 60402 – Luxury House For Sale

Hey this is Joshua Inglis with exp
Realty I’m really excited because I’m going to be showing you what might be
the nicest home for sale in Berwyn! It’s amazing the attention of detail
that they put into this home where they added an entire second story. Fresh
Look Renovations did the construction and the owner John is inside. Let’s go inside and meet them! Hey John good to see you! Hi Josh nice to
see you! Hey thanks so much for meeting with me I just have to say wow you’ve really outdone yourself again I love what
you’ve done with this staircase. Thank You Josh!
Basically we went big once again you know to show everybody the grand
entrance that we have here. You know, I’m not only the investor here I’m also a
developer. I really take pride in what we do here okay attention to details it’s
something we pride ourselves in. Absolutely I can just tell that like
this staircase was built for this specifically for this house and just the
craftsmanship is outstanding. Tell me a little bit about the trim work that
you did. What we did we did crowns all around as you see. Wainscoting and all
custom you know like we always do. All big, something that will catch your eye as
soon as you walk in. Yeah I’m really excited to see the rest of the house
let’s go take a look at the kitchen. Come on in. Wow I love what you did with this
kitchen it’s just massive and this island is huge
are these marble countertops actually these are quartz and we love quartz for
its reliability and durability over time as you know yeah absolutely what more
some of the other finishes that you put in this kitchen some of our finishes is
this huge farm sink stainless appliances huge hood and of course all the slow
soft closing cabinet and with this all I know you add an
entire second story so I’m really excited to go upstairs and check that
out and let’s take a look this is really great
the I bolted ceilings and hardwood floors on the entire second level you
guys did a great job with this addition thank you basically what we did we cut
off the top of the old house we add an addition in the back and we went all the
way up now you see these high ceilings big vaulted ceiling that everybody loves
we have laundry room upstairs a huge master a huge master bath and of course
walk-in closet that everybody loves and I’m noticing that the temperature is
really cool up here another thing we did is we add a second unit just to keep
everything nice and cool upstairs with all these high ceilings yeah and you did
a great job with insulating this house I can tell to super energy efficient I’m
noticing that you’re getting a lot of natural light in the house we did a lot
of windows jobs and people love natural light does go see it from outside okay not only is the house immaculate on the
inside it’s also immaculate on the outside I love what you did with the
windows and the siding it’s truly beautiful Josh what we did here is extra
large casement windows a lot of sunlight on inside also they are all low heat
which is high efficiency also what we did is a hardy board instead of your
cheap vinyl it’s a lot more expensive but also a lot more durable will last
long time and again more efficient which everybody loves yeah I love how you’re
utilizing this outdoor space you’ve got a great yard in this deck which is just
gonna be great for entertaining so John what’s the best way for people
to get in touch with you best it’s by my phone number seven zero eight three five
nine nine nine seven eight well thanks again John. Thank you Josh. You just did another just immaculate job here and everything just turned out perfect. If you have any
questions about this home make sure to visit 1537 Elmwood dot-com or feel free
to contact me at the information below this is Joshua Inglis with exp Realty
and I’ll see you soon.

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  1. Will you guys let me have it for $100?

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