3 Ways To Turn A House Into A Cash Flowing Machine

3 Ways To Turn A House Into A Cash Flowing Machine

You know, I still run into people that
want to know, “What’s so special about real estate?” And I’m like, “Let me show you
how I turn a house into a cash flow machine. And then I think you’ll get it.”
And so, I thought I’d make a video today. And what I’m going to do is I’m gonna share
with you the three things I do to turn a house into a cash flow killer machine
that can absolutely financially change your life. So, here’s the challenge: Today we’ve got
to figure out how to buy a house, turn it into this cash flowing machine and
ultimately sell it down the road for hopefully 50 to $100,000 profit. If I
were sitting down with you face to face yet, “Okay, Kris. I’m kind of brand new to
the game. Maybe have some investing experience but really, I’m trying to
figure out how to go from where I’m at today which is having something or maybe
nothing and getting myself to my first million dollars.” How do I do that and how
do you turn real estate into this massive cash flow machine the way you
did to retire at 26?” Check it out. I want to show you one of my favorite
strategies today it’s documented in this book, The Straight Path To Real Estate
Wealth. And in this book, I talk about how you can get paid $5,000 up front when
you do a deal. How you can get paid $500 each month. And how you can make $10,000
when you actually sell the property 3, 4, 5, 7 years down the
road. And the reason why I like this strategy is that for most people, you
know, the idea of making five grand up front. It’s like, “Oh, that’s a real problem
solver.” If I need to get a head on a bill or I’ve got child support issues or I
need to buy a car or I’ve got tuition, listen, 5 grand for a lot of people
can start solving some kind of problems. But it’s this $500 a month that is
residual that really starts having a really significant impact. Because $500 a
month won’t make you financially free. But $500 a month is the start to
becoming financially free. And then later down the road if you sell that house and
make 50,000 or 70,000 dollars, trust me, you’re going to have a
smile on your face. It’s cool. The money is awesome but you did it. And
if you did this once, could you do it again? The first time you’re gonna feel
like it’s luck, the second time you’re gonna say it’s a fluke. And the third
time you’re gonna say, “Oh, my goodness. I think I can duplicate this and do this
over and over again.” And then the game becomes a new one of, “All right then. How
do I actually do this 10 times? Or 100 times?” I’m gonna show you right
now. So, this strategy is what I call a lease with an option to purchase. I have
a program called compassionate financing. And it’s all based on this idea that if
I bought a home to turn into a cash flow machine, you could turn it into a rental but I
would call that a week cash flow machine. Even a dangerous cash flow machine.
Because a typical house bought underneath the median. You know, 150 to
200 thousand-dollar home. You rent that out and you might make a couple hundred
bucks a month. And you’re like, “But Kris, I could use an extra couple hundred
dollars a month. That wouldn’t be bad.” And to that I would say you’re right. But if
something goes wrong and you need more money and then… You know, that could
actually set you back. So, how do you actually up the cash flow on that? And
that’s where I do. I take the exact same house and instead I say, “You know what?
I’m not looking for a renter. I’m looking for a family that wants to move in this
home and make it theirs.” And I’m going to ask him to give me a down payment on
average I’m going to get $5,000. They’re going to pay a higher cash
flow. And because I bought the property strategically, I’m actually going to
incentivize them that if they make their payments on time,
they’ve given me the downpayment. That in 3, 4 or 5 years, they can
actually go and buy that house from me. And when they do, all I’ve made money on
it, I’ll cut some of it back to them as a benefit and what do they get out of it
they get to live in the house now and treat it as their own. Instead of just
wasting their money on rent. So there’s a really beautiful service component
that’s happening here. A lot of people do lease options. And some people do it with
the intent to harm. Like I’m gonna collect a big down payment and then hope
you never buy the house. We’re not talking about that strategy. That’s why
this is called compassionate financing. The contract is built in a way to help
them be able to buy the house. And this is what you ultimately want. Why? Because
when you sell and you get all of this money, what can you do with it? Well, you
could do some stupid things with it. You could buy a car, you could buy TV, you
could upgrade the furniture in your house or apartment. You could take a
lavish trip. And you could consume it down to nothing. Or you could take it and
do what? You could buy 2 houses. And 2 houses makes twice the stack. And 2
becomes 4. And 4 becomes 8 and 8 becomes 16. And after you’ve got
4 or 5 houses, that’s when neighbors and friends and families start
looking at you and saying, “You know? I was really skeptical. I didn’t think this was
gonna work. And now it looks like it is. And you have a track record.
Can I partner with you? Can I throw some money in?” And now we’ll look what’s
happening. Now, you can do as much real estate as you want. And that’s really the
goal here. So, in this game that we’re talking about how you turn your property
into a cash flow machine is don’t rent the home. Look for a family. You got to
have the right contracts. Put a family in the home that wants to give you a down
payment. Help them buy that home with time. You’re gonna get more cash flow
than you would usually double than you would on a rental. And then when you sell
the house, you’re going to make a lot more money and then they also get to make
money. I’ve been able to help a lot of families get into homes where banks
wouldn’t help them. You get to be that bank for them. So, this is how you buy a
property. Now, the cool thing is you don’t even have to have money to buy the
property. You can actually use somebody else’s money, the bank’s money, a
partner’s money. The bottom line is everything I’m sharing with you comes
down to this: One, you need knowledge and 2, you need a mentor. And if you have
those 2 things. Then it doesn’t matter whether you have a little bit of time or
a lot of time. A little bit of money a lot of money or no money. The reality is
this game is literally about deal-making. It means I’m going to just put resources
together. Here’s some money, here’s a deal, here’s a family looking for a house. I
put it all together and I get paid a lot of money and other people get paid money
and everybody wins. So, if you want to learn how to do that
system, it’s documented really well in this how-to manual. All you have to do is
click the link below. It’s a free gift. The book doesn’t cost anything. Just
cover the shipping so that I can send it out to you. And if you want to jam with
my team, have a free consultation and say “Hey, reading is fine. But can someone give
me some step-by-step how-to instruction?” They’ll do that for you as well. Thank
you for watching. Make sure that you subscribe. Share this video if you liked
it. Comment on what kind of videos you’d like to see me making or if this video
is helpful for you. And I’ll see you on tomorrow’s video.

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