3 Easy Ways To Find The Best Deals

3 Easy Ways To Find The Best Deals

I’m amazed at how many people I meet
that seriously think that what’s really holding them back is their inability to
find good deals. So today, I’m going to be sharing three of my favorite strategies
for finding amazing deals. Okay. So, I recommend taken some notes on
this because what I’m going to do is I’m going to drop some serious value based
knowledge. I think that’s going to really help you out. Because listen, if you can
find a deal that’s packed with equity, you can find a house where you get a big
discount, that’s a house you can sell and make a pile of money. That’s a house you
can do a single family. That’s a house you can do a lease option on. So, what I
want to do is I want to focus on how do you find a really good deal. Let’s start
by actually defining what is a good deal and then let’s talk about how you
actually find them. So, in my game, one of the things that I recommend for people
that are brand new is you want to get into single-family homes. If you’re
playing underneath the median, let’s talk about finding a house maybe that’s worth
$200,000. There’s 2 things that will determine that this is a good deal. The
first one is are you getting a discount on it? If you could for example buy a
$200,000 house for $170,000, there’s a difference of $30,000. So, if you buy this house, at some later date you could
sell it and capture some of that money. And that could leave you significantly
better off. So the first one is get a discount. The second thing is to take a
look at the ROI. Now, this comes down to your strategy. Are you flipping it? Are
you doing a lease option? Are you doing a rental? What are you actually doing on
this home? You know that if you click the link in the description and talk to
member my team that if you’re brand new, I’m going to be talking about lease option
because I can make 2 the returns that I can on a rental. You can make 5
grand upfront. You can make $500 a month, each month and you can
also make tens of thousands of dollars when you actually sell. So, that’s the
strategy that will factor into ROI. And for me and real estate guys, people are
pretty happy if they’re beating 10%. But here’s my goal in focus. I
always want to be making 20%. A discount is not the only thing that
you’re looking for. Sometimes you don’t need that to get a really high ROI. But
those are 2 factors that we can use in saying, “Hey, do we have a good deal?” So now
that we have this definition, here’s the real question.
How do you find them? Let’s start with strategy number 1. Realtors. What is a
realtor? A realtor is a real estate agent that earns a commission for
helping buy and sell properties. And the person selling the home has to pay them
generally a 3% commission. Now what’s 3% on a basic $200,000 house
for this example? It’s 6 grand. So a realtor says, “Hey, I’m going to try to find a
buyer for that home or I’m going to try to sell that house.” So the agent that’s
representing the seller and the agent that’s representing the buyer, each
potentially can make $6,000. And if it’s one agent playing both, they can make up
to $12,000. Those agents, because of that kind of money guess what? They’re highly
motivated to basically help investors like us. And here’s the cool part. We
don’t have to pay them. We’re trying to buy property so the person selling, it’s
going to actually have to pay our agent fees. This is really good news but which
means that you can get as many agents as you want working for you for free. That’s…
Sorry, that’s a little Adam Sandler for you. The question is how do you get an
agent to work for you? Write this down. Number 1. I want you to go to all the
places online where you find Realtors. Look for their faces, their name and
properties that they’re trying to sell. And you want to look for the agents that
specialize in foreclosures, handyman’s specials, great investment opportunities.
And it’s all they seem to represent. Now, some agents will gravitate towards that
specialty in real estate. They like working with investors. They’re less
emotional, they’ll make decisions as long as the numbers add up. And they can do
multiple deals with them. So, smart Realtors will work with investors. And
what I want you to do is find them. Now, super easy. You just got to look for
those keywords. Just go to all the places where homes are being listed by Realtors
and look for a pattern. You’re not looking for a house right now. Does that
make sense? You’re looking for a realtor that specializes in discounted
properties. Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go find 10 of these
Realtors. And I want you to call them up and say, “I’m an investor, here’s my
criteria. I’m looking for a certain ROI or a certain discount.” An 8 out of
the 10 are going to say, “You crazy. Yhat is to you that is way too aggressive.” But
2 out of the 10 will say, “Alright.” And they’ll start sending you deals. And
guess what? Those deals, they won’t necessarily be good deals but they
should be good deals. You’re going to find out whether that are good realtor or
whether they’re bad realtor they’re going to find out if you know your stuff or
not. But bottom line is they’re going to start sending your deals. That is one of
the three things I wanted to share today for how you find really good deals. The
second strategy that I want to give you is
to actually go and talk to landlords. Now, this is weird.
Landlords are owners of homes that are trying to find tenants to rent their
homes when they become vacant. Why would I want you talking to them? Because some
of those landlords are don’t-wanters. They’re sick and tired of being
landlords, they’re sick and tired of owning the home. And you get to come
along and if you find a landlord that it has a property that’s rented for too low,
meaning they could rent it for more. That could be a sign that they’re a motivated
seller. It could be a sign that they are motivated and that they are
unprofessional. Means that they’re not classically trained. It means that their
emotional. Means that they may not know what they’re doing. Which means that they
don’t care. But something is off and when you can find a property that’s rented
for very little, you do have the chance to actually contact them and say, “Hey.
would you be open to renting your house to me and then letting me buy it maybe
like 4 or 5 years? By the way, I’ll do all the management.” I’m going to tell you
right now. The landlord is going to say, “Tell me about that.” They’re going to be really
interested because they’re sick and tired of management. They’re sick and
tired of maintenance. And they’re sick and tired of having to find a new renter
every 12 months. Whereas you might be a 5-year tenant. How cool is that? Right?
Okay, so that’s another strategy that I use for finding really good deals. One is
leverage Realtors. Number 2 is go talk to landlords. Number 3 is more of a
bonus and it’s the easiest one that I can give you. I have a team of experts
that do nothing but hit the payment pavement finding the very best deals for
me. And I got too many right now. I have an excess of deals. I got so many deals
right now and I got no one to actually help me do those deals. So you could
actually join my real estate Club. And as a member, I would actually be giving you
deals. And that might be the right way for you to get started. Now, that works
for people that have money. And then if you don’t have money, then I’m going to do
some training. I’m going to show you how to find the good deals and how to do them
without taking any money out of pocket. So friends, when we talk about finding a
deal, is there discount, is there a good ROI? Those are three really good strategies.
Work the Realtors and have them work for you. You can work the landlords and
have them dish up good deals where you don’t even need to do bank financing.
Because the turn the home over to you. Or the third,
my team has all these extra amazing deals in the best markets and I’ll tee
them up for you. If any of that makes sense or if you’re looking for a mentor
that can really get into the details and like guide you through this, click the
link in the description. Talk to a member of my team and have them break it all
down for you. We can actually show you whether you got money or no money how to
do real estate the most successful way. There’s a game plan for you. They can
help you absolutely crush it. Thank you so much for watching today’s video. I
hope it was informational, educational. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up.
And then other than that, subscribe. Because every single day, I come out with
a new video to teach and train and educate you on how to freaking crush it
in this game of real estate. If you want hands-on help, click the link and we’ll
see on the other side.

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