212 Kuethe Ave, Glen Burnie MD 21060 – House for Sale Glen Burnie MD

212 Kuethe Ave, Glen Burnie MD 21060 – House for Sale Glen Burnie MD

AllenStanton.com in the house what’s
up y’all got another listing right here we’re
going to check it out there are so many so many great features about this house
one of the big things I want to point out is this specific room right here 20
feet by 25 feet you could do whatever you want with it
you’re going to notice in here for the one in marky-mark let’s keep it quick we
got granite countertop all new cabinets all new stainless steel appliances
beautiful stuff I want to let everyone know that everything here is natural gas
it’s got two bedrooms upstairs it’s got a main first floor master with the
master suite so we’re looking at three bedrooms on the main and the upper level
and three full baths in the basement there’s another room you could use as a
bedroom office whatever you want check that out – so it’s three full finished
levels downstairs let me share flow you don’t have to come down but real quick I
just wanted to point out that there’s actually brand new hot water heater a
brand new furnace brand new central air it’s got a brand new roof so I know my
list of everything being brand new is getting old but anyway allenstanton.com in the house thanks for watching videos buying a house is not easy difficult get
connect it will make things happen whether you’re a first-time buyer or so
I’m ready to move up Cheers and happy Halloween give a shot outside
there we go I told you it’s live hey come cut this
grass to our man Cheers thanks again guys for watching I know
I’m just having a little bit of fun but it’s I take this very serious and things
do not need to be difficult so again thanks for everything
cheers y’all

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  1. sir you should give the price and the "morgage"payment

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