210 Consulting | Custom Real Estate Website Provider | Review

210 Consulting | Custom Real Estate Website Provider | Review

Okay this is a review of 210consulting.com it goes along with my blog post the top 20 real estate website providers in the United States and Canada and this
company was founded by Jeremy Blatant. Okay you can see right here on the
screen. Jeremy blatant was an activerain, he was
on Activerain’s leadership chain which means that he was part of the active rain
community which is a real estate blogging platform that automatically
gives him a lot of credibility with a lot of real estate bloggers. He has a
pretty extensive portfolio. Now part of my review process is to go ahead and
verify this portfolio so that you don’t have to and I have discovered that about
10 to 20 percent don’t seem to be active anymore. So if you are going to visit his
site you need to be kind of careful about that. Another part of my review
process is to go ahead and pull up a couple of sites that seemingly either
have been or work with him. This one is a little bit questionable. I don’t
know if we spoke about him or not it’s pretty sloppy. I am not a big fan,
all this this huge amount of scrolling the archives that are down at the bottom
of the screen. However, it is built on the WordPress and it does have video and it
does have a nice photo on the home page so it’s not completely terrible. This is
pretty bad. Also, this up here which is what tells me without even having to do
anything else it’s built by WordPress that’s what’s called a Favicon. If
you ever see that, that’s the WordPress Favicon. It lets you know that somebody
who’s built a website on WordPress. Guys like me who’ve been doing this for
a little bit longer. We have our own little custom favicons and we change
that so it’s a cheat like you can tell real quick who
built the website. So that was this one. so I always only verify a couple these
reviews are meant to be very small, very short. Here is another site that is by
Jeremy of 210 consulting. Okay this one’s a little bit better. The only thing about
it that I don’t like is all these, this again it’s this huge
thing and this time we know it’s built by them because down here you can see
his signature which has not been removed and so we know that this website is a
website that’s built by his company. I’m sure he has reasons that he went with
what is called a parallax. This really long, super long with search bar. I do
like the fact and one of the strongest points about Jeremy and his team is one
they have a lot of experience in real estate and number two they’re gonna
build a wordpress real estate website hand the keys over to you that’s really
hard to find in this list of 20 real estate sites that I’m comparing and so
that you can compare and review there’s very few people that actually
are gonna let you own your own version of a WordPress website. It’s just not the
best option for a real estate technology company. It is the best option for you
and that’s why I in almost all my videos everywhere I always talk about owning
your own site, own your own site, own their site but it’s not an easy solution.
I’m sure it’s frustrating that I keep giving out that advice because not too
many providers actually let you own it but this is one that does. So if you go
in and you have a strong concept of what you want in terms of a website, I have a
feeling this guy can probably build it for you and as long as you don’t make
the mistake of like all the cities. That’s great, just to stuff below I don’t
like. If she just kept it there and then this would be a pretty clean real estate
website. The objective of all real estate websites is to get people to do the
searches and then have your IDX set up to do conversions for you. None of
that is present on this website this agent is almost 100% guaranteed not
getting any leads off her website. Another thing that I do when a new
review is I just kind of like to figure out if real estate companies the, website
providers themselves really know that much about SEO. I don’t bother to look at
their, whatever they’ve got in terms of their verbiage. I look at their site their
own website because if you’re a business owner and you know how to do SEO.
Wouldn’t it make sense that you’re going to get a lot of organic traffic. You’re
going to be on the left hand side of Google and get traffic back to your website. It makes sense to me maybe it doesn’t make sense to you but
it makes sense to me so he knows a little bit but not much or he hasn’t
taken very much time and is his top keyword that he’s starting is social
media adviser and I’m sure that maybe that’s just because he’s making his
money off consulting for social media, making money off building real
estate websites is actually pretty hard. So that doesn’t surprise me especially
if you’re not applying all the shitty one-sided tactics that most a big real
estate website providers do apply. So don’t hold it against him I think he’s
probably just trying to figure out a way to make money and that’s it. I do, I would
say that this might be person to call I don’t see anything wrong. I’ve looked at
more than these examples. His reviews on activerain, he’s spoken up very highly
within the activerain community. I set a lot of store by that because
those are real estate agents talking to other real estate agents and they really
have no reason to talk poorly about what like they’re just, they’re leaving these
reviews for other real estate agents. What incentive do they have
not to give an honest review and this guy has 22 reviews and almost all of
them are five stars and you could go through and read it yourself but I think
that’s it’s one of the best reviewed providers on activerain. So probably
worth a call if you’re looking to own your own website. Unfortunately he didn’t
publish pricing and because this the ranking of these twenty website providers
is such a massive task I didn’t have chance to really dig into it, try to see
if his pricing was published anywhere but here is the average for real estate
if he’s building a website for you and you’re gonna own it the price should be
somewhere between 1500 and 2500 dollars. on average and if you’re, if he wants
something that’s really custom if you’re a brokerage and you’re trying to build a
website that’s going to target many areas all at once and you’re not an
agent that price should be much higher. Your pressure should be somewhere
between five and fifteen thousand dollars depending on the area that
you’re in. How much target, do you want customer features like a custom map and really super cool things that you’ve seen someplace else that you
that you now want to reproduce for yourself? A guy like this may not have
the experience to build something like that so I would be a little bit cautious
if you are broker and just like ask a lot of questions. make sure the key stop
the resources lined up to do custom work and that’s it. Thanks a lot for your time

One thought on “210 Consulting | Custom Real Estate Website Provider | Review

  1. Hey Robert, thanks for the honest review of my company. While I still do build custom WP sites for clients, I have to be honest, I don't focus my attention into this business as much as I should. Back in 2014 after the death of my father, I went back into real estate full time.

    I appreciate you calling me out though on my portfolio, it's something I have been slack about updating over the past 3 years. I really need to take the time to get in there and update it as I'm sure most of my past clients have since updated to newer and fresher things. The first example you pulled up, that one for sure went onto other pastures after the fact that I didn't have a part in. Now to get to work.

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