2020 Toyota Corolla Build – Daily Driver Challenge – Part 3 of 4

2020 Toyota Corolla Build – Daily Driver Challenge – Part 3 of 4

Welcome to part three of
our four part miniseries on the Toyota Corolla Hatchback. As you can see, we’re
here at the race track to see just how
much quicker it goes after that last round of
modifications we gave it. (peppy music) (car engine roars) (cheerful music) If you’ve already
watched parts one and two of this miniseries,
then you’ll already know that we took what was a bone
stock 2020 Corolla Hatchback, this is the XSE model,
top of the line, and added a few
modifications to it to try to improve
its performance here at the race track, and make it more fun
on the street as well. At least, that’s our hope. And as you would have
seen in episode two, we equipped it with a
set of RS-R coilovers which has lowered it quite a bit and should reduce body roll by adding more spring rate
and dampers to match. We’ve equipped it with those very nice gold Volk TE37 SLs, and wrapped them in 255
Continental ExtremeContact Sport tyres which should add grip and has also added a fair
bit of section width. The stock cars are
225s by comparison. We’ve upgraded the front
brake pads to Hawk HPS 5.0s, so that should give
us more initial bite and better longevity out
here on the race track. Bigger temperature control range on that pad versus the OE pad. And of course, Pete put a
louder exhaust on the rear. We basically just removed
the muffler section, put a straight through
muffler in the back, which has added a
nice bit of sound, but it’s very subtle. I think it’s given it
a nice deeper tone, but it’s by no means
boomy or droney. It’s actually very
subtle, so it’s, I think quite a nice
upgrade on the car. And of course, we’ve done
that lip kit from Autotuned, is that’s what
they’re called, Pete? Autotuned out of California? They make this, I guess
it’s a three-piece kit, front lip, side skirts,
and some rear lip as well. Really gives the car
a little added style. And of course we added that dealer option rear
spoiler as well, which has just got that
more aggressive angle to it, gives it the, a bit
of a sportier look. So, we’re excited to get
out on the race track, see how much quicker it goes. I have no idea how much
quicker it’s gonna go. If you watched episode one, you’ll know that it
went at 133.2 around Toronto Motorsports Park here. And I’m hoping we
break the 130 barrier, but there’s only
one way to find out. So I’m gonna jump in that
thing and go for a rip! – It’s still quiet in here. – It’s quiet, but it is a
little bit sportier sounding. – It’s got that boom. – It’s got that little bit of
rumble to it, which is nice. – I’ll say, I think
it’s served its purpose. – It has, it’s given
just that like little bit of sound that you want.
– See you can hear it there. – Yeah, on decel you can hear
it and when you do a little heel-and-toe downshift,
you get a bit of a burble, which is nice. – Which is what you want. – It’s a very subtle
change though isn’t it? – It is, for sure it is and I
think that’s part of having, I think there’s a resonator,
there’s like two cats in the whole system so
it’s quite a lot going on. – There is for sure. – If we wanted to make more
sound we could have straight piped it, but I thought that
would kind of change the overall tone and add a lot of drone to it too.
– Character of the car, yeah. Yeah, no I think as a true
street car I think what we did was actually really nice,
I like how subtle it is. To live with this car
daily with anything louder wouldn’t be much
fun I don’t think. And wow it’s got a lot
sharper turning response. – No kidding, yeah! – Going to a wider
tyre with more grip and a stiffer
sidewall it’s like, – Going to a wider
tyre with more grip and we have put a little
bit of toe out in the front as well, a little bit of
a performance alignment. – Yep.
– And it does feel good. – Yeah I’m really curious to
see the times on this thing man, because those Continentals
work extremely well. – They do. I think the roll control,
like the body motion roll control seems
much improved too with these RS-R coilovers. – I’m having to grab
the handle here. Soon I’m gonna be going up here because the Gs are
noticeably different. – Yeah and I’m just kinda
cruising around right now. When we really let it
rip I think it’s gonna be quite a big difference
and obviously with the lower centre of gravity
having lowered the car, too it should help it a little bit and we’ve lowered it
like semi-aggressively. It looks really nice but
I don’t think we’ve thrown the suspension geometry
too far out of whack so… I think it should feel very
much at home on the race track with this setup and we
should mention we’ve turned the rear dampers up
to like 30 positions out of a possible 36
to try to help the car rotate a bit in the corners and got the front dampers
right in the middle of the adjustability
range, so… – The suspension’s absorbing
the bumps exceptionally well, man I’m impressed
with it, like this seems like it’s gonna
be a very good street slash track-oriented suspension where it’s leaning more towards the street because
the comfort, right? – I think so, yeah
it’s definitely more of a comfort setup
and I guess maybe it’s time to throw the lap
timer in here and go for a rip? – [Pete] Yeah I think it is DP. – All right guys, rolling out
onto TMPs road course here. It’s an 11-turn former
airport road course, so it’s nice and flat, very
safe, lots of big runoff areas. Really the only way you can
get yourself in trouble here is the front wall if you’re
doing something crazy out of the last corner, but
it’s a great test track, we test here all the time. If you’re a fan of
our channel you’ll see that we’re here all the time and I’ve got my race pack
vantage data acquisition system here plugged into
the OBD-II port plus it’s got GPS, 20 Hertz GPS. So I’ve got very accurate
data on here and being plugged into the OBD-II port
means I’ve got RPM, even shows me fuel level. I got coolant
temp, engine temps, all kinds of good stuff so… The main thing is though I’ve
got my lap timer running here, so we’ll see if we can
go a fair bit quicker than we did when the car
was 100 percent stock. Wow. Even just on the warmup lap,
it’s got a lot more grip. But, you do feel that lack of
a limited slip differential in the tighter corners
where it really struggles to put the grip down. So if we were really
wanting to build this thing as a track car, I think
the next thing would be to look at a limited slip
differential, wouldn’t it? Here we go across the
line on our first hot lap down the front straight and
wow, we definitely are carrying more speed because I was
almost into the next gear there where on the factory
set up, we weren’t. So yeah, I’m having to shift
earlier in turn one there, too. Gonna have to really take a
look at my shift points here. Yeah, and these hot
breaks definitely add a fair bit more stopping
power or at least stronger initial bite, gives
it a much more responsive feel on the brake pedal when
you first go to the brakes. And yeah, the grip
level is so much higher with these Contis. Handling balance is good. Really not struggling with
any kind of understeer. And the grip level is so
much higher on these tyres having to kind of rethink
my strategy a bit here. (engine revs) And the grip level is so
much higher on these tyres Grip levels through the roof
through that dogleg section, which was one of the faster
corners on the track here. Oh, I hear a little
tyre rub there. We were bragging earlier
about how these 255s aren’t going to rub and I
think I did just rub a little Oh, I hear a little
tyre rub there. Trying to use all the grip I
can get out of these Contis and they are hanging
in there awfully well. There’s no sign of any
tyre drop-off at all. I can smell the brakes. They’re starting to
get a little bit grumpy There’s no sign of any
tyre drop-off at all. This is not a track pad. Hawk did offer to make us
some dedicated track pads for the car, but we
wanted to try a pad that was like
realistically a street pad that could take some track duty and I got say, so far they’re
hanging in there very well. But they are starting to
smell a little grumpy, which tells me that we’re
overheating them a little bit, but they’re not
losing any bite yet, which is really
quite impressive. All right, guys,
that’s three hot laps. We are done and the
news is good, everybody. The news is good. All right, everybody. You can see I did
a best of a 1:29.7. Just three and a half
seconds faster than we went when the car was bone stock. So, a very sizable improvement. I’m pretty stoked on that. I think the car responded
exceptionally well to those modifications and the
grip level was so much higher on those Continental tyres. It really, even though it was
the same tread wear rating as the all seasons
the car comes on, on those Continental tyres. a true performance
tyre really does make a big, big difference. having that wider tyre,
a true summer tyre, a true performance
tyre really does make is really still just a high
performance street pad. It’s not really a track pad, but they did start to smell a
little grumpy on the last lap, but they took a beating and
the pedal never got soft. They always had good bite. So, impressed by the
performance of the pads. The suspension was really good, but it does have more body roll than I was maybe anticipating. Pete and I are more
accustomed to using like more like race spec
coilovers, so I would say that these RS-Rs are
much more street-oriented than they are track-oriented. The car still corners
flatter than it does stock, but there’s still
enough body roll there that the front de-weighted
side of the car, that inside tyre would
lose a bit of grip and then when it would
come back down again coming into the corners, I
could feel like the front tyres that inside tyre would
lose a bit of grip So, if the car had a
limited slip differential, coming into the corners, I
could feel like the front tyres coming out of the corners
a lot better than it does. And that might be the next
logical step with this car if we were to try to make it
more and more track-focused. But I’m really happy with
the way it performed today. I really couldn’t ask for more. Just taking a quick look
here on the Racepak D3 app, looking at our lateral or
cornering G-forces there and I can see we pulled
1.1 Gs in the corners, where prior on the stock
tyres we pulled 0.98 Gs. So we picked up over 0.1 of G, which doesn’t sound like a lot, where prior on the stock
tyres we pulled 0.98 Gs. that is a big
improvement in G-force. There you go for a
little data recap. I think maybe now it’s
time for Pete and I to jump in this
thing and drive home and give you some street
driving impressions ’cause really this is still
very much a street car. All right, PT, we’re
cruising home now and I should say that
we’ve both spent some time driving this on the street
now and, man, I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed by the
ride quality of these coilovers. – They’re fantastic. Some of the best
street coilovers I’ve actually ever ridden on. As you mentioned in
a previous episode, I think they put the
engineering into making sure that these are going to
be compliant on the street and man, they’ve
really delivered. – They have. The amount of ride harshness
that we’ve added is so low. I don’t think we’ve ever
modified a car before where the compromise
is so subtle. Like, it’s just driving down
a country road like this, which isn’t the smoothest road, there’s just very
little increase in NPH. Like, it’s still so comfortable. I would say just the
high speed bumps, like the really bad cracks, those are a little more
jarring than before because we have
higher spring rates. – Yeah, and we’re on
a lower profile tyre, a little bit stiffer. – True. – Yeah, and we’re on
a lower profile tyre, – Yeah, that definitely
makes a difference. – There is that to add
into the whole element, – tyre as well, so. it’s improved the ride for me. It’s kind of gotten rid of a
little bit of that mushiness, that vague feeling that you have with the stock
suspension, right? – Yeah, it’s definitely
added a level of immediacy to the steering response. You feel more connected
to the car now. And, to gain that for
the small amount of loss of like NPH is, I think,
a great trade off. For enthusiasts like us, I’ll
take this set up all day long. I really, super impressed
by how comfortable the car has remained. – And it’s been a car that
you can live with every day. Driving it to and
from work has been, you know, you don’t
really notice a difference between it being stock and
modified other than the fact that you said, it’s just
like little harshness in the high speed
bumps and that noise. – [Man] Yeah. – The sound in it is
absolutely perfect. I think in the cabin, it’s
just a little bit more deeper and I think before there was
no noise from the exhaust. – There was no
exhaust noise, yeah. – Now, you have that. So, I want to pat
myself on the back for building a good
exhaust system. – Yeah, you did a great job. – And Vibrant for making a good straight through muffler
that works exceptionally well in this case, right? I mean, for us, I think
we’ve built a great car that’s good for daily use and that you can use
at the race track but why don’t you guys
tell us in the comments, you know, because obviously
we’re fans of this, but what do you guys think? – Yeah. Should we have gone more
extreme in certain areas? Would you have done
things differently? By all means, let us know. And, I think in
the next episode, we have something pretty cool
to share with you guys, too, where we’re going to, I don’t want to spoil
the surprise, PT. Let’s just say, the
final episode’s going
to be very special and you’re going to get an
independent opinion on the car. So it’s not just us telling
you what a great job we did. We’ll find out what
someone else really thinks. So stay tuned for that everyone and thank you very
much for watching. (car engine revs)
(tyres squeal)

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