2 strangers jump off a building and discover it’s never too late to fall in love. | In Passing

2 strangers jump off a building and discover it’s never too late to fall in love. | In Passing

Feel it in your fingertips you fall. Wondering if you’d never loved before. Look into her eyes forgetting heartache. And happiness is finally yours to have. Funny how a day could mean so much. Altering perspectives with a touch. Letting go of fate that oh so lonesome. Imagining my happy ending you.

100 thoughts on “2 strangers jump off a building and discover it’s never too late to fall in love. | In Passing

  1. What’s the song at the end called?

  2. plot twist, they should have crashed through a roof and landed in a pool. next episode is them in the hospital, full body casts, same room.

  3. Aww, I was hoping they'd land gently on the sidewalk and live happily ever after.

  4. And that's one hell of a way to die.

  5. so Dazai-Bungō-Sutorei-Doggusu's dream came true

  6. No actors were harmed during the making of this video.

  7. Great. Even suicidal people jumping off a building have a better chance of finding someone to love than me.

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  9. Hahahahahaha This Brightened up my day!! Damn! 😂😂😂

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  11. Is this vancouver?

  12. Their love was pure. They never had a single cross word.

  13. So its not too late for me to get a girl, gonna jump now

  14. I like the idea

  15. Smashed the like button… Falling in love.

  16. Song?

  17. This felt so french


  19. I love how he just yeets himself off the building

  20. if you are here and watching this
    You got your 'coincidence'

  21. Love is not instantaneous. Attraction is though.

  22. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I just got a like
    Why is it blue?

  23. Physics has left the chat…

  24. Don't miss the song at the end, it sounds hilarious. X-D

  25. 2:11 The man literally has a wedding ring on.

  26. 2:11 The man literally has a wedding ring on.

  27. What song is it in the end? If someone knows where to download it from, please tell

  28. I thought time passes slowly only when you approach the speed of light,
    but I guess it also happen for people falling, in love…

  29. “It’s never too late to fall in love”

    Are you freaking serious Omoletto lol.

  30. I was just waiting for the S P L A T

  31. He jumped before her and he's heavier , she stayed with him and saw obstacles . She's his Angel

  32. At some point guys, grab onto a balcony.

  33. This one was really good 👌

  34. We are born dying; you might say we are all falling. They experienced a life together; complete with a baby that almost killed her but he flew to her. They went through so many things and in the end had a sense of their own mortality and kissed.

  35. This is like the complete opposite to that film "Up"

  36. 3:08 I when shut all the entrance but My friend jose to use the window to get in

  37. With 10x speed starting at 1:00 it was really quick and believable. It took them 21 seconds to finally kiss and a second more to die. (Edit: it looks longer because they slowed it down even more after the kiss).

  38. So, they literally fell in love😂😂😂

  39. Yes, but are they loving to fall?

  40. This one kinda let me down at the end.

  41. At least they died happy

  42. That’s exactly how I met my wife.

  43. They really are down to earth

  44. Nobody: How long does it takes to fall in love?

    Omeleto: Shows this video

  45. Gorgeous

  46. Omeleto has the best shortfilms i've ever seen in my life

  47. Bravo!

  48. This comment section is a biohazard of puns.

  49. Love at first flight

  50. Does anybody know what the song at the end is?

  51. Look at how slow they are falling


  53. Anyone know the song at the end?

  54. should have been called “falling in love”

  55. The amount of puns in this comment section is insane😂

  56. 1% of the comments: such a good story

    99% of the comments: i GuESs tHEy FeLl iN lOVe

  57. A good analogy for life in general. Over in a blink of the eye, lucky if you find true live and happiness.

  58. Who would have thought suicide could be this funny!

  59. Clarity meme in Nutshell:

  60. It reminds me of "The satanic verses" first pages

  61. I never thought people can make 5 min movie on falling from building too.

  62. He was just trying to hit a 360 noscope and this asshead woman ruined it.

  63. They fell 5 minutes straight.

    Physics: am I joke to you?

  64. What the hell did i just witness

  65. imagine it took 4 minutes to fall fully off a building

  66. FALLING in love

  67. They shouldn’t have enough time for this. Already passing her he should’ve reached terminal velocity. And with that speed it should’ve taken seconds for him to fall. To be in this slomo the wouldn’t have the react speed to do anything but smile at each other

  68. I would like to try this with someone

  69. Im crying

  70. This seems french.

  71. Play it in 2x
    It’s a bit like how they’re falling in real speed

  72. I’ve been looking for the end credits song for hours and I still can’t find it :((((

  73. Wonderful CGI

  74. why is this so god damn sad lmao

  75. I was hoping for a good splat off screen at the end

  76. That was awesome!

  77. Can I try this

  78. By far this is the worst one

  79. whats the outro song?? does anyone know?

  80. What story building did they jump from?

  81. "A short love story". Literally

  82. That's the feeling with your true love. Regardless if its 80 years or 8 seconds it'll never feel like it was enough time together….😎💗

  83. I thought this video would just be half a minute

  84. Crazy sh!t

    If they didn’t jump, they might have never met. Reminds me of that saying; one can find love in the craziest places.

  85. um

  86. All the best comments have already been made. I got nuthin. But, at least I will never die that way, I'm terrified of heights. I even put off watching this video short until I couldn't find anything else. Falling would be the worst suicide ever. Right up there with gunshot wound and car accident. I just can't get in the spirit of the thing. I tried, I can't get there from here. Alcohol, pills and exhaust fumes. Maybe a little weed. But falling? No way. Slow suicide, the kind that normal people commit, it should take between 40 and 80 years depending on your stamina.

  87. I enjoyed the whole way

  88. When the first 4 comments are all puns

  89. this is the single weirdest thing i’ve ever seen

  90. It’s so calming yet unnerving

  91. Our love will be like this💑

  92. best first date ever

  93. Wonder what would they look like falling in love at free falling speed.

  94. Thinking it’s Sunday but I find out it’s Monday:

  95. annnnddd they’d be dead before hitting the ground because of lungs collapsing…. wait…

  96. Bruh x2 speed makes this a normal video.

  97. dont try this at home

  98. falling in love and falling in death against the gravity of 9.8 n/sec what an irony!!!!!

  99. LOLOLOLOLOL two people ''falling'' in love

  100. 2 things to say how have they not hit da ground yet also I really really really whould love to see this in real time as I’m not slow motion

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