18 Beat Up Dividend Aristocrats Stocks With 25+ Years of Payout Growth 2019. (Lots of DATA)

18 Beat Up Dividend Aristocrats Stocks With 25+ Years of Payout Growth 2019. (Lots of DATA)

welcome back financial investors my name
is Brent and today I want to go over eighteen divid Aristocats that have been
growing and paying out dividends for the past 25 years or more now of these
eighteen dividend stocks these have been trading or are currently trading below
their 200 am 50-day moving average and also offer a higher starting yield on
the year than average now I want to go over these fairly quickly go over a top
level that way they can go out in front of you the viewers and subscribers and
you guys if you would like to maybe look in through these specific stocks within
sectors maybe you’re looking for a stock to add into a specific sector you can do
a deeper dive into these now that you know of the valuation and maybe you
would add any of these into your portfolio now I’m not recommending any
of these because I have not any sort of financial advisor I’m just a guy regular
investor here on YouTube sharing these stocks and let’s go ahead and get into
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section below I do read and apply to all your comments and of course let’s get
into the video now I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen here this is an
article I wrote over on back in the 5th of May 2019 now it goes over 88 dividend
stocks with 25 years of dividend growth I broke this up by sectors so I will
have a link to this article here down in the comment section I’ll be the first
pen comment there now this breaks up all these dividend aristocrats by sectors so
if you’re looking for a specific dividend aristocrat come over here
check out the article now if you scroll down towards the bottom every quarter I
have been going through this list and thinning it down looking for stocks that
are growing and paying out dividends obviously their dividend aristocrat but
also having rising revenue net income for a cash flow and possibly trading
with a higher starting yield on average for the year then they would then they
have been in the past now here back on the 15th of August
I pulled 39 stocks that were trading below their 200-day and 50-day moving
average and they offered a higher starting yield
on average then it has had for the past year now I had a bunch of stocks here
I’m not gonna name them all off if you guys would like to look here on the
website go ahead but of these 39 stocks I went ahead and did a little bit
further I went and I look through these 39 stocks for which companies here
within the list over the past 10 and 5 years have had rising revenue and net
income and pretty decent free cash flow now if we look at new corp here we go
over the past 10 years revenue up a hundred and five percent or about 10.5%
on average net income here in the orange of 1.3 six thousand percent and their
free cash flow in the red up 72 percent over the past 10 years if we look at it
also in the 5 years all moving positive here in the up direction you know
positive direction H next we have HP fuller take your sample ful now both of
these here are on the list here over in the basic material so here we have new
core and fuller number 3 and number 4 so if you guys want to kind of make it and
don’t here within your mind and check out the article these are the stocks
there now again looking at the 5-year everything is positive revenue at 42
percent free cash flow net income up about a hundred and eighty four hundred
eighty nine percent over the past five years if we look at the past ten years
again moving in the upwards direction so while these have been hit recently these
are basic material companies which have been hammered here probably due to
tariffs or maybe some other volatility here in the market but this could offer
a recovery plate here in the future and that’s why I’m kind of getting them out
there we will go over their price they’re starting yields and their 280
50-day moving average here but I want to go over their net income free cash flow
and revenue with you guys that way I can show you why these were specifically set
aside from those 39 now that ends the basic materials now we’re moving into
consumer goods so the very first one here within the consumer goods was
Hormel Foods here over the past 10 years nice steady growth within revenue net
income and free cash flow over the past five years nice steady growth here of
revenue now this is a very large company here known for their
they’re canned goods and meats and spam I believe so revenue just kinda creepy
and steady and steady over the past five years the in vans full disclosure I am a
shareholder of Ian Vance and again revenue net income free cash flow over
the past five years over the past ten years everything moving nice and upwards
tiró ticker symbol TR o w this one popped up a few times back in my January
and maybe my made videos of stocks of watch now this one here over the past
ten years very strong now taro is our first one here in the financial so those
only hormones within the consumer good so now we jump down into financials so T
row very strong revenue net income free cash flow over the past ten years if we
look at their five-year here we see revenue at three point nine no two we’re
dividing it by five so forty by five that’s eight so eight percent on average
therefore the revenue increase twenty four by five is almost you know four
points um so decent free cash flow mainly in banks you’re not worried too
much about that free cash flow I believe this is actually an asset management
company but free cash flow up sixty four percent they’re so nice and steady :
frost still within the financial five years everything upwards ten years
everything upwards that’s what I want to kind of showcase first so financial
first Corp very strong ten-year numbers actually not so strong ten-year numbers
but still not doing bad this is a very large dip in interest account again
these are financials that have grown and paid dividends through the past
recessions let’s go ahead and just show really quickly these financials here
through the recessions let’s go ahead and bring in these recessions so there
we go max so through these recessions let’s go ahead and bring in the dividend
payout so this blue line here is their dividend being increased way back from
prior to 2000 through these recessions this company Eaton Vance has continued
to grow and pay out dividends for the past 25 years t row look at those
massive steady increases there in their dividend some nice dividend payout so
maybe they have some special paths there during that timeframe also here we have
: frost Bank you can see the nice steady upwards movements prior to the recession
you can see that dividend gapped up quite nicely and continue raising their
dividend through the recession and here just recently in these last few years
you can see massive increases in their dividend income first Financial Corp I
believe if we had not cover this one yet but still we can see the revenue and
income free cash flow over the past ten years so we’re looking at the max if we
look at over the past ten years here nice steady increases for the past ten
steady increases for the past five I think that dividend is kind of dragging
these percentages we’re going to go ahead and remove it but all of you is
again have grown and paid out dividends during the financial crisis and during
the 2000 tech crash again these are dimming and aristocrats having paid out
for the past twenty five years or more so this would go back into I think the
90s so we have pumpkin Financial Corp ticker symbol TMP five years and ten
years I think this may get a bit I’m sorry if I’m going over these too
quickly if there’s anything you see that you want to have a little bit further
time looking at just pause the video otherwise this video will become very
long and the primarily folk the primary reason for created in this video is to
kind of get these stocks out there out in your eyes again that way if there are
any financials that you’re looking into these could be considered possibly doing
a deeper dive next we’re diving into health care so avi avi has been having a
ton of videos produced about it I know PPC AM created a video on avi I know
many other channels did a bit of a deeper dive in avi IME you know full
disclosure I do own a be myself here over the past ten years raising revenue
free cash flow now recently their net income has been dropping and this could
be due to their patent having expired over in the US or possibly overseas I
don’t have my notes here on hand normally but I know one of their patents
has expired either here in the US or overseas well I want
go ahead and showcase their five years so still over the past five years they
are still chugging along they just recently made a new acquisition which
should help their net income here Johnson & Johnson now this is due to tax
reform right here so this little negative negative 5.71 Johnson &
Johnson’s still a strong growing company but tax reform seem to have done
something here with their books which shows them as a negative for the past
five years that is just here due to that blip here in 2000 tax reform now tenure
we can see here massive massive dip there which was incorrect and then they
kind of correct it out and here we can see Johnson and Johnson over the past 10
years still positive take a couple MSA now MSA is okay
another health care company I’m not familiar with this one that is why I am
going through these companies now I may not be familiar with it but when the
financials looks straight and the current valuation looks good then I will
do a deeper dive there’s no reason for me to look deeper into a specific
company if it is not treated at a valuation that would make it seem
approachable or worthwhile added it to the portfolio’s MSA tenures revenue new
anchor free cash flow all positive over the past five years
everything continuing to move here an upward Stanley Black & Decker now this
one has had a bit of some issues here and there net income here recently I
think I don’t know if this is due to tax reform this showing a negative 0.6
percent full disclosure I do own Stanley Black & Decker it’s a good long-term buy
and hold for my portfolio it recently bought over the tools some Sears tools
the product I believe it’s craftsman from Sears so this one had a little bit
of tough time stay within the five years but if we look over the 10 years here
nice steady upwards revenue net income and free cash flow now this dip here in
2018 this could be due to them adjusting their books with the new tax reform
rules so we’ll kind of see how this kind of plays out here in the future
Walgreens another full disclosure I own ticker symbol WB a Walgreens Alliance
they recently did an acquisition overseas with
I can’t think of the company that they’re acquiring I know they made the
acquisition announcement I believe back in November December but Walgreens nice
upward since 2015 almost five years ago so their five-year growth for Walgreens
is going to show much stronger than their tenure over the past you know ten
years between 2000 and 2010 and 2015 you can see revenue income and free cash
flow basically trended sideways it was until recently in these past few years
were their revenue net income in free cash flow has actually been spiking so
that is why I decided to add Walgreens not too long ago genuine parts company
here at nice upwards over the past ten over the past five looking pretty steady
now genuine parts they may be affected by the tariffs oh we jumped out of
Walgreens was our last the Stanley Black and Decker was considered a industrial
goods so we had actually moved at a health care after MSA Stanley Black and
Decker is our only industrial goods Walgreens is considered services they
provide pharmacy and many other you know pharmacies around the world
so WBA is within the pharmacies genuine parts is also within services and gww
which is w WN owner is also within the services so here five years revenue net
income free cash flow ten years routing the income free cash flow all positive
and then our very last one here for this revenue and income and free cash flow is
3m again this is another company that has been on a lot of investors by and
watchlist having grown and paying out dividends for the past twenty five years
or more and it has been taken a hit here recently but their financials are still
pretty intact over the past five years yes they’ve been having a bit of an
issues but this could be due to this little dip here it could be looking like
it’s due to tax reform and there’s also been some issues out there with slowing
due to tariffs due to just overall slowness within the economy but still
over the long term if you’re buying to holding this for the long term it
generally has these dips if we can look at its max we can see here it goes
through times in the recession you can see every
there’s gonna be a recession what happens to the financials it goes a
little bit wonky you can see here in the free cash flow dips down you can see
here net income dips down revenue stays about even so revenue is one of those
factors that looks like it trades pretty much in line but you’ll notice that
their net income of free cash flow tends to wiggle around go in at the recession
going into a recession here here going into possibly another recession here in
the short term now that’s just what I’m kind of gathering from the charts now
we’ve covered their revenue net income and free cash flow going positive over
the past ten and five years which is why I one of the kind of show keys with
these companies with you guys now we’re gonna go ahead and go over their price
dividend yield 200a and 50-day moving average we will
also take a look at their see if i don’t want to put too much in this chart that
may look a little bit it may be a lot to look at but we’ll kind of go over it
fairly quick what are we have 14 minutes now so if you have any questions drop
them into the comments section if there’s anything you’d like to do a
deeper dive into specific companies or if you have any of these in your own
portfolio let me know now a new core Corp again back to basic materials this
is a gold company Gold’s related company now starting to build three point two
three which is very high here for the current point here within last year that
means that price is trading at fifty two we close you can see here it is
currently trading near its past support so back earlier maybe a month or two ago
it hit this $48 point bounced up into that $55 point before coming back down
again this is gold related so this could be an interesting interesting gold play
to research and look into what caused it to fall back into this $48 range that
retest its support level here at fifty six and 53 its 208 and 50-day moving
average here at six point nine is its current price to earnings ratio so not
high in comparison to the S&P 500 average of fifteen so we’re just trading
below that sp500 average of fifteen and you’re looking for if we’re
looking at price a book at 1.44 so basically a one-for-one price to book
value of the company and you can see price of sales is actually trading below
1 meaning that you are paying less right now for the price of the company than
their sales are actually producing so interesting kind of company of their
valuation wise trading near support levels in support levels and has had
this support and it actually bounced off its past support it’s not kind of
trending here in the $48 range but this one research at see what drove it to
this price is there anything in the future that could potentially boost it
back into that $56 point or even higher next we’re jumping into financials I
don’t know fuller that’s still the basic materials
here ticker symbol ful training again below 50-day and 200-day moving average
that 46 and $45 it’s currently trading at 4198
putting it several dollars below its two hundred and fifty day it is offering a
starting yield of 1.5 so a lot of investors are looking for that maybe 3
to 6 percent range starting yields this one’s not offering at that price here we
can also see price to earnings fairly high for a basic materials trading at
you know 52 week lows and this was actually been down trending here for
quite a while let’s look at the five-year timeframe really quickly we
can see some highs of begin in 2018 this hits some highs and has just recently
broken down down into the $41 so this company basic materials could be hit
really hard right now due to tariffs and trade war so you can see here mid 2018
this took a huge hit probably as president Trump enacted tariffs on steel
and other materials I’m not specifically sure what this company does and I know
it’s in the basic materials so it has to have something to do with in that
specific sector but this could be getting hammered right now due to trade
war and once we get out of that trade war say we make a deal we pulled those
tariffs offs we can see this stock ricochet back into that $54 range if you
look at its 10-year here it just normally trends up
but here we can see we’ll look at the max chart looking at through the
recession’s here yes it dips through these recessions pretty heavy but then
it does a full recovery here back in that 2000 recession
this one’s been through many recessions look at all those recessions that it’s
gone through and this company has always recovered and moved higher while growing
and paying out a dividend so just something really interesting to kind of
check that out here in the in the charts also price the price to earnings is at
seventeen point fourteen which seems pretty high say you bought this down at
the $40 range you still wouldn’t be getting too high maybe baby a 15 p/e
doesn’t look like it comes down very often price the book at one point eight
so below that 3.0 range and price the sale is at point seven so kind of an
interesting base like Vittorio’s Hormel Foods
now we’re jumping down into consumer goods this is our only consumer goods
here that we’re going to be looking at now hormones here recently jumped out of
its 208 and 50-day moving average if we look at the 30-day three-month chart 90
days we can see here recently when I made this article it was trading below
its 50-day and 200-day moving average recently just something last day or two
hormones put on a nice percent game moving from that $41 point up until
almost $43 you can see here price to earnings is fairly high here at twenty
three point four nine but that looks about average for this specific company
here you may get hormones down into the 20s but over the past three years it’s
very rare to see this company drop into that $20 20 price earnings ratio
starting yield at 1.9 if you could have locked the senate say a 2% or higher
that seems like a pretty good valuation for Hormel Foods price-to-book 3.8 seems
a little high Book value but this is an e-book this isn’t a book price the book
is not really considered in this sort of company it’s a sales german company so
2.4 is actually a fair valuation for a sales driven company you’re looking for
anything below a 3 here generally so Hormel Foods while it was trading below
its 30-day let’s go ahead got the volume here it
was trading below its 200-day 10:15 a moving average it has recently broke out
and could be trained into some new highs Eaton Vance Corp over the past year here
we can see here it just recently broke above let’s go ahead and look at the
3-month so recently it was trading I picked this up not too long ago I
believe it was trading below its 50-day and 200-day moving average recently
broke above its 200-day simple moving average now at 40 74 it offers a three
point four four percent starting yield not the highest as it has offered in the
past if you can get this say at a three point six or almost a four percent
starting yield that could be a fair valuation as well and price to earnings
ratio p/e ratio over here on the side twelve point two which seems pretty in
lime this being an asset management company I would look at price the Book
value anywhere below a three here so two point eight seems right in line price of
sales and red here at four point two this is not a sales driven company so
this would be more of a price the book sort of services and financials company
so two point eight seems fair within Eaton advanced next one here is T row
ticker symbol trow814 imade this article here back on the 15th it was trading
below its 50-day moving average it recently has broke above as 50-day
moving average you can see here down in the 101 point is where its 200-day
moving averages so it’s had some hard points back in December maybe even
earlier I don’t own this one I know it’s been on my watch list for quite a while
it does offer a starting yield up two point six seven a price to my p/e ratio
price earnings ratio of thirteen point seven three four point eight
price-to-book and three point nine prices sales I say this one if you can
get it anywhere probably below that 101 dollar point that seems like a fair
price here back in just maybe June would have been the good opportunity : and
frost ticker symbol CF are currently trading here at the
near eighty four dollars and sixty-two cents now this one is trading both below
the 208 and 50-day moving average have a nice turn yield of three point two one
percent price earnings ratio of eleven point nine one putting it at the lows
for these financials that we’ve been covering so farm prices sales not really
important in a financial company this acts more as a say JPMorgan or a Wells
Fargo normally in a typical banking institution you would look for a price
to book value of one point seven and below for these specific more Bank you
know Bank style financials so one point four actually pretty good valuation for
this company if we took a look at it through the recession how has it moved
in the past here price generally moves upwards during the recessions you can
see it dips generally during the recessions and then does a floor
recovery price generally moving in the upward direction just recently looks
like it’s been taking a hit here midpoint 2008 teens when it started to
kind of come off those high points it stopped moving higher and started moving
over maybe look into why exactly caused this stock to trend low you know what
has caused e stocks to trade low so if you see any of these companies that look
like they require more information dig into them find out what has caused them
to you know fall as much as they have and offer the current valuations where
they are currently armed so next first Financial Corp ticker symbol th FF
currently traded at forty dollars and ninety eight cents putting it eight
slightly above its 50-day moving average and slightly below its two hundred
simple day moving average starting yield of two point five one putting it fairly
high here for the past three years you wouldn’t have got a two point five one
percent starting yield so this is actually fairly high here for the past
three years price earnings and we’re still looking at financials so fairly
low there I’d be eleven point three price to the sales not really important
in a financial but we’re looking at that price book so price the books at a fair
one for one here so we’re looking at a one point oh five so you’re praying
you’re paying Book value for the price here
this specific company kind of interesting take her simple TMP the
Tompkins Financial Corp trading below the 50-day 200-day moving average this
yield could possibly go lower you know this company you can see its support
back in the past is actually below that $72 point maybe seventy one seventy
dollars so this one has actually kind of trended mid it actually looks like it
fell hit some support here just recently and has kind of been doing it upwards
movement off these loads so offering a two point five six percent
starting yield fourteen point nineteen fourteen point nine two percent price
earnings price the sale is not important price to book one point seven that’s in
line with other financials within the JPMorgan you know banking institutions
first source Corp ticker symbol SRC II again trading below that two hundred a
50-day offers a two point three nine percent starting yield price earnings up
thirteen point two four if we look at the price to book one point four two
five again if we look at it over the past four sessions we’ll notice that
this company again this one has actually traded pretty sideways for the most part
since 2000 Intel say maybe two thousand and I’m not sure how far away that is
maybe 2016 so from 2000 to 2016 it really hasn’t gone anywhere you can see
here this price was around $24 2016 it was round and drawing $24 it broke two
all-time highest just in the last few years and has been coming back this
actually could actually fall a fairly bit more this was a little bit more
erratic or maybe it’s even building building up pressure for such a long
time that’s what’s kind of what it broke out so one year trading below 50-day two
hundred eighty two point three nine we already sort of cover that information
we’re gonna move on to the next one now the last financial commercial banks or
ticker symbol CB CB SH currently trading below 50-day 200-day moving average
starting yield is high for the year we’re basically look at an all-time high
here starting dealed of one point six nine price earnings actually seems a bit
high here at fifteen point two seven for a
financial we also see price the book is fairly high at a 2.0 so this one while
it is trading below its 50-day and 200 moving average this price to earnings
and price the book does show that it could be possibly a little high and
could still fall a little bit further down so as we had already seen earlier I
thought um could just be kind of pulling back and retesting who knows but it’s
out there okay now that was the last financial no more financials now we’re
over into the healthcare companies now Abby has been taking a beating here
training quite a bit now below that $70 points so here I know it’s been actually
kind of moving higher here in the recently in the recent few months so
here it hit a low of around 62 dollars and has been trending upwards now I know
there’s a big insider I know posted over on Facebook big massive insider buying
going on so it is trading currently below its 50-day 200-day moving average
full disclosure I do own a V I’m not sure if I’ve said that in the past now
aviary is offering a six point one eight percent Sternin yield that does have a
high price to book price to earnings of twenty four point nine six actually high
on the year near you know not the highest but obviously one of the highest
points in the year it also has a price the book of three point one I don’t see
a price the sales here on the chart which is kind of interesting so we’ll go
ahead and continue Johnson and Johnson for the one-year
trading both below two hundred a 50-day moving average starting yield not highs
for the year but fairly near highs up two point seven eight it does have a
pretty consistent p/e actually a very low p/e right now if you look at this
chart if I were to remove everything just focus on this purple line here
you’ll actually see that this purple it came down from a very high price
earnings that is because of tax reform so it’s offering a price to earnings of
21.85 price the book is five point four five
point seven and it’s a sales driven company Johnson & Johnson sells a ton of
products the the main focus here price of sales is a 4.3 so it’s it’s
strata generally sells pretty high as a premium price for a premium company here
so 4.3 I would say that’s pretty high but with Johnson & Johnson that may be
fairly good and a lot of investors actually diving into Johnson & Johnson
anywhere below 130 that’s where I’ve seen a lot of chatter going on right now
I just recently been buying Johnson & Johnson here on Monday and then another
buy on Wednesday so I’ve already made videos on that take your sample msaa
this is our last healthcare trading below that 208 and 50-day moving average
offers a starting with 1.57 high p/e of thirty two point eight four I would
consider that very high double the the S&P price the book five point seven and
price to sales two point nine so actually price of sales doesn’t look so
bad anything below a three here for the sales driven companies here within the
health care actually seemed decent here we can see over the past but look at the
max how this company has performed here during the recession so during the
recessions it does pretty hard sell off pretty hard but then it recovers it all
here within three to four years and then moves higher see here kind of looking at
the charts this one actually looks a little bit could be hurting during the
recession so it looks like it bleeds off quite a bit in the recessions next we’re
jumping down into services so our first services is oh we’re not services
industrial goods so Stanley Black & Decker is their industrial goods looking
at the one-year and recently broke above that 134 so 200 a simple moving average
was at 130 for 72 full disclosure I do own Stanley Black & Decker is now
trading at 138 68 putting it still below its 50-day moving average that offers a
starting yield of 1.9 not the highest for the year if we look at it for the
year our actual high starting yields actually puts it above two point maybe
two point one five in that range but still fairly decent high price earnings
of twenty nine point five price-to-book in price of sales both fairly their
price sales here in the green at 1.4 and price
the book at 2.8 next we’re looking at Walgreens training at 50 dollars and 95
cents putting it below 208 and 50-day moving average Walgreens if you look at
the starting yield for this specific company it is trading at all-time highs
for its turn yield of nearly 3.5% so if you look at the history of Walgreens
over the past history of this company paying out dividends let’s go ahead and
bring in dividends in here this company dividends is in this blue line I’m sorry
if it’s really hard to see in the mobile devices they’re just in this graph but
this company generally trends higher with its dividends and its price now
Walgreens has been taken hit recently I believe that’s because of Amazon be you
know JP Morgan Berkshire Hathaway and now seems they’re trying to get into the
pharmacy industry but overall you’ve seen what’s the other company cvs cvs
can’t think of the specific name of the company CBS CBS health Corp so that’s
why I can’t think of the name and Walgreens has actually been driven down
lower due to the announcement but again we looked at their financials their
financials are in order so this is actually offering a very high starting
yield compared to anywhere it’s been in history price to earnings
I’m sorry price to yeah price earnings 9.9 price-to-book is 1.9 and price to
sales this is a pharmacy company it’s a sales driven company it’s trading at a
price and sales 0.35 – interesting they kind of throw that out genuine parts now
we’re moving down into the services ticker symbol GPC this one here trading
at $89 and 81 cents putting it below 208 and 50-day moving average have any
starting yield the 3.3% see for the tenure over the past ten years not the
highest if you bought it during the recession that would have been the
highest point but you could either buy it now at a three point three or wait
for a recession now looking at the price earnings it’s at a sixteen point six
nine price the book three point five and price of sales sales terrific company
this is that 8.6 9ww green arm take a simple
gww again trading below that 50-day 200-day moving average have any starting
yield high for the year up 2.05 priced earnings of 18 ya price earnings of
eighteen point six three price the book high but again this is a service
instrument company which is mainly price of sales so price of sales at a 1.3
fairly fair one for one and our very last one dropping down into Commerce is
ticker symbol 3m now 3m has taken me huge hit again just from the last five
years when did we start these tariff talks and you know tariffs tariffs
stamps trade war back in 2018 it just been getting hammered here this whole
time now binding some support at 160 wallets
been bleeding out these past years were finally finding some support here back
in 2016 we were sharing we were trading at this one sixty dollar price it is now
back at this one sixty dollar price with highs of actually over two hundred and
forty dollars so if we look at the history of 3m generally I think that’s a
lot of history let’s go ahead and knock out this is our very last company so
we’ll knock out a few of these we’ll just look at the price and the dividend
but here’s that dividend it’s been paying a dividend since baby back in
1985 and we can see that price just nice and steady yes during the recessions it
does come down hard during recessions look at that room pullback but it
generally recovers with time and just trends to move higher
now this pullback pulled it back until 2016 price we look at the tenure so here
the last time 2016 midpoint there was where it’s currently trading at right
now and we can see your nice steady dividend increases over the past 10
years so I know that was a whole lot of information that we covered if any of
you guys actually made it to this point in the video drop me a comment in the
comment section letting me know hey I made it to your 35 minute point in the
video look I think this is a long video but I wanted to get these stocks out in
front of you guys that way if there’s any
companies with in basic materials healthcare industrial goods financials
services or conglomerates that you are interested and may be adding to your
portfolio all of these are dividend aristocrats
all of these have rising revenue net income over the past ten and five years
yes they’re going through some volatility now due to trade Orff’s due
to a slowing economy but that is for you guys to do a little bit more research
what is actually driving these prices down what has driven these companies
down in the short term do they have a lot of debt now I could go through here
and sit through the debt the long term in cash equivalents but that would be a
lot of you know I don’t want to tack it on any more minutes than we currently
have so a lot of these companies these are dividend restaurants so it’s gonna
be pretty hard not to see a lot of these companies with a lot of debt I think the
main thing may be to check out the operating income and the capital
expenditures how much money are they bringing in a quarter how much are they
spending so capital expenditures 421 million when their brain in 1.7 billion
for 3m that’s fine 380 million 247 million going out again that’s not bad
so that’s what you want to kind of do is look at these companies and look at how
much debt they are how much assets their liabilities do they have what’s the
return on invested capital Nucor corp fifteen point one nine HP
fuller let’s make sure I’m not at my percentages HP fuller
this was a basic materials 3.72 hormonal foods sixteen point zero nine so your
return on invested capital so if you invest capital within this company what
do they make with your money what is their return advance sixteen point four
to tiro thirty one point two six colon defrost twelve point five seven First
Financial nine point six Tompkins financial 4.87 first source Corp 8.57
Commerce Bank shores fourteen point four eight V fifteen point eight nine Johnson
and Johnson 17.7 seven MSA safety eleven point five eight Daly Black & Decker
five 2008 Walgreens 11.3 to genuine parts
11.4 7ww greener 19.0 6 3m 19.3 8 now this is not a Tesla if we look at Tesla
Tesla’s gonna have a negative it’s not making any money out there if we look at
Apple I know apples a good comparison it’s
also a dividend company twenty five point one five so that kind of puts
these companies in comparison to their return on invested capital so that is
all I wanted to cover in today’s video again all of these companies are going
to be in the article over on my website I will have a link down in the comment
section below go to the article check out these stocks they all have on the
15th of August I took a snapshot of where they were treating so for example
hormones was trading at forty one dollars and 42 cents now it’s trading at
forty two dollars and ninety five so forty two so went up almost a dollar and
some fifty cents there but I know gapped up pretty nice in price let’s go ahead
and go to the full screen here and there we are
so I know it was a very long video I want to go ahead and thank you all for
having been through that if again you know I know it’s a lot of information I
covered eighteen stocks growing the revenue net income there free cash flow
over the past five and ten years we’ve also cover the price their current
starting yield where they’re two hundred eighty 50-day moving average what is
their price earnings their price of sales their price to book we also looked
at their return on invested capital I generally don’t invest in too many
companies that have a return on invested capital below seven percent I look for
companies that have at least a seven percent return on my investment capital
and most of those companies there that I just showed you all have a seven percent
or higher also these are all debited aristocrats meaning that they’ve grown
and paid out dividends for the past twenty five years or more some of these
are even dividend Kings so that is something to check these out for now
just because a company does pay a dividend now does not mean it will not
pay or it will pay dividend in the future so when you’re looking at their
information look at their payout ratio how much of their earnings that they pay
out to their shareholders how much of their their distribution to their
shareholders is actually covered by free cash flow if for whatever reason their
earnings fell would they be able to cut the would they be able to pay out their
shareholders with their free cash flow if they had to you know just to keep
that dividend aristocrat status and you know just kind of do more research on
these companies so that is it for today’s video
thank you all for tuning in I want to give you a big thumbs up myself letting
you know that I appreciate you having sat through this video and if you guys
did enjoy this video I know it was long and drawn-out with lots of information
lots of graphs hit the thumbs up button below let me know in the comment section
you’ve stood here to the end and subscribe to the channel if you’re
interested in dividend stocks stock market or real estate and thank you all
for tuning in I will see you next time have a great day bye

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