12 Step Checklist To Complete 3 Days BEFORE A Real Estate Closing

12 Step Checklist To Complete 3 Days BEFORE A Real Estate Closing

terrible you saw me over here, Alright? that good, that’s work Alright, serious time. I did everything myself and here that is not how’d he do
the business and that right there is a house that I
have already flipped as well. And I already know that I can flip this house
to a buyer on my buyers list cause I got strong buyers list in this area Hey what’s up, guys john cochran here and
today is system saturday the day that I bring a system that I use my business that you can rip off duplicate using your own
local market now today systems session we’re going to talk about is the twelve-step checklist before you sell any house okay this is huge
because you gotta make sure that whenever you go to sell a property the
you have this checklist done so that to get your hands on that profit check so we worked hard at this point we have
worked really really hard we found a the deal we have found a deal we have went true got
done deal funded true a third party to found our deal
and then we fix the deal if we have to prehab it or rehab it and
then we found our buyer and it better be in just seven days or
less using our system so we have done all of that everybody bid of that has been done now it’s time to get your hands on that
profit check that has exactly why we found a deal
that’s why we got a funded that’s why we fix it up and that’s why we found a
buyer so that we can get our hands on that which is why we’re doing this
entire business to change lives to get your hands on more profit check that’s it that’s it so now it’s time to
get your hands on a profit check and make sure that deal get the closing and that you have your
your eyes I dot on your teach cross it’s that simple okay so here’s a
twelve-step so we knew on every single property and here’s a
checklist and we do this All before closing, okay all the stuff gets
done before closing the first thing you have to do is you
gotta call your insurance company in order to cancel your homeowners
insurance so that you don’t have to pay that anymore, ok you wanna
call your title company or closing attorney to get the funds
to get all your profit check wired because no checks, guy’s I don’t care
how much money you got in the bank I don’t care okay so anytime
you’re getting up 15,000 to 30,000 to 50,000 100000 are checker or even a 8 thousand or check guys the
bank’s they’re going to want to hold those funds and I don’t know if if
you’re like me but I don’t like to get my money held from banks are anything like that I
don’t like to do that so guys we don’t accept
any checks at any of closings all the funds all
the proceeds get wired right into our bank account because that is since we close on the go wire the
money it’s right in my bank account no hold no nothing became very very easy number three if you’re selling a condo
make sure that the buyer who’s buying a property of you as a copy
of all the by-laws very simple number four call the water
company to get the water out your name call the sewer company: to get the sewer out your name and most
of the time guys the uh the water in the sewer are the
same exact company okay so most the time they’re saying
that company so water company sewer company get those of you want to call the
electric company get that out your name so what we do and
in the water the sewer and everything everything else and that electric here’s how it works
okay so we will you know days before the closing will call up the electric
company sewer water all them and was call him up in just say hey you
know this is john cochran you know on 123 Main Street I’m actually sell on
that property this Friday so I need to get it outta my name
effective on Friday don’t get it on affective out of today
do it on that actual schedule closed day guy’s unfortunately if the buyer doesn’t
call in or anything like that it’s going to get turned off okay so you
only want to pay for what you use, so others are those are things that are
very very key that you do you also want to call your private
lender who ever gave you all the funds to let them know that hey I’ve got a call in come up this is
going to help them this is gonna help give them good customer service so they
can go invest and your next deal we do this all
the time its right under checklist which you can see it that anytime they were close on deal very
standard I will call the private lender to get them excited that they’re gonna
get their money back so they can go and invest into another
deal with us very very key om call title compan/closing attorney and
have them send you this settlement statement for you to
look over and that’s done one day before closing
now why is this why in the world do you you want them to the title company
closing attorney to to send you the settlement statement to see all the
money transferred on that deal guy’s you got to make sure
that it’s right you have to make sure that its right to make sure that your profit is your profit you’re not paying too much in taxes that
you know what what is aah the money they have allocating to the
buyers really going to them so you need to make sure that all these
figures are right most of the time they are, guys we have definitely caught these things with
airs which could cost you a lot of money so get that done one day before closing so that
anything that you find you can get adjusted so that the day of closing it will ah you know
be be adjusted properly in your profit
profit check will be there remove all the staging so guys this is one you remove all the
staging and this is when you also take all the seller signs down remove all your directional all the
signs are all coming down removal your lockbox and that is the last one okay so remove the staging take this sellers
signs down to remove the directional and every move your lockbox on to the
property and that guy’s all gets done one to three days before
the closing that doesn’t get done seven days that doesn’t get done ten days that
doesn’t get done this to you find a buyer one to three days before you get to the
closing table typically three you want to start doing
every bid those things so that you know that that day of your closing
everything is going to be done you dotted your eyes and cross your teach you
got it all done okay so here’s what I want to do comment
below and tell me about a deal that you have close within the past 3 to 6
months and guys what I’m going to do is I’m gonna give you are exact checklist so comment below let
me know the deal that you done how in the world that you find it how did you fund it
what was your profit check what obstacles did you running to whenever
you did this deal and how much money did you make how much
money do you make on this entire thing and just for doing that guys I’m gonna
give you our exact checklist so that every time you going close more deals you’ll make sure that you got everything
done properly so they can get your hands on that
profit check so guys I’m out and I will see you on the Next system Saturday comment below

4 thoughts on “12 Step Checklist To Complete 3 Days BEFORE A Real Estate Closing

  1. I completed a deal down in Macon Georgia in January. I live in Atlanta which is about 1 1/2hr away. Seller called me from one of my bandit signs ready to get this property of her headband and said she'd be willing to take it for pennies on the dollar. Now i wasn't going to drive down there to check it out then come back to make an offer for her to say no and i look like the fool, so i comped it out asked her to describe the property as best she could because it turns out she lives right around the corner from me and was renting it out; after that i made a cash offer for 11k on the property. And she was so excited she accepted quickly. The house is only worth about 45k. After acceptance and filling out the contract i went to view the property and discovered it needed more work because there were squatters there obviously. Called her up and told her i had to drop the prove down to 5k knowing she wasn't going to take it. Sure enough she said "that's fine!" It needed about 15k worth of work so it was kinda out of investor range so i needed to market it as a fixer upper for a home owner. Got tons of calls on the house and one new investor wanted to make this his first investment property so i was to wholesale him the contract i collected the 1k non refundable earnest money and was set to make 6k from the deal. Then a week prior to closing he calls me saying he wants to renegotiate the deal and bring my fee down to 2k as a whole. Simple as day i told him no and he walked forfeiting his earnest, long story short found a guy who wanted to live there and though i dropped my price 1k for him i made it up through the other investor. Working on a subject to deal this month. I love the videos keep them up your awesome.

  2. I am a Realtor in the Washington DC area and thanks to you, I started to build a solid buyers list. I found a property using the keywords on the MLS.  They were asking for $120K but comps were selling for $150k,  I showed my client who was looking to live in that area.  She was paying cash and a little negotiating but we were able to lock it up for $112K.  If it was not for your systems, I would have never found the buyer or the home for her.

  3. Not quite there yet, my contractor decided not to get permits so now we are waiting one month to get the county to signoff.

  4. I finished a deal over here in Nebraska, found the property on CL, found my comps, ARV was $89K we settled on buying the property for $55K and within a week I did a wholesale with the property for a $9K check

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