11 Cheapest Places in Florida to Buy a Home

11 Cheapest Places in Florida to Buy a Home

11 Cheapest Places in Florida to Buy a Home. The Sunshine State is one of the most desirable
places in the nation to live. What’s not love? Warm sun, miles of sandy coastline, palm trees,
historic sites, and top-notch culinary options. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder
many people believe that owning property here will set them back a pretty penny. This is one of the biggest misconceptions
about Florida. While places like Naples and Miami Beach are
known for their expensive real estate, there are plenty of places in this state that are
more than affordable. Here’s what we found to be the eleven cheapest
places in Florida to buy a home. 1. Deerfield Beach. This east facing coastal city of roughly 78,000
is one of the best places in Florida to own property. It’s more expensive to be a renter than
a homeowner in Deerfield. The average monthly rent is above the state
and national averages. If you decide to buy a home, the median cost
is around $106,000. That’s 40% lower than the national average
and $50,000 cheaper than the state average. Other appealing aspects are the positive job
growth and below average cost of living. Deerfield Beach also has a reputation for
being one of the cleanest and most environmentally conscious beach cities in the country. For their efforts, the Clean Beach Coalition
has recognized DFB since 1999 and they received their “Blue Wave Beach”. This city capitalizes on its excellent beaches
with seaside dining, shopping, entertainment, beach boardwalk, and fishing pier. What more are you looking for? 2. Titusville. This small city just 40 miles east of Orlando
may have some of the cheapest property in the state. Located about half way up the east coast of
Florida’s “Space Coast”, Titusville is situated within several miles of Kennedy
Space Center, the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility, and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Titusville is also home to the annual TICO
Warbird Air Show. Imagine having planetariums, observatories,
and history museums all in your backyard! If you live in Titusville, you’ll have all
this and more. The Canaveral National Seashore is one of
the few remaining untouched coastlines where you can view Manatees or venture off for some
bird watching in the wetlands. One of the biggest draws to this area is the
low cost of real estate. The median home price hovers around $90,000. That’s $85,000 less than the national average
and the cheapest city average on our list. 3. Cape Coral. What makes this city of nearly 180,000 unique? With over 400 miles of canals, Cape Coral
has more canals than any other city in the world. This means waterfront property is easily available. Maybe that’s why Cape Coral has been dubbed
the “Waterfront Wonderland.” It’s no surprise that boating and fishing
are the two biggest hobbies in this area. This west facing Gulf Coast city somehow manages
to keep its real estate prices low, despite being well-sought after. The median cost of a home is $146,000, which
is below both state and national averages. You can even find 2- bedroom 2-bathroom condos
for under $80,000. Cape Coral is also one of the safest place
to live on this list, with a very low violent and property crime rates. The environmental parks, butterfly garden,
farmer’s market, and rum distillery keep this place charming and intriguing, no matter
what you’re into. 4. Palm Coast. On the northeast coast of the state is the
lovely little community of Palm Coast. This is the place for folks who desire a quiet
way of life in a peaceful environment. Palm Coast sits on the Atlantic Ocean and
has some of Florida’s most unique beaches. It’s known for its interesting coquina rocks
that are almost entirely formed from sea shells. Palm Coast is also home to the coastal Washington
Oaks Gardens State Park, boasting a variety of plant and animal life. The average home costs around $158,000, which
is below the national average. The cost of rent here is higher than the national
average. So, if you want to settle here, it’s in
your best financial interest to buy property as opposed to renting. Bonus: Palm Coast’s northern location means
it’s less affected by the hurricanes that are known to affect other areas of the state. 5. Dunedin. Close to the Tampa metro area, Dunedin is
a medium city of roughly 36,000. With the bigger cities drawing attention,
Dunedin is a more chilled out place to buy property and enjoy relaxed days on the Gulf
Coast. The median home price is $151,000, which is
below both the national and state averages. It’s possible to find condos for under $100,000. Those of Scottish descent will appreciate
Dunedin’s Scottish heritage, as well as the annual Highland Games celebration. One of the attractions here is its ability
to retain small town charm despite the big city hustle that surrounds it. Enjoy miles of natural waterfront, wooded
parks, and a cute downtown. Several state parks renowned for their natural
beauty are located nearby, as well as Hammock Park, a 75-acre green space. Dunedin is a pedestrian-friendly city with
miles of walking and biking trails. The low crime rate also appeals to families. 6. Palm Bay. Half way up Florida’s east coast, near the
southern base of a long line of barrier islands, is Palm Bay. This city is about 3 hours south of Titusville. Like Titusville, Palm Bay is also located
on the “Space Coast.” The median market price for a Palm Bay home
is roughly $100,000. Those who are into a “fixer-upper” challenge
can score a 3-bedroom house for less than that. That’s extremely reasonable when you consider
the city’s location and amenities. There are plenty of activities to keep the
110,000 residents busy. Kayak through the waters of the Turkey Creek
Sanctuary while trying to catch a glimpse of the unique wildlife. Enjoy a round of paintball with friends, or
take the family to nearby Melbourne Beach for some surfing and SUP board sessions. Orlando is less than hour up the road, so
taking the kids to LegoLand or SeaWorld is easy. 7. Kissimmee. This city may be overshadowed by the almighty
Orlando and all its Walt Disney World glory, but Kissimmee has plenty to offer on its own. Firstly, being located on the outskirts of
one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country means real estate is much cheaper
in Kissimmee than Orlando. About $50,000 cheaper on average to be exact. The average median home price is about $110,000. However, it’s possible to score great deals
on condos starting at $80,000. So, what can Kissimmee offer that’s comparable
to Orlando? We’re glad you asked. It’s location on Lake Tohopekaliga makes
Kissimmee an ideal place to view alligators in the wild. Bass fishing is also popular. Airboat rides, kayaking, and canoeing are
other great ways to appreciate Lake Toho’s natural setting. Up for something a little more thrilling? Kissimmee’s got you covered with jet ski
rides and an indoor wave park. 8. Port Orange. Located on Florida’s east coast, Port Orange
is one of Florida’s hidden gems. The 61,000 or so residents love that their
town isn’t a tourist destination. However, they are a short distance from popular
tourist destinations like Daytona Beach, just 10 minutes away. Enjoy all the hustle bustle of Daytona Beach
Boardwalk, the Jackie Robinson Ball Park, and the famous markets without living in the
busy and more expensive area. Port Orange retains its small community appeal
by being far enough removed from the tourist hubs while still boasting a favorable location. Reasonable real estate prices are really what
makes the city such a great find. The median home price is $138,400. There are plenty of condos and townhouses
around $100,000 or less. Port Orange provides plenty of amenities as
well; golf courses, nature parks, and outdoor shopping and dining are very accessible. 9. Coconut Creek. Located about equidistant between Boca Raton
and Fort Lauderdale, it’s nicknamed the “Butterfly Capital of the World.” Coconut Creek is a small city of under 60,000. This city’s claim to fame is Butterfly World,
America’s first and largest butterfly house. Here you can wander around the outdoor gardens
and view over 80 species of butterflies and hummingbirds. The Promenade is the heart and soul of the
city, being the center for citywide events as well as plenty of outdoor shopping and
dining. Coconut Creek also has a casino and several
nature and wildlife parks. Now is the time to get in on the housing market
in Coconut Creek. Two-bedroom condos start for as little as
$80,000. Three-bedroom condos range between $120,000
to $150,000. Bonus: Coconut Creek joins Cape Coral on our
list as one of the safest places to live. 10. Gainesville. This quaint college town has undergone a growth
spurt and emerged as a vibrant city. Gainesville is probably best known as the
home of the University of Florida. UF is the state’s oldest and biggest university,
ranking among the top universities in the nation. Gator Pride is something taken very seriously
here, and who can blame them? UF has some of the most competitive sport
teams in the country. Due to the college crowd, Gainesville has
a lively downtown with plenty of bars and restaurants. Not into the nightlife? Don’t worry. Visit the Payne Prairie State Park for miles
of hiking and biking trails, or Ginnie Springs for tubing, kayaking, and diving. Best of all, real estate is below the national
and state averages. The median property price is $146,000, however
there’s plenty of small houses and condos from $60,000 to $120,000. Go Gators! 11. Niceville. How could you go wrong with a name like this? Niceville is a small community on the Choctawhatchee
Bay in the northwest panhandle of Florida between Tallahassee and Pensacola. The median home price is around $190,000,
but don’t let that deter you. It’s fully possible to find condos and 2-bedroom
houses between $100,000 and $150,000. Niceville also has a lot of other things going
for it. For starters, it is the safest place to live
on this list. Violent crime rates are about one quarter
of the state average. This safe community is also home to some of
Florida’s top performing schools. Maybe that’s why Niceville was rated the
best place in Florida to raise a family. Residents here enjoy all the amenities of
a larger city. Niceville boasts a state park, nature trails,
golf courses, yoga studios, and its own local craft brewery.

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    The home has appreciated like crazy and is now worth $150,000 but i'm staying here for life. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about the rent and home prices in FL today and where i'd probably be if I didn't get lucky finding this place.
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  49. Gainesville isn't cheap. We have GRU (Gainesville Regional Utilities) and they have the highest utility prices in the entire state for electric, water, and sewage. A lot of citizens are trying to abolish it and bring in someone like Clay Electric to supply the power for the city. Plus, Alachua County has some of the highest property taxes in the entire state as well. A lot of homelessness, pandhandlers on a lot of street corners, and crime. Gainesville is a small city compared to Jacksonville or Orlando, but it has all of the same problems.

    Granted that the springs are only a half hour drive which they are nice, and Payne's Prairie does have some hiking trails.

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    Recommendations to the newer gen – Florida is a beautiful state, like no other and everything is relative, so redirect you energy and lock in on something nice, as much as you can afford and as time goes on focus on improving yourself with the necessary skill set to find better paying employment. Remember, the mortgage will remain the same, but throughout, it should be your personal goal to earn more money and grow with inflation, doing what ever is necessary (self development, PT job, side hustle) now that you're in the prime of your life. Don't wait till you're in your 40s and 50s – you wont have the energy, I don't care how many push ups you can do now. You get what you pay for – Carpe diem!
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