10 Things You Should Buy

10 Things You Should Buy

Nate did it! He finally got me to do the
video on 10 things that you should buy and so today, I’m going to bring all 10 of
those your way. I have been avoiding making this video for like six months.
Nate keeps getting questions and comments from people. He said, “Kris,
people want to know, what are the 10 things that they should buy?” And I’m like,
“Oh, we’ll do it next month. Oh, we’ll do it next month.”
Finally, Nate, my production manager, says “Kris, just do it.” I’m like, “Fine, we’ll do
it.” and I want to be honest. The reason why I don’t want to shoot this video is
because people want me to tell them what they should buy and I thought, you know
what, I don’t want to tell you to buy selfie sticks or what car you should
buy you know, like there’s plenty of videos out there for that but listen,
this is our wealth channel so you know what I’m going to do is? I’m going to give you
the 10 things that you should buy to produce wealth to think wealthy and to
be wealthy and ultimately, the 10 things that will give you a very fulfilling
life, alright. So here’s thing number one. First thing that you should buy is
you should buy a house. Don’t rent. Stop throwing rent money away, get yourself
into a property. You know, for the average person that never becomes an investor,
their house is going to be their best asset, it forces you to put money away
into something, it’s like a forced savings plan and people don’t look at it
that way but all of a sudden, the 20 years goes by and you got a hundred and
fifty thousand dollars of equity and for the average person, that’s more than
their 401k’s or their IRA’s, their house ends up being their most important asset
so number one, buy a house. Number two, you’re never going to guess this one. Rental
property, right? Buy real estate. I love my short term buy and hold strategy buying,
homes up everywhere all the time and the reality is when I buy a house, I’m
putting someone else’s money to work but my money works for me day and night. I’m
making money while I sleep and as cliche as that sounds, that’s the truth, that’s
the reality, that’s what got me retired at 26 so the first thing is all about
just being smart and intelligent, right buying a house. The second one is, do
something that will produce wealth for yourself, buy real estate. Now if you haven’t
owned real estate, have a goal to buy real estate and make it happen this year.
If you don’t know how to do that, then get a mentor, get a program, do something
that’s going to help facilitate and make that happen.
Okay, number three might surprise you a little bit. Get a whole life insurance
policy. Now I just going to, I’m going to talk about this for just a second. I’m not
talking about insurance to invest in your death or for your loved ones to get
some money when you die. I just do term insurance for that but I’m talking about
whole life and what whole life means is, I can take every month, my leftover money
and I can put it into an insurance policy that I can access, it’s a high
value early cash out policy. Write that down, it’s a special type of policy that
your average insurance broker will not pitch you to, they don’t make a whole lot
of commission pushing this product but it’s very intelligent for you so every
month, I roll and write a massive check, automatically debits out of my account
and it will go into my whole life policy. I can borrow this money, I can use it, I
can bank it, but in the meantime, it’s growing at 6% or 7%, it’s
also untouchable. Government, lawsuits, nobody, nothing, no, how can actually touch
that money so your bank account at wherever you
bank at has given you a quarter percent interest for the year. This bank account
gives me 6% 7% and ultimate protection that I can borrow and access
it and I use it to fund my investments and actually multiply and produce
velocity on my money. I’m not talking about that today, it’s just smart. That’s
number three. A whole life policy, not just whole life, it is a high value,
early cash out policy intended to borrow and leverage. Okay, thing number four. Term
insurance, right? You’re not going to get a whole life policy big enough for what
you really need, you could die, you could kick the bucket
so could your spouse, leave your family better off, take care of them and think
ahead. It costs for most of us if you’re young, a tiny amount of money for a whole
lot of payout if you were to have some type of untimely death and so right now,
I just know that that is something that the average person needs to be
thinking of. It didn’t hit me until one of my friends actually own an insurance
brokerage and one of my had policy writers was trying to get one of my
business partners to do a policy and he didn’t push hard, he let him push it off,
push it off, push it off until I get a fateful call one night that my partner
died in a tragic plane crash. His Cessna with four other people, four
people in it, he was one of the four, three of the people where people I had
invested into their businesses, it was kind of a tragic day. Business,
personal, family loss and as the plane was touching down,
a big gust of wind threw it back up in the air, flipped it on its back and they
were instantaneously crushed if not killed by the just by blacking out so whole life,
listen, the whole life is so that you can use it while you’re alive.
Number four, the term policy is to use it in the event that there’s an untimely
death, we’re all going to die so do something smart about that, cost very
little money and you’re taking care of your loved ones. Okay, number five. Buy
peace of mind. Okay, peace of mind is this idea that you’re going to set money
aside every month and think about this, you always have money for certain things,
no matter what. Your phone bill might get paid or if you prioritize your house
payment, your rent, those things get paid but we’re not paying ourselves first and
you got to pay yourself off of the top, not off of what’s left over and so you
get to learn how to religiously remove money every month and put it in savings,
not for investing. This is your peace of mind, right? Peace of mind is something
that you can buy for most of us when you get two three six months worth of money
in the bank for living expenses than if you lose your job and investment goes
sideways or something happens, cancer, just something crazy, you did something
about it. So many people, if you’re always like, oh, I’m always behind the 8-ball. Oh,
I think I’m getting ahead and then I get behind the 8-ball. That’s for people
that haven’t figured it out that something financially opposing is going
to come at you. There’s going to be something unexpected. It could be
something as simple as a premium that’s not charged monthly for your life, it’s
charged annually so one time here, it’s going to hit you up and there’ll be this
bill and be like, oh man, I how am I going to pay for this? Dude, you could have foresaw
that. You got to start anticipating the unanticipated ball and how do you do
that? By having peace of mind by actually stockpiling and getting ahead.
Now if you’re not making a lot of money and you’re like, “Dude, Kris. I’ll do that
when I’m making good money or when I finish college, I’ll have a better job or
when I get my raise, when I get promotion.” You will never get there. You will never
do it. You have got to invest in that stuff now so by the way, if you’re check to
check, here’s my challenge. Come up with an amount of money that you’ll take off
first out of every paycheck and you put it in an untouchable place that can grow
and it might be $10, it might be $100, it might be $200 and this is what I’m going to promise you,
if you’re check to check and you pull two hundred out and put it in that
account, next month, you won’t be $200 behind, you’ll still be
check to check. It’s amazing. When you make the decision to set a certain
amount aside and you pull it out off the top, your wealth is going to increase
and you’re not going to know where it went but you’re not going to be
missing it if it’s the appropriate amount. Alright, number six. Business.
Invest in business, be an entrepreneur. People that don’t invest in business
that are just investing in their job, you can do the math on your job and if you
love your job and you love what it’s doing for you then you know what? Plan
your financial future according to that job and let it do what it’s going to do.
Otherwise, business. Now you got to understand something about businesses.
50% of them fail in their first year. By year five, 96% of them
have failed, right? And so, a lot of businesses don’t work out but you know
what? Why are we taking that risk with our money? Because there’s a chance that
it can do way more for you than a job ever could. The reality is, is that we’re
going to run out of working years and you can calculate the money, a job’s going to
pay you and if it’s not enough, it’s guaranteed broken and you know that now
so you need to do something different and for a lot of us, that’s
entrepreneurship. So just be thinking, how do I set money aside for the right
business when it comes along that I can act on it. Okay, number seven. What should
you spend your money on? Other investments. This is really really big, I
got this from Tony Robbins as it is ten thousand dollar business event and Tony
was teaching this principal. He’s like, investing in business is investing in you.
Investing in whole life is investing in you. Investing in real estate, that’s
investing in properties outside of you. Investments that are outside of you can
have a way higher likelihood of working out than investing in yourself. You may
not be the best bet. Right now, I met a kid who in the world has taken a hundred
and twenty thousand dollar prosthetic and figured out how to take it to market
for $5,000 through 3D printers. That’s taking amputees and
giving them something. Just for a moment, think of that incredible innovation,
think of the value it’s creating. I could have never come up with that so
investing in other people, that’s one of the wealth principles of where I put
money is, I don’t put it all on me. I’m not the smartest person, there are
smart people that are out there. Some people are incredibly smarter and I’m
going to take a bet on him, I’m going to invest in them and I’m not going to put all my
eggs in one basket. Here’s number eight, invest in a mentor,
educate yourself. Wisdom, learning, knowledge, you got to grow. If you are
operating today off at yesterday’s operating system, last year’s operating
system then you’re going to get this year the same results as last year, right?
Like for example, some people during the holidays put on weight and then during
spring they take it off and then they maintain through the year and then they
do the same crap over and over again. Listen, it’s a pattern. You’re not
changing the operating system. You might be changing the strategy or the diet but
let’s be honest, you’re not going to get permanent real lasting change unless
you’re really introducing some very different elements and mentor that has
lived a vastly different life has already created what you want is a good
person to look towards for hey, help me break my patterns, dissolve them,
annihilate them and then move on with something more productive. Invest in
yourself. The real estate between your ears is always going to be the best
investment you can make which is why some people will actually say, “Hey, Kris. Can I hire you to teach me how to do lease options? Will you show me how to
partner? Will you give me access to your nationwide deals?” I do all of those
things when people click on the corner, they go to my website, these are tools
that I give them but that’s the only way that I know how to help you and there’s
other people that know how to help you in their ways so invest in yourself.
Number nine, it’s going to surprise you a little bit. Invest in experiences, right?
Buy experiences. Maybe it’s doing hell of
snowboarding, hell of skiing or maybe it’s going off and traveling to the
other side of the world, maybe it’s having some some crazy, you
know, and by the way, you don’t have to pay lots of money for crazy experience
but you got experience life novel and new and fresh and keep it hip and
happening and you do that by investing experiences. My wife and I first got
married. I come from a line where my parents would argue about money and my
mom would always tell my dad, you never took me anywhere. I’ll tell you something,
you have the ability to break whatever patterns you don’t want to be seeing
happening if you take action on them right now and my wife and I we decided
back in 2003, we first got married, we’re going to start off this marriage and we’re
going to blow our entire tax refund and we’re going to go to Cancun and we did.
Since then, we’ve been able to visit dozens of other countries around the
world and see the world. We’ve made it a priority. Traveling has expanded
my views of the world, has taught me so much. I’ve learned so much and I’ve
experienced so much. Don’t just be the hoarder that’s putting it all away that
isn’t actually getting the experience of life and there’s a way to get a little
bit of that every single day so for me, that’s what I love to invest in. I love
to invest in experience. I want to see what I haven’t seen, I want to smell
what haven’t smelled, I want to experience what I haven’t experienced. That’s number
nine. Okay, and number 10 goes along with it. Purpose.
What should you buy by your purpose? Now I’m not saying going to
amazon.com and look up what’s my purpose and then check out, I’m talking about get
clear everyday a little bit more on who you are, what lights you up inside and
pour money into that. By the way, whether that’s consuming money or
whether that’s investing money. Again, that’s about fulfillment. What
are the 10 things for you to have a fulfilling life, not just a smart
investment life or a you know, I’m a building wealth life. I’m talking about a
good life, a happy life, a rockstar life, an amazing one. Invest in your purpose. So
everyday, as you just ask those questions, who am I? What am I learning?
What are the bread crumbs? Don’t wait till it’s all revealed because I don’t
know if that’ll ever happen, it’s not going to come out on on tablets but today,
you know everything that you need to know to take action with your purpose.
When? Today. So invest in your purpose, your purpose might ask for money here or
travel here or go here or do this or buy this and you know what? At the end of the
day, I don’t want to take a pile of money to my grave. I want to take a full life
to my grave so friends, those are my top 10 things that you should buy. This is
a wealth channel so it’s money-centric, it’s wealth-centric but ultimately, it’s
about taking this one amazing life and living limitless, this is your
masterpiece life. Only you can make it a masterpiece and I believe that these 10
musts will help make that happen and those my friends are the 10 things that
you should buy. I hope you enjoyed watching today’s video, we got a lot more
coming your way. Make sure that you do subscribe, ring the bell so that we can
keep notifying you about all of that and remember, if you’re interested in how you
can implement some of the options you’ve heard about today and you’re wondering
where do I start or where can I learn about that, then make sure you click the
link, come on to our website, we got all sorts of goodies and gifts on how we can
help you get launched with your next level with successful investing.

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