10 Awesome tips for moving house – Part 2 – Adelaide Real Estate Agent Vlog #087

10 Awesome tips for moving house – Part 2 – Adelaide Real Estate Agent Vlog #087

Hi I’m Marie McWilliam an Adelaide real
estate agent with Harcourts Williams Property and in these videos I look at
all things real estate. Now yesterday I shared my first five
hints and tips on my list of ten top tips on how to make moving home as
smooth as possible. Today I share the remaining five things to do when moving
house. Pack an unpacking box. One of the first things you need to pack when
moving house is an unpacking box which will save you time when setting up your
new home. This box should contain Allen keys, screwdrivers, labeled Ziploc bags
with screws and bolts from furniture you’ve dismantled in the move. Scissors,
masking tape and dusters. Organize house and contents insurance when you move
house you need to make sure that your current home insurance policies cease
the day after you’ve moved out and that your next insurance policy start the
day before you move. This way you’re protected on moving day. As for the move
itself check to make sure you have some form of transit insurance. If you don’t
already have house and contents insurance then now is a good time to buy
these policies. Even if you’re only valuable items or a handful of iPads,
laptops and a TV, the cost of replacing them in the event of a burglary will far
outweigh the cost of a year’s worth of insurance fees. Have your new house
professionally cleaned. It might sound extravagant but you’ll
thank me for this tip. What the previous owner or tenants thought was clean may
be very different from what your definition of clean is and in some cases
a house is left empty and not cleaned at all before moving day so to make sure
you start life in your new home without the stress of doing a full on clean
after you’ve just packed up and cleaned your last house. Seek professional help
and call in the cleaners. Have spare keys cut as soon as you have the keys to your
new house, sometimes having a few spare keys cut can be really handy for
family members. pack a first-night box. This is essential to a successful
move. This box should contain a change of clothing, basic toiletries, toilet paper,
pajamas, towels, bed linen and any other essential items you may require. It’s often the little things that make us feel at home, so having all these
things in a box will go a long way towards
making the move as stress-free as possible. I hope these tips have been
helpful and please remember to take advantage of the things that can be done
in advance of your move it will help make your moving day much more bearable.

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  1. Great tips! Thank you.

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