📍2019 | How To Create The NEW Carousel Pin For Your Real Estate Listings in Pinterest

📍2019 | How To Create The NEW Carousel Pin For Your Real Estate Listings in Pinterest

In this video,
using real estate as an example, I am going to show you how to make the
new carousel pins. Now, not everybody has these yet. Mine appeared the other day and I want
to show you how we can build these carousel pins. So up here, I’m going to go to add, and I’m going to
create carousel. Now, what I’ll tell you so far that I have noticed is, while these look cool, I’m not necessarily seeing more
engagement on them yet. Also, I can’t share them on tailwind, which is my Pinterest extension that I’m
using to build followers and traffic and build tribes to share pins. So for me, If I’m going to make a carousel for something, I’m also going to make a single pin for that item because I don’t want to limit
how I can promote it. All right?
So let’s go ahead. Let me grab my listing here. Let’s do I’m going to grab a listing here that we have Okay, so lets do this one 1090 Pebble Road. So I’m going to go ahead and title this,
something that I would want the search engines to pick up.
Maybe I want to do the address because I’m specifically targeting,
the address for the search engines. Like I’m trying to beat Zillow.
If somebody googles that. That might be a strategy. It’s not letting me paste it. Hold on. Let me see. Nope. Okay. I’m going to type in 4090 Pebble Road Las Vegas, Nevada, 81939 Now I have more room, so I’m going to go ahead and put something like beautiful horse property with casita. Beautiful Horse Property for Sale with Casita Now if it’ll let me copy the description. Let’s see how much of this I can grab here. We’ll go ahead and paste that in there. Yep.
Perfect. I like it.
Now I want to put a website in here so I can put in the website that I have
verified with Pinterest, or I could put in my listings to leads
landing page. Lots of ways to do this.
In my case, I’m going to go and just send them right
here to the property page directly. Now I’m going to choose a board I’m going to put this under dream homes. Now we can do pictures. Depending on your regulations. Our Board has regulations against taking the pictures and have our greater Las
Vegas Association of Realtors stamp on there So, I try to get my originals whenever I can And if you wanted to, you could put these in a pin,
the format on Canva, but I’m finding that even my square pins, rectangular pins are all, are all doing pretty well. so I oftentimes will just make one
regular first and then go from there. I’m kind of scrolling right now to see what pictures I might like to put on
this pin. That’s a pretty one. That bathroom looks pretty.
I usually go with kitchens, bathrooms, pools, that might capture attention. And I liked to be able to snag this.
I’m going to do a screen capture here and I’m just going to grab that picture
and then let’s do I think there was one with the pool in here. Oh, I like the horse. I’m going to make that the first one. I think that’s going to grab some attention. But see how I’m kind of snagging it I’m actually making it more vertical like a pin would be and I’m just using
my Mac for that. command shift four. if you’re on a PC you probably got a snipping tool.
You can do that with. I forget how many I can give.
Let’s go ahead and grab a couple more. Oh, that’s pretty. So I’m going to do this kitchen.
Same thing. I’m going to make it more longer. like I’ll do that there and then. All right, Maybe I’ll do this one.
Okay. You get the idea.
Alright. So let’s go back over to our pin. Now upload from your computer, drag and drop.
I’ll go to desktop and I’ll go ahead and grab these pins.
Where is that last one? There it is.
Click open. I like it.
Now the last pin I’m going to put my logo, my yard sign. Not sure where he put that today.
So let me see. There it is. That’s what I want. So I’m going to edit down.
Let me see if I can crop that because it’s cutting out it’s going to be the wrong size.
So I might want to probably resize that before I use that one.
So let me grab a different one. Let’s see. Okay. This would be a good place if you have
any broker requirements. You could actually make a pin that has
your broker requirements in it, your license number,
your logo with that kind of thing. In fact,
I think I’ll make a separate videos that don’t want this one to go long. For now, let me just take this out. It just so that I can finish this. Look what just happened. Oh, there it is. Okay, we’re good. So let me go ahead and just try to submit this one. For some reason,
sometimes it takes multiple attempts to get it to submit and I have not figured
out the exact reason for that yet. Sometimes it takes like it’s taking
something out of the title. Let’s try that. My title could be a little long.
There we go. I guess it didn’t like that pipe that
was in the title there. Alright, let’s go ahead and look at our pin now so you can see how this carousel works. Move on with that. Bring it back in here. And yes my Pinterest is starting to gain
traction for real estate. I have several businesses,
several niches roles, takes just one of them and I’m now starting to see my analytics software showing traffic to my website
from my pins, which is exciting.
So let’s take a look at this pin now. So see,
now the user can actually slide through this and look at the pictures. I think this is awesome for real estate , personally. You know what, I take it back. The pin is working, I can add it. But it looks like it’s just adding this
single page, not the whole slider. Interesting, It does look like we’re going out to try that I will have to look later and see what that does. Anyway, this is how you make the pin.
And so I am going to be making lots and lots of these carousel pins for homes
for sale under 100K, under 200K, under 300K, under 400K or under 500K or under 600K those seem to get a lot of traction. My condo homes pin is getting a lot of
traction. So I think I’m going to go, showcase maybe all the neighborhoods in
a pin or the condo units and the pin and all. I’ll come back and teach you some more best practices. But for today, that’s how you make a carousel pin for your real estate listings and Pinterest. I’m Lori Ballen. Please subscribe and stay tuned for the next video.

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  1. This is such a helpful tutorial, thank you so much for sharing!

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