🏡 How To Stand Out As A Real Estate Agent 🏡

🏡 How To Stand Out As A Real Estate Agent 🏡

– This is a problem,
we don’t have a spare, and we’re in Hesperia, who
the heck lives in Hesperia? (happy electronic music) There are about two
million real estate agents in the United States alone. The question is, what
can you do to stand out? I got some ideas. (gentle music) We’re about to jump into Coyote Killer, to meet Indiana’s brother,
which, he’s about to be born. – Any day, but we also get to see Ellie. (gentle music) (tire exploding) Trevor was trying to research
what our next video should be, and sometimes the universe
just speaks to you. – The story is we shoulda
bought the Dodge Durango we looked at three days
ago, and Leila xnayed. Then we wouldn’t be having
this problem, would we Leila. I’m currently sitting on
the side of the freeway where I’ve been waiting for
a tow truck for three hours because of this, yeah, the
rubber is completely gone. And right now, the wife is
sitting right here, working. What can you do to stand
out as a real estate agent? Well I’m gonna give you a bunch of tips they’re gonna help, things that
you can implement right now. Number one, if you do not
have a YouTube channel, create one right now. If you don’t have any idea how
to create a YouTube channel, I actually made a video on that recently. There’s a link right there,
you can check that out. It just walks you through,
if you’re brand new, step by step how to
create a YouTube channel. It’s not very complicated. You can get it set up, the basic set up, in just a few minutes. – We’re gonna be vacationing (laughing) tonight, to majestic– – [Trevor] In our
favorite place, Hesperia. – Hesperia, anybody got recommendations? And we still have eight hours to drive. So we’re missing the water
park and the baby tomorrow. – My next suggestion is to post regular video content somewhere. Yes, ultimately on YouTube
(gentle music) for sure, but whatever
platform you’re already on, whether it’s YouTube, or
Instagram, or Facebook, post consistent content
so that your sphere, and others in your market,
know that you’re an agent, you need to be in front
of them constantly. When I first became an agent, a friend of mine bought a
house with another agent, this is a friend I’d
had for like 20 years, because he didn’t know I
was an agent, or he better, I assume he woulda used me, right Dale? You woulda used me, right? You can post stories or
live videos on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, or all of them. The more you’re out there, the better. You can’t post too much. You see these big social
media influencers, like Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuk, they post incessantly, and
they have massive followings that have huge businesses. Don’t worry about posting too much. Think my rim’s jacked, I’m down to metal, so I probably need a rim
and a tire (laughing). – [Man On Phone] Oh no, bro. – We might wanna just rent
a car right now anyway. – [Leila] Well what did
you learn from Coyote? – I learned that you get rental coverage, so maybe I should call Mercury
right now, how ’bout that? – [Leila] ‘Cause this might be a whole ‘nother insurance claim,
Mercury’s gonna cancel us. – You know what, that’ll
(laughing), I’d cancel us. The next tip’s gonna come
from my beautiful wife Leila, who is sitting on the
side of the road with me. – It’s about attitude,
(serene music) and, look, we’re on the side of the road, there’s things that are gonna happen, and I think it’s how you approach things. I believe that being kind and fair, and just giving everybody
a little bit of forgiveness goes a long way in this business. – That’s why she’s a girl and I’m a boy. – But together it kinda works. I cried yesterday with my clients. 37 years in their house, she started talking about
the memories, and sharing. By the time he cried,
I was crying with them. – I don’t know how much
of that I can keep, I’m gonna have to edit a
lot, that’s a lot of words. – I don’t take any blame for this. I take all the credit for
getting us off the road safely. We’ve just been in the car,
so we’re getting bored. At least we’ve got power,
laptops, he’s ignoring me still. – I’m working man. My next step is to share
a bit of your life. It doesn’t always have to be
about real estate all the time. Nobody wants to see
another open house post, or a just listed, or look I just sold one. – Just threw up in my mouth a little bit. – Nobody cares. Yes, sprinkle some real estate in there, but 80% of your content
should be regular content, about your life, to say
that you’re a real human. In fact, look at this, this is my life. I’ll share my life right
now, this is real life. (cars whooshing) Real life, me and Leila hoping
that nobody rear ends us while we sit on the side
of this fast freeway, where people are zipping
by 80 miles an hour. It’s real life, we are in mortal danger. – Actually this is part
of, been my real life too. – We’ve shared that, Leila
just had a double mastectomy, like a month and a half ago. Real life, people wanna see
that you’re a real person, and people wanna do business with people, as everybody knows, that
they know, like, and trust. And if they see that you
are a regular person, just like them, they’re
gonna be more inclined to do business with you. So share your life on video. I need to call Mercury man,
we’ll just get a rental, drink Red Bulls and drive all night. – [Recording On Phone]
Thank you for calling Mercury Insurance Group. – Clean your lens, that looks terrible. – [Recording On Phone] To save time, you can now make your payment online. – I made my payment, that’s not the issue. Let’s do a video on how
to stand out as an agent, what do ya think? – Today’s national selfie day. Look for any opportunity to make a post. And today was also the
first day of summer, create things around all
these little funny events. – I don’t think my
car’s gonna be drivable, even with a tire. – [Woman On Phone] Is there anything else I can help you with today Trevor? I’m so sorry that this has happened. – Could you send a pizza out for me? Something else that’s super important is that the content you share
on a platform like YouTube, where it’s a little bit longer form, a little bit more thought out, should be something that gives value to the people that are watching it. It can’t be all about you,
and how awesome you are, and what a great agent you are. It needs to be something
that they are searching for, that will inform, educate or inspire them. Make sure you do that, one
or all three of those things in every video you post on YouTube. It’s gonna have a huge
impact on your growth and success as a realtor. – [Leila] Been waiting
to get away (laughing). – Been wanting a vacation, baby, we got the Springhill
Suites in Victorville. – Look at that view. Road trips are really fun
with you, Trevor (laughing). I don’t know what was worse, the coyote or having a tire just shred in the fast line, while I was going 90,
and yes, I was driving. – Here’s another huge
tip, a lotta people say they don’t have time to make videos. Well we could’ve said,
well we don’t have time, we’re traveling, we’re stuck
on the side of the road. Guess what we’re doing? We’re making a video on
the side of the road. And spending quality time
together, right love? – Just make sure you get
some pretty shots of me, like look, look how
beautiful the lighting is. – [Trevor] To learn how to
create your own YouTube channel, click that link right there. To see how this road trip
ended, go ahead and click there, that’s where it’s gonna
be when it’s ready. I can’t wait to see the
stories that you have to share. Don’t say I never take
ya nowhere nice, Martha.

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