🇰🇷 🏠 Seoul Apartment Tour auf Deutsch (NEW ENG sub!)

🇰🇷 🏠 Seoul Apartment Tour auf Deutsch (NEW ENG sub!)

Hi Birdie! Yes where should I start welcome and welcome to my new home I will show you the shoe cabinet on the door Here is the door.. a magnet from the pizza service… i will put it there There is the entrance, a light turns on when you enter what I find pretty cool Heres just the shoe cabinet nothing special here I got some.. umbrellas I will just continue with the bathroom it’s right next to it in germany this would rather be a “guest” toilet but this is indeed my entire bathroom I LOVE this bathroom! I kept it pink, normally my entire bathroom is blue I really wanted something pink I wanted to mention at this point when you walk into a bathroom in korea its normal to to wear slippers like these normally the bath, in this case the shower here the shower and this area is usually not seperated and when you shower it’s usually all wet but I don’t have to wear slippers as I have this door that closes… and yep in this case I have “normal” shower there is a little hole where water could actually get out.. but it doesn’t really so its fine my Apeach bathsponge and here.. all these products are from germany like I said i don’t use korean shampoo here I have all my stuff everything you need: creme toothbrush and stuff like that and for removing make up stuff for my hair and make up i don’t use a lot, I don’t have much make up and some towels, and on the other side toilet paper my beloved german haircolors lets continue, I will show you something I am proud of and its a clothing sterilizer First I wanna say It’s not normal to have this in korea this thing I never saw it before, didn’t even know it existed until I came what is it doing? what else would it do? it sterilizes clothes! Takes away the smell of clothes I guess its good for business men I don’t think women would use this althoough.. I do I love this thing! I’ll open it you see some kind of a cabinet/closet mini closet with 3 hangers you cannot replace it belongs to the gadget here is a section for shoes and other clothes this is an.. you can hang up your pants here you can see it there a little you put it in there then close it then it gets cleaned, ironed and everything it smells AMAZING by the way because there is an Aromasheet here I just love this smell and I love this thing so much and here we have if you wanna turn it on you gotta take out the water here and put in water here lets continue with the kitchen my lovely kitchen, my lovely dog there is not much to say really I have to honestly say I don’t cook that much I think it’s obvious.. I don’t have much in the fridge eggs.. a little apple jam.. a little chocolate butter this is ddeokbokki from yesterday ill have it for dinner and here for bread I make sure I have enough for breakfast and sauces and water juice milk.. this is nutmilk normal milk which I usually never drink used it for cooking once water, juice and this is my friends yepppp here is the freezer which is also big I have my bread here always some bread here I always have some fruits for my oats I toast the bread here I showed you in my other video. Its that toaster I got a new Microwave too I use it for everything else Its unfortunate but I really live through the microwave welcome to my little coffee bar I love this coffeebar, It is cute and practical I make my coffee here Here is a typical korean instant coffee this is vanilla cappuccino normally I have tea here but I don’t have any anymore, just one so I put choco pie in here which I love unfortunately.. my watercook this was the kitchen Here I have some foods too you see.. I got all the necessities (lol) not like you would need anything else got flour and sugar in case I wanna cook protein bar some vitamins, iron and so on aaand… here some instant, ramyun tomato soup rice mix and I loove these! Cup cakes and I got some rice but I never cook them, I usually buy instant that was my kitchen, here from a little afar ok! this is actually a desk it was already in here but I will use it as a vanity soomeday… i do need a chair! I didn’t buy anything yet, as I was here since only a month I want a big mirror here this is for outside, in case someones at the door i see here who is at the front i can let them in, call the security or… open the door or call.. even call other rooms i dont use any tbh i just see who is there this thing is also interesting. its for the gas if I shower I have to turn it on, if I don’t, I have to turn it off otherwise the bill will be high nobody wants that here are other things, two books i dont read a lot actually medicine other stuff here I got the rest make up, nails… what everyone has and it looks messy i know here below… stationary, documents and down below stuff stuff stuff this is my favorite spot, my dining table probably you’re wondering what I have to say.. as its just a table but I actually work on here not just online but offline my students visit me here very practical and of course I also invite friends and we order something… as i dont cook it is very comfortable and as you can see it has a greaaat view thats it for the lower part. now we go up i got my teddy bear here hi baby wanna show us the bedroom my boo? come on.. show us 😀 yess what do we have here? and here I sleep there is not that much to say as well except this is my bed and its going up in the middle as you see i have a mat there i just sleep so well on there its from ikea and without it I kind of have backpain I have to get a big one to match it with the bed size there my favorite chainlights there is a remote as I have a TV here i love watching TV and I understand a lot depends on the show, I understand dramas well but for example.. I dont understand TV shows because they speak much faster and joke around that I cannot quite comprehend so I dont watch a lot, but I still do… yet alone for music maybe you know when you live alone that you still would like to have the TV sounds here are some holes I wanna put lights in someday for now just water aaand here is my closet what is mentionable is the height of this ceiling i have to kneel here… its apperantly for smaller humans (I am 1,68 m) but thats ok for me as I just sleep here and watching TV.. I just rest here Crispin…. I just had made that bed you may wonder.. Idk when I was here with crispin for the first time i was worried i worried he may… well its easy to get up there and… oh my.. fall down dogs arent stupid and know what they do and until now, nothing even close to it happened I guess he knows not to jump down what i did in the beginning that, when I leave I just close this up so he cannot go up so nothing happens oh and crispin.. here is his spot his bed his dishes and my scale and thats it At this point I am just talking about the price which is 50.000 $ for deposit and 700 $ for rent. (many Youtubers never mention those things) I got this by a real estate agent through Craigslist Seoul and Crispin is allowed because the owner of my apartment is ok with Pets I live here because its hard to find a place with crispin I don’t have much options so I chose the expensive option this time…. (when you get a short term contract it costs about 1100$ for 1100$ deposit)

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