[한글자막] MY KOREAN APARTMENT TOUR / 한국 미니투룸 투어

[한글자막] MY KOREAN APARTMENT TOUR / 한국 미니투룸 투어

Hey, it’s me Abby P, what up my P-PLE Now before we start the tour I just wanted to give a quick note I know most of my viewers already know this but I do not live in Seoul I know a lot of other Korea based Youtubers do I live in a different province called “Gyeongsangbukdo” And my city is about three hours away from Seoul So this is just to give an idea of what The housing situation looks like in other parts of Korea Okay, so you guys ready? I put my jacket on because we’re gonna actually start From the outside so I can show you the building And then work our way in Alright, let’s go! I’m really so excited I spent all morning and all night cleaning, so Code to get it in (Entrance door is opening) We’re gonna take the elevator~ Chandelier I actually did this one because the smoking The smell, the smoke smell is really bad In my apartment, so I put this up here Whoops… It closed on me… (The door is opening) We got a doorbell The cool thing about most places in Korea is There’s this keypad So you don’t have to worry about losing your keys Or bringing them everywhere with you, so Oh, hi Luna! She always greets me at the door Watch out! Okay, so it locks automatically And I always lock this just to be safe Okay, cool, so we’ve got the entrance right here And I love how large the space is Because at my old place it was really small So I barely had any room to fit any of my shoes And then we’ve got this nice, HUGE shoe cabinet Which I also love Let’s look inside And as you can see I’ve got too many shoes Last year I actually bought How many pairs? I bought… One… Two, three… Excuse me Four… Five… Six? These are my volleyball shoes, Mizuno And we got some umbrellas right here Girl, what are you DOIN’?! Okay you can stay in there then Just kidding, I’ll let her out Where?! Oh my goodness What are you doing? Okay, and then up here we’ve just got some boxes From the shoes And then these boxes I’m saving for if I move again And then here’s Luna carrier Okay, you need to get out And then we’ve got cleaning supplies right there So we’re in the kitchen and..living area? Okay but first, before we go in We must Remove our outside shoes And put on our slippers Got Luna on my feet! Fridge right here Souvenirs I received from Vietnam And a Korean couple Do you wanna see what’s inside? Brace yourselves There’s gonna be a lot of food in here Try not to be too jealous Okay, so what do we got? We got eggs Mayonnaise and mustard Some tea – ginger tea, honey tea Kimchi Doenjang We’ve got gochujang And this actually not “sae-woo…” shrimp “jeotkal”? I actually don’t even know what “jeotkal” means But is actually “ssamjang” Which I got from one of the cafeteria ladies? She made it for me because hers was really good I kept telling her that I really liked it That’s the nice thing about Korea Is people will give you Their own handmade kimchi or In this case, “ssamjang” So yeah, as you can see We’ve got a very full fridge situation going on here And freezer, same thing Wow, so full This is food waste We actually don’t throw away food in the trash Like we do in the States We keep it in a separate trash bag And then I like to freeze it So that it doesn’t just sit and stink And rot, like on my counter My microwave is up there because I like to have A lot of counter space Dish rack I have a label for all of my rags So I don’t forget And this is Lunas wet food bowl I just bought this yesterday actually It’s perfect, isn’t it? I actually love how big this sink is I’ve got a gas stove What’ve we got here? I cooked some rice Always gotta have your rice ready I also really like The light and a fan For when I’m cookin’ Got more cabinets up here Coffee, tea Some meds – got the good stuff from the States Yeah… NyQuil back there, Tums Here’s some dishes Some food up there Oh this is…I actually wanna do 2X Spicy Noodle Challenge later And…glasses, mugs up there I also have these really beautiful coasters I got in Vietnam Yeah, just randomly found them Being sold Beautiful~ Ghibli, woohoo! Okay, and then open this Knives, scissors Just some cleaning items Plastic bags…nothing too exciting Okay in this drawer we’ve got more stuff In here we’ve got Luna’s food So her wet food, dry food In this cabinet Eating utensils, and things that I cook with Got the rice back there And pots and pans Cutting board And then here… light switch And then here I can…oh, what is that? It get burned or something? Here I can control and see who rings the doorbell From outside, can let them in So this I use a lot when the delivery guy comes And gives me my pizza and chicken Here we have the laundry room And… Luna’s little sanctuary And here’s where I keep All of Luna’s things Kitty litter, laundry detergent There’s a brown bag over here because Luna used to scratch up this stuff behind So I covered it You’re trapped! And she’s got a cat tower… Red ribbon that she likes to play with And boxes of course Because cats need their boxes Luna’s food bowl Okay, it’s bedroom time guys Are you ready? You are not ready And voila! We are actually gonna swing it around Light switches Here I can control the heater and hot water Okay, so here is what THIS side of the room looks like Bathroom over there, which we will see later Bruce Lee Air conditioner TV, which I do not use ever My tripod over there Iron This is my jewelry My watches in here Candles Welcome to the girl station (laughs) Oh my god Luna, please It’s my make up stuff By the way, it is hardly ever this organized But I cleaned just for you guys Here’s where I dry my laundry And this thing is super cool because It can go out like this Put more clothes And we’ve got a cute little Kung Fu Dugong Points if you know where this is from Here’s my small, humble super single sized bed And it’s fine??? But I regret not getting a bigger size bed Just cause if I update my place I should upgrade my bed right Here we have DJ Sona I got this poster back in 2015 at Seoul Comic World But I have not played LoL in forever so… That’s just there for aesthetic Moving onto this little shelf This actually a mini air purifier And my ARMY bomb, of course Moving down Here are my cameras And this open space is where I put The tripod and camera I’m recording with right now Some people requested a video asking what equipment And programs I use for my videos, so If more of you are interested in that Please comment down below And I will try to make a video on that And this is the little table that I use to eat And this is for my electric mat Under the bed (blanket) there Keeps me warm on cold winter nights We’ve got this full body mirror that I bought Got a little Luffy Peaking out from the side, hey Okay, so here’s my desk So these are the Korean books that I’ve bought Here in Korea My little Korean book collection All this Japanese stuff is from Trying to get back into Japanese as well As of last year? So we’re gonna take a seat On my creaky chair Take a closer look This is my recording mic I brought this home from the States when I visited Uhh, last month Because it was just sitting at my place at home Felt like it was a waste…it was so expensive, so Should put it to good use here Here’s my lovely calendar And my polaroid and picture board And then this is box of more photos Polaroids and little memoirs Let’s check out what’s in the drawers These are all masks like, to cover your mouth with One, two, three, four? Because I need four apparently And under here, I bought some Very useful white baskets to organize everything Like my socks Gloves, underwear Daiso, get these at Daiso Daiso, sponsor me please I will be an enthusiastic spokesperson for your company Wallet and keys for my classroom Here’s my wallet I bought this in the States Oh I forgot to show you my hats Those are my hats up there Okay let’s try not to die as I climb up So I love hats Here’s my collection Lakers, my team So funny thing about this hat was it was super in style Like back in my first year (in Korea), 2015 But people stopped wearing it very shortly after So, it’s kinda sad Very nice design Of course you don’t want to look NOT hip so Had to stop wearing it after everyone else did too I got this from the One Piece Exhibit in Seoul Which also took place in my first year Now moving on to this side of the room Got my hamper in there Ooh…okay Thank goodness is just a sports bra Nothing crazy…phew Ah yeah Got this in Kyoto, Japan We got the fan here that I use during summertime Luggage And Luna’s “catsronaut” backpack that I got recently Hello, posters So it’s nice that I could put these guys up there because Then it makes for more space in my room And then I’ve got two closets, which I love because I did not even have a closet at all at my first apartment What’s behind door number one? Scarves, shirts, and sweaters And my backpacks, bags I got this at Daiso DAISO, MAN Door number two These are my pants, jeans, coats, and jackets Some more clothes These are also from Daiso, man I love Daiso SO MUCH Having these nice little baskets Helps me organize everything better These are the Spiral Cats, Tasha and Doremi They are famous Korean cosplayers And I got signed posters of them From when I went to Seoul Comic Con last year And this is from Vietnam, when I traveled Okay, bathroom time Hello Oh yeah, check this out So we’re gonna change out from these slippers Into our bathroom slippers Here we go For those of you who are not familiar with Korean bathrooms, this is how it is There is no separator between the shower and Everything else in the bathroom Which at first took some adjusting, but actually I like it Because it makes it easier for cleaning Oh my god, the toilet is open and it’s so blue in there Okay let’s close that Sorry Cabinets Wow, look at all of my things Sink and mirror Down below we’ve got the cleaning supplies Shower head So that is pretty much it for this apartment tour I really really do love this place a lot Minus a couple things, a big one being the smoke smell That I mentioned earlier We’ve tried to fix the problem by like Knocking on everyone’s door in the building Letting them know to smoke outside So I’ve lived here for a year now And I’ll be living here again for a second year As I renewed my contract My teaching contract And usually with the teaching programs here (in Korea) They choose your housing for you So this place I chose With the help of my co-teacher last year And my school, which is my employer, Does still pay for the housing But instead of them paying it directly from their account They transfer the rent money to me Along with my paycheck And then from there, I transfer the money to the landlord So my rent every month is four hundred thousand won For about three hundred something USD a month This place is not bad at all, it’s actually really really nice Amazing now that I think about how much I had to pay Living in the States for rent every month But you do have to be a really big deposit When you rent a place here in Korea So what I’m actually gonna do is I’m gonna show you my old place as well So this video is gonna be like a two-for-one deal So let’s check out some clips of my old place From my first two years in Korea Just so you can get a comparison Okay you guys, so as you can probably see I am in the process of moving out, hence all of the crap (Laughs) This is the entrance door This is where you come in, you put your shoes there My suitcases But in this place I suppose you could put A closet would have been nice I don’t have a closet in here So I actually just had a Clothing rack, that was here And I just hung my clothes there Which I thought looked really messy And I didn’t really like it But it’s all I had so I just worked with that Air conditioner there Here’s where you control the heat Got the light switch and phone For when someone rings the doorbell There’s a desk there There’s the light for the bathroom I like the window in the bathroom, which is really nice One of my favorite things was this window here Can let everything air out Because not a lot of bathrooms (here) have windows And I also like this big mirror, hey! One weird thing about this bathroom at first is that There is no sink As you can see It was something to get used to but I got used to it And it’s quite nice because then There’s less that you have to clean I’m gonna walk in here I really like the wallpaper And then this… And this is a sliding door right here So you slide it Open it again So here’s my kitchen And then we’ve got the fridge here And where I do my laundry, right here Yeah, as you can see it was a lot smaller So it was basically just a “one room” (studio) Or, “one room” (in Korean) Is what they call it in Korea “Studio style”, as it would be called in the States And my room now is a “Mini two room” So, “mini two room” (one bedroom apartment) Okay, well that’s it Thank you so much for watching my Long awaited apartment tour And see ya in the next one! Bye

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